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Widgets for email apps that use the `enough_mail` library. Licensed commercially friendly under MPL 2.0.

enough_mail_flutter #

Flutter widgets for email apps based on enough_mail.

Usage #

The enough_mail_flutter package contains the following widgets:

  • MimeMessageViewer to display emails for which the contents has been already downloaded.
  • MimeMessageDownloader to download message contents first if required - then uses the MimeMessageViewer to display.

MimeMessageViewer Usage #

Using the MimeMessageViewer is quite straight forward:

import 'package:enough_mail/enough_mail.dart';
import 'package:enough_mail_flutter/enough_mail_flutter.dart';

Widget build(MimeMessage mimeMessage) {
  return MimeMessageViewer(
      mimeMessage: mimeMessage,
      blockExternalImages: false,
      mailtoDelegate: handleMailto,

Future handleMailto(Uri mailto, MimeMessage mimeMessage) {
    final messageBuilder = 
        MessageBuilder.prepareMailtoBasedMessage(mailto, MyAccount.instance.fromAddress);
    return locator<NavigationService>()
        .push(Routes.mailCompose, arguments: messageBuilder);

MimeMessageDownloader Usage #

The MimeMessageDownloader downloads the message contents first if required and then uses the MimeMessageViewer to display the contents. You can specify most of the MimeMessageViewer options also on the MimeMessageDownloader. Refer to the API documentation for other specific configuration options.

The implementation assumes that the size and envelope information have been previously downloaded, e.g. using MailClient.fetchMessages(fetchPreference: FetchPreference.envelope).

Widget buildViewerForMessage(MimeMessage mimeMessage, MailClient mailClient) {
  return MimeMessageDownloader(
    mimeMessage: mimeMessage,
    mailClient: mailClient,
    onDownloaded: onMessageDownloaded,
    blockExternalImages: false,
    markAsSeen: true,
    mailtoDelegate: handleMailto,

void onMessageDownloaded(MimeMessage mimeMessage) {
  // update other things to show eg attachment view, e.g.:
  //setState(() {});

Installation #

Add this dependency your pubspec.yaml file:

  enough_mail_flutter: ^2.0.0

The latest version or enough_mail_flutter is enough_mail_flutter version.

Note: you might need to set a dependency override for the xml package:

  xml: ^6.0.1

Features and bugs #

Please file feature requests and bugs at the issue tracker.

License #

Licensed under the commercial friendly Mozilla Public License 2.0.

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Widgets for email apps that use the `enough_mail` library. Licensed commercially friendly under MPL 2.0.

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