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Essential cross platform APIs for your Flutter apps

Flutter Essentials Plugin #

pub package

A Flutter plugin which provides access to all essential device features.

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Features #

  • Geolocation
  • Permissions
  • Contacts

Usage #

To use this plugin, add essentials as a dependency in your pubspec.yaml file. For example:

  essentials: '^1.0.0'

NOTE: There's a known issue with integrating plugins that use Swift into a Flutter project created with the Objective-C template. See issue Flutter#16049 for help on integration.



Issues #

Please file any issues, bugs or feature request as an issue on our GitHub page.

Want to contribute #

If you would like to contribute to the plugin (e.g. by improving the documentation, solving a bug or adding a cool new feature), please carefully review our contribution guide and send us your pull request.

Author #

This essentials plugin for Flutter is developed by Baseflow. You can contact us at