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Filter_list Package is designed to make single/multiple item selection from a list of string/object.

filter_list #

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FilterList is a flutter package which provide utility to search/filter on the basis of single/multiple selection from provided dynamic list.

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Getting Started #

  1. Add library to your pubspec.yaml

  filter_list: ^<latest_version>

  1. Import library in dart file
import 'package:filter_list/filter_list.dart';
  1. Create a list of Strings / dynamic object
class User {
  final String? name;
  final String? avatar;
  User({, this.avatar});

List<User> userList = [
 User(name: "Jon", avatar: ""),
  User(name: "Lindsey ", avatar: ""),
  User(name: "Valarie ", avatar: ""),
  User(name: "Elyse ", avatar: ""),
  User(name: "Ethel ", avatar: ""),
  User(name: "Emelyan ", avatar: ""),
  User(name: "Catherine ", avatar: ""),
  User(name: "Stepanida  ", avatar: ""),
  User(name: "Carolina ", avatar: ""),
  User(name: "Nail  ", avatar: ""),
  User(name: "Kamil ", avatar: ""),
  User(name: "Mariana ", avatar: ""),
  User(name: "Katerina ", avatar: ""),

Filter list offer 3 ways to filter data from list #

  • FilterListDialog
  • FilterListWidget
  • FilterListDelegate

Below is a example of using filter list widgets with minimal code however there is a lot more inside the widget for you to fully customize the widget.

How to use FilterListDialog #

1. Create a function and call FilterListDialog.display

  void openFilterDialog() async {
    await FilterListDialog.display<User>(
      listData: userList,
      selectedListData: selectedUserList,
      choiceChipLabel: (user) => user!.name,
      validateSelectedItem: (list, val) => list!.contains(val),
      onItemSearch: (user, query) {
      onApplyButtonClick: (list) {
        setState(() {
          selectedUserList = List.from(list!);

If Apply button is pressed without making any selection it will return empty list of items.

2. Call openFilterDialog function on button tap to display filter dialog

  Widget build(BuildContext context) {
    return Scaffold(
      floatingActionButton: FloatingActionButton(
        onPressed: openFilterDialog,
        child: Icon(Icons.add),
      body: selectedUserList == null || selectedUserList!.length == 0
          ? Center(child: Text('No user selected'))
          : ListView.builder(
              itemBuilder: (context, index) {
                return ListTile(
                  title: Text(selectedUserList![index].name!),
              itemCount: selectedUserList!.length,

How to use FilterListWidget. #

class FilterPage extends StatelessWidget {
  const FilterPage({Key? key, this.selectedUserList})
      : super(key: key);
  final List<User>? selectedUserList;
  Widget build(BuildContext context) {
    return Scaffold(
      body: FilterListWidget<User>(
        listData: userList,
        selectedListData: selectedUserList,
        onApplyButtonClick: (list) {
          // do something with list ..
        choiceChipLabel: (item) {
          /// Used to display text on chip
          return item!.name;
        validateSelectedItem: (list, val) {
          ///  identify if item is selected or not
          return list!.contains(val);
        onItemSearch: (user, query) {
          /// When search query change in search bar then this method will be called
          /// Check if items contains query

How to use FilterListDelegate. #

Create a function and call on button tap.

 void openFilterDelegate() async {
      context: context,
      list: userList,
      onItemSearch: (user, query) {
      tileLabel: (user) => user!.name,
      emptySearchChild: Center(child: Text('No user found')),
      searchFieldHint: 'Search Here..',
      onApplyButtonClick: (list) {
        // Do something with selected list

Screenshots #

Empty screen FilterListDialog Selected chip Result from dialog

Customized Dialog Header #

Customized Choice chip #

FilterListWidget #

Default Customized customized

FilterListDelegate #

Single selection Multiple selection Multiple selection
Search through list Customized Tile

Parameters #

Parameter Type Description
height double Set height of filter dialog.
width double Set width of filter dialog.
hideCloseIcon bool Hide close Icon.
hideHeader bool Hide complete header section from filter dialog.
headerCloseIcon Widget Widget to close the dialog.
hideSelectedTextCount bool Hide selected text count.
enableOnlySingleSelection bool Enable only single selection
maximumSelectionLength int Set maximum selection length.
hideSearchField bool Hide search text field.
headlineText String Set header text of filter dialog.
backgroundColor Color Set background color of filter color
listData List<T>() Populate filter dialog with text list.
selectedListData List<T>() Marked selected text in filter dialog.
choiceChipLabel String Function(T item) Display text on choice chip.
validateSelectedItem bool Function(List<T>? list, T item) Identifies weather a item is selected or not
onItemSearch List<T> Function(List<T>? list, String text) Perform search operation and returns filtered list
choiceChipBuilder Widget Function(BuildContext context, T? item, bool? isSelected) The choiceChipBuilder is a builder to design custom choice chip.
onApplyButtonClick Function(List<T> list) Returns list of items when apply button is clicked
validateRemoveItem List<T> Function(List<T>? list, T item) Function Delegate responsible for delete item from list
resetButtonText String Reset button text to customize or translate
allButtonText String All button text to customize or translate
selectedItemsText String Selected items text to customize or translate
controlButtons List<ControlButtonType> configure which control button needs to be display on bottom of dialog along with 'Apply' button.
insetPadding EdgeInsets The amount of padding added to the outside of the dialog.
themeData FilterListThemeData Configure theme of filter dialog and widget.
choiceChipTheme ChoiceChipThemeData Configure theme of choice chip.
controlButtonBarTheme ControlButtonBarThemeData Configure theme of control button bar
controlButtonTheme ControlButtonThemeData Configure theme of control button.
headerTheme HeaderThemeData Configure theme of filter header.

T can be a String or any user defined Model

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Pull Requests #

I welcome and encourage all pull requests. It usually will take me within 24-48 hours to respond to any issue or request.

Created & Maintained By #

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Filter_list Package is designed to make single/multiple item selection from a list of string/object.

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