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IMAP, POP3 and SMTP for email developers. Choose between a low level and a high level API for mailing. Parse and generate MIME messages. Discover email settings.

2.1.5 #

  • Fix: Ensure compatibility with Flutter 3.16 - thanks to Tzanou123!

2.1.4 #

  • Fix: use refreshed OAUTH tokens when using the high level MailClient API.
  • Fix: handle edge cases in IMAP FETCH responses.
  • Feat: Add details for low level IMAP errors when using the high level MailCLient API.
  • Feat: Refresh OAUTH tokens 15 minutes in advance before they expire to reduce the risk of a token expiring during a long running operation.
  • Feat: show error details when SMTP XOAuth2 authentication fails.
  • Feat: synchronize access to low level clients when using the high level MailClient API.

2.1.3 #

  • Fix: Apply correct mailbox path separator - thanks nruzzu!
  • Feat: add firstWhereOrNull search method for a Tree
  • Feat: add identityFlag getter to Mailbox

2.1.2 #

  • Fix: RangeError when a Mailbox name contains a parentheses - thanks nruzzu
  • Fix: base64 decoding of headers with a lowercase b
  • Feat: support more name variations for ISO codecs
  • Feat: update dependencies - thanks hatch01
  • Feat: use standard serialization based on json_serializable
  • Feat: Improve high level API fetch message support

2.1.1 #

  • Loosened dependency restrictions a bit upon suggestion from hpoul
  • Added support for Big5, KOI8-r and KOI8-u character encodings
  • Load encodings only when required

2.1.0 #

  • The MailClient.deleteMessages() / undoDeleteMessages() as well as the moveMessages() and undoMoveMessages() calls will now update the given messages UIDs automatically, when they have been specified.
  • Simplify building a multipart/alternative message or message part by adding the option plainText and htmlText parameters in MessageBuilder.prepareMultipartAlternativeMessage() and addMultipartAlternative().
  • Fixed documentation for generating a mime message with an attachment (thanks lqmminh!).

2.0.1 #

  • Thanks to yarsort resolved various POP3 bugs.
  • Interpret mime messages with an (invalid) 2-digit year as coming from the current millennium.

2.0.0 #

Improvements and fixes:

  • Thanks to matthiasn the date parsing/generation on west of greenwich timezones now works properly.
  • Improve automatic re-connecting when using the high-level MailClient API.
  • Support timeouts for IMAP, SMTP and POP calls.
  • MimeMessage:
    • Get an alternative mime part easier with MimePart? getAlternativePart(MediaSubtype subtype).
    • Retrieve all recipients via the List<MailAddress> get recipients getter.
    • Support decoding binary transfer-encoding for text message parts.
    • Introduce guid / global unique IDs which are set automatically when using the high-level MailClient.
    • Correctly unwrap header values before decoding them.
    • Accept headers that have no space after the colon-separator.
  • Improve high level API support for OAUTH:
    • You can now define refresh and onConfigChanged callback methods when connecting to a mail service using MailClient.
  • Support expunging messages when deleting them in MailClient with Future<DeleteResult> deleteMessages( MessageSequence sequence, {bool expunge = false}). OauthAuthentication now contains a complete OauthToken. main
  • MessageBuilder: Access also text-attachments in the attachments getter.
  • Only use STARTTLS when the IMAP service supports it.
  • Simplify search API.

Breaking changes:

  • Package structure is simplified, so that imports of specific classes are not possible anymore. Instead either import 'package:enough_mail/enough_mail.dart'; or one of the specializes sub-packages codecs.dart,discover.dart, highlevel.dart, imap.dart, mime.dart, pop.dart or smtp.dart.
  • Authentication.passwordCleartext is renamed to Authentication.passwordClearText
  • Mailbox API has changed specifically when creating mailboxes yourself.


  • Improved code style, enforcing linting rules.
  • Improve API documentation.
  • Improve package structure
  • Many further small-scale improvements.

1.3.6 #

  • Fix generating messages with several recipients in MessageBuilder. Previously semicolons were used that were not accepted by all mail providers.

1.3.5 #

  • Add bool Function(X509Certificate)? onBadCertificate callback to handle invalid certificates #167
  • Stop polling when disconnecting high level MailClient
  • Ignore subsequent IDLE requests when already in idle mode in ImapClient
  • Improve documentation

1.3.4 #

  • Fix some IMAP mailbox commands when there is no mailbox selected: #160 #164 #165

1.3.3 #

  • Add easier method to setup a MailAccount with manual settings by calling MailAccount.fromManualSettings() or MailAccount.fromManualSettingsWithAuth(). This is useful when settings cannot or should not be auto-discovered, for example.

1.3.2 #

  • Fix login for IMAP servers that do not define capabilities in their AUTH/LOGIN response #159

1.3.1 #

  • Always quote user name and password in IMAP login, #158
  • Thanks to fttx2020 we have these great improvements:
    • Fix for POP3 UID LIST command
    • Fix parsing of POP3 responses
    • Handle more Chinese character encodings
    • Handle some base64 text variations better
  • SmtpExceptions now contain the full error description

1.3.0 #

  • Support read receipts #149
    • Check if a message contains a read receipt request with MimeMessage.isReadReceiptRequested
    • Generate a read request response with MessageBuilder.buildReadReceipt()
  • Support Windows-1256 encoding
  • Add another message as an attachment with MessageBuilder.addMessagePart() #153
  • Easily retrieve all leaf parts after loading BODYSTRUCTURE with MimeMessage.body.allLeafParts
  • Fix for responses with a line break spread around 2 chunks #140
  • Improve identification of message parts with their fetchId #141 #143 - Thanks to A.Zulli again!
  • Messages are now send with utf-8 rather than utf8 to reduce problems #144 - Thanks to gmalakov
  • Fix for responses with a literal {0} response #145
  • Better detection of plain text messages thanks to castaway

1.2.2 #

  • Assume 8bit encoding when no content-transfer-encoding is specified in a MIME message.
  • Exclude empty address-lists when building a message with MessageBuilder.
  • Retrieve a MIME part wit the fetchId 1 correctly.
  • ImapClient.idleStart() throws an error when no mailbox is selected.
  • MailClient.fetchMessageContents() allows you to specify which media types you want to include with the includedInlineTypes parameter, e.g. final mime = await mailClient.fetchMessageContents(envelopeMime, includedInlineTypes: [MediaToptype.image]);.
  • Convenience improvements:
    • Select a mailbox just by it's flag like MailboxFlag.sent with MailClient.selectMailboxByFlag(MailboxFlag) method.
    • Check if an email address contains a personal name with MailAddress.hasPersonalName getter.

1.2.1 #

  • Handle raw data in parameter values of IMAP FETCH responses.

1.2.0 #

  • Thanks to KevinBLT mime messages will now always have a valid date header.
  • The high level search API has been extended and access simplified
  • The high level thread API has been simplified

1.1.0 #

  • Thanks to A.Zulli the UNSELECT IMAP command of rfc3691 is now supported with ImapClient.unselectMailbox().
  • Support THREAD IMAP Extension with ImapClient.threadMessages() and uidThreadMessage() as well as the high level API MailClient.fetchThreads() and fetchThreadData(), the latter can set the MimeMessage.threadSequence automatically. #44
  • Access embedded message/rfc822 messages using mimePart.decodeContentMessage(). #138
  • Added SearchQueryType.toOrFrom to easily search for recipients or senders of a message.
  • All Mailbox commands now return the mailbox in question, not the currently selected mailbox.
  • Improve automatic reconnects in high level MailClient API.
  • Added high level OAuth login option and MailAccount.fromDiscoveredSettingsWithAuth() for easy setup. #137
  • Appending a message will now return the new UID of that message.
  • Continue editing a draft easily by calling MessageBuilder prepareFromDraft(MimeMessage draft).
  • You now easier load the next page of of search using MailClient.searchMessagesNextPage(MailSearchResult).
  • Improve null-safety.
  • Breaking API changes:
    • To align with Dart APIs, MessageSequence.isEmpty and isNotEmpty are now getters and not methods anymore. So instead of if (sequence.isEmpty()) please now use if (sequence.isEmpty), etc.
    • Date headers are always decoded to local time. Instead of mimeMessage.decodeDate().toLocal() now just call mimeMessage.decodeDate().
    • High level API MailSearchResult has been refactored to use PagedMessageSequence.

1.0.0 #

  • enough_mail is now null safe #127
  • Support zulu timezone in date decoding #132
  • When the MailClient loses a connection or reconnects, it will now fire corresponding MailConnectionLost and MailConnectionReEstablished events.
  • When the MailClient reconnects, it will fetch new messages automatically and notify about them using MailLoadEvent.
  • Breaking changes to v0.3:
    • MessageBuilder.encoding is renamed to MessageBuilder.transferEncoding and the enum previously called MessageEncoding is now called TransferEncoding. All optional parameters previously called encoding are now also named transferEncoding.
    • MetaDataEntry.entry has been renamed to MetaDataEntry.name.
    • ImapClient.setQuota() and getQuota() methods use named parameters.
    • Due to null safety, a lots of functions that previously (wrongly) accepted null parameters do not accept null as input anymore.
    • Some fields changed to final to ensure consistency.

0.3.1 #

  • Fix for handling PARTIAL IMAP responses - thanks to A.Zulli
  • Fix for handling FETCH IMAP responses that are spread across several response lines for a single message - #131

0.3.0 #

  • KevinBLT contributed the following improvements and features:
    • Check out the experimental DKIM signing of messages.
    • Enjoy the improved the performance of QuotedPrintable encoding.
    • BCC header is now stripped from messages before sending them via SMTP
  • A.Zulli contributed major IMAP features in this release:
    • Sort messages with ImapClient.sortMessages(...) SORT - and also use the extended sort mechanism with specifying returnOptions on servers with ESORT.
    • ImapClient.searchMessages(...) now accepts List<ReturnOption> parameter for extending the search according to the ESEARCH standard.
    • Support PARTIAL responses according to the CONTEXT IMAP extension.
    • Use the LIST extensions:
      • rfc5258: LIST command extensions
      • rfc5819: return STATUS in extended lists
      • rfc6154: SPECIAL-USE mailboxes
  • Alexander Sotnikov fixed POP3 so that you can now use the PopClient as intended.
  • SMTP improvements:
    • You can now send messages via the SMTP BDAT command using SmtpClient.sendChunkedMessage() / sendChunkedMessageData() / sendChunkedMessageText().
    • You don't require a MimeMessage to send any more when you send messages either via SmtpClient.sendMessageData() or SmtpClient.sendMessageText().
  • MessageBuilder / MIME generation improvements:
    • Attachments are now also added when forrwarding a message without quoting in MessageBuilder.prepareForwardMessage().
    • You can now also prepend parts by setting insert to true when calling addPart().
  • Other improvements and bugfixes:
    • Remove some dependencies and relax constraints on some so that we all get quicker through the null-safety challenge.
    • Fixed decoding of 8bit messages that use a different charset than UTF8
    • Fixed header decoding in some edge cases
    • Some fixes in parsing personal names in email addresses
    • Support Chinese encodings GBK and GB-2312
    • Improve reconnecting when using the high level API
    • Only download the ENVELOPE information when a new mail is detected in high level API
  • Breaking changes:
    • MessageBuilder.replyToMessage is renamed to MessageBuilder.originalMessage

0.2.1 #

  • Allow to specify connectionTimeout for all low level clients
  • Support non-ASCII IMAP searches when supported by server
  • Fix reconnection issue for ImapClient
  • Fix decoding of sequentiell encoded words in edge cases
  • Do a noop when resuming MailClient when server does not support IDLE

0.2.0 #

  • ImapClient now processes tasks sequentially, removing the dreaded StreamSink is bound to a stream exception when accessing ImapClient from several threads.
  • Highlevel API for adding mail messages with MailClient.appendMessage(...) / .appendMessageToFlag(...) and MailClient.saveDraftMessage(...)
  • Searching for messages is now easier than ever with MailClient.search(MailSearch) and SearchQueryBuilder- #109
  • Sent messages are now appended automatically when using the high level MailClient.sentMessage(...) call unless setting the appendToSent parameter to false.
  • Create IMAP search criteria with SearchQueryBuilder and conduct common searches with MailClient.search(MailSearch)
  • Fixed detection of audio media types
  • Added CRAM-MD5 authentication support for SMTP - #108
  • Added XOAUTH2 authentication support for SMTP - #107
  • Create MessageSequence from list of mime messages with MessageSequence.fromMessages(List<MimeMessage>)
  • You can now check with the highlevel API if you can send 8bit messages with MailClient.supports8BitEncoding() and set the preferred encoding with MailClient.buildMimeMessageWithRecommendedTextEncoding(MessageBuilder).
  • MessageBuilder now can recommend text encodings with MessageBuilder.setRecommendedTextEncoding(bool supports8Bit) and sets content types automatically depending on attachments.
  • Access attachment information easier using the MessageBuilder.attachments field and the AttachmentInfo class.
  • You can send a MessageBuilder instance instead of a MimeMessage with MailClient.sendMessageBuilder(...).
  • Breaking API changes:
    • SmtpClient.login() is deprecated, please use the better named SmtpClient.authenticate() instead, e.g.: await smtpClient.authenticate(userName, password, AuthMechanism.login)
    • BodyPart.id is renamed to BodyPart.cid to make the meaning clearer.

0.1.0 #

  • Moving from response based to exceptions, compare the migration guide for details compare the migration guide in Readme.md and #101 for details - specicial thanks to Tienisto
  • Improved performance when downloading large data significantly
  • High Level API now checks for SMTP START TLS support before switching to a secure connection when connected via plan sockets
  • Low level SMTP API now exposes all found server capabilities
  • Fix decoding bug for UTF8 8 bit encoded text
  • ImapClient.search(...) now returns a MessageSequence instead just a list of integers
  • High level API now supports moving messages with MailClient.moveMessages(...) and MailClient.undoMoveMessages() methods
  • High level API now supports deleting messages with MailClient.deleteMessages(...) and MailClient.undoDeleteMessages() methods

0.0.36 #

  • Remove spaces between two encoded words in headers
  • High level API support for deleting messages and undoing it:
    • Future<MailResponse<DeleteResult>> deleteMessages( MessageSequence sequence, Mailbox trashMailbox)
    • Future<MailResponse<DeleteResult>> deleteAllMessages(Mailbox mailbox, {bool expunge})
  • Deleted messages are now preferably moved to \Trash folder, when possible.
  • Optionally mark a message as seen by setting markAsSeen parameter to true when fetching messages or message contents using the high level API, e.g. MailClient.fetchMessageContents(message, markAsSeen: true);

0.0.35 #

  • Ignoring malformed UT8 when logging thanks to Tienisto.
  • Use enough_convert package for previously missing character encodings.
  • Add MimeMessage.parseFromText(String text) helper method.
  • Add Open PGP mime types like MediaSubtype.applicationPgpSignature to known media types.

0.0.34 #

  • Fix handling of VANISHED (EARLIER) responses in edge cases thanks to Andrea.
  • Find a mime message part by its content-ID with the MimeMessage.getPartWithContentId(String cid) helper method.
  • List all parts of a mime message sequentially using the MimeMessage.allPartsFlat getter.
  • Fix problems with UTF8 8-bit decoded answers.
  • Use the enough_serialization for JSON (de)serialization support.
  • Improve discovery of mail settings.
  • Allow to limit the download size of messages: MailClient.fetchMessageContents(MimeMessage message, {int maxSize}) fetches all parts apart from attachments when the message size is bigger than the one specified in bytes in maxSize.
  • Improve documentation, also thanks to TheOneWithTheBraid.

0.0.33 #

  • Support IMAP QUOTA Extension thanks to azulli.
  • Throw exceptions that might occur while sending a message thanks to hpoul.
  • Retrieve currently selected mailbox in highlevel API with MailClient.selectedMailbox.
  • Specify fetchPreference in highlevel API when fetching messages, for example to only fetch ENVELOPEs first.
  • Create a message builder based on a mailto link with MessageBuilder.prepareMailtoBasedMessage().
  • Mail events now contain the originating ImapClient, SmtpClient or MailClient instance to match the event when having several active accounts at the same time.
  • Support the SMTP AUTH LOGIN authentication by specying the authMechanism parameter in SmtpClient.login().
  • Ease flagging of messages with MailClient.flagMessage().
  • Highlevel API now udates flags of a message correctly when they have changed remotely.

0.0.32 #

  • easier to retrieve and set common message flags such as \Seen, \Answered and $Forwarded
  • use MimeMessage.isSeen, .isAnswered, .isForwarded to query the corresponding flags
  • use MimeMessage.hasAttachments() or MimeMessage.hasAttachmentsOrInlineNonTextualParts() to determine if the message contains attachment parts.
  • Q-Encoding is used for encoding/decoding corresponding MIME message headers now, compare #77 for details

0.0.31 #

  • Mime: List all message parts with a specfic Content-Disposition with MimeMessage.findContentInfo(ContenDisposition disposition).
  • Mime: Retrieve an individual message part with MimeMessage.getPart(String fetchId)
  • Bugfix: fetch individual message parts via IMAP with BODY[1.2] now works.
  • MailClient: Download individual message parts with MailClient.fetchMessagePart(MimeMessage message, String fetchId).
  • MailClient: events now provide reference to used MailClient instance, so that apps can differentiate between accounts.
  • MessageBuilder: allow to specify user aliases and to handle + aliases and to differentiate between reply and reply-all in MessageBuilder.prepareReplyToMessage()
  • ImapClient: Ensure that every Inbox has a MailboxFlag.inbox.

0.0.30 #

  • Thanks to hpoul the XML library now works with both beta and stable flutter channels.
  • Thanks to hydeparkk encoded mailbox paths are now used in copy, move, status and append/
  • Fix decoding message date headers
  • Fix handling mailboxes with a space in their path
  • Allow to easly serialize and deserialize MailAccount to/from JSON.
  • Extended high level MailClient API:
    • Allow to select mailbox by path
    • Disconnect to close connections
    • Include fetching message flags when fetching messages
    • Allow to store message flags, e.g. mark as read
    • Provide access to low level API from within the high level API

0.0.29 #

  • Add discconect() method to high level MailClient API
  • Encode and decode mailbox names using Modified UTF7 encoding
  • Add IMAP support for UTF-8

0.0.28 #

  • High level MailClient API supports IMAP IDLE, POP and SMTP.

0.0.27 #

  • Downgraded crypto dependency to be compatible with flutter_test ons stable flutter channel again

0.0.26 #

  • Added high level MailClient API
  • Downgraded XML dependency to be compatible with flutter_test again
  • Fixed ImapClient's eventBus registration when this is specified outside of ImapClient.

0.0.25 #

  • Add support to discover email settings using the Discover class.

0.0.24 #

  • Improve parsing of IMAP BODYSTRUCTURE responses to FETCH commands.
  • Add message media types.

0.0.23 #

  • Provide POP3 support

0.0.22 #

  • Breaking API change: use FETCH IMAP methods now return FetchImapResult instead of List<MimeMessage>
  • Breaking API change: ImapFetchEvent now contains a full MimeMessage instead of just the sequence ID and flags
  • Added ImapVanishedEvent that is called instead of ImapExpungeEvent when QRESYNC has been enabled
  • Added support for QRESYNC extension
  • Added support for ENABLE extension
  • Fix handling STATUS responses (issue #56)

0.0.21 #

  • Added support for ISO 8859-15 / latin9 encoding - based on UTF-8

0.0.20 #

  • Breaking change: use MessageSequence for defining message ID or UID ranges instead of integer-based IDs

0.0.19 #

  • Fix for fetching recent messages when the chunksize is larger than the existing messages - thanks to studiozocaro!

0.0.18 #

0.0.17 #

  • Supports parsing BODYSTRUCTURE responses when fetching message data
  • Also eased API for accessing BODY and BODYSTRUCTURE response data

0.0.16 #

  • Adding 'name' parameter with quotes to 'Content-Type' header when adding a file

0.0.15 #

  • Adding 'name' parameter to 'Content-Type' header when adding a file

0.0.14 #

  • Save messages to the server with ImapClient.appendMessage().
  • Store message flags using the ImapClient.store() method or use one of the mark-methods like markFlagged() or markSeen().
  • Copy message(s) using ImapClient.copy().
  • Copy, fetch, store or search message with UIDs using ImapClient.uidCopy(), uidStore(), etc.
  • Remove messages marked with the \Deleted flag using ImapClient.expunge()
  • Authenticate via OAUTH 2.0 using ImapClient.authenticateWithOAuth2() (AUTH=XOAUTH2) or authenticateWithOAuthBearer() (AUTH=OAUTHBEARER).
  • You can now switch to TLS using ImapClient.startTls().
  • Query the capabilities using the ImapClient.capability() call.
  • Let the server do some housekeeping using the ImapClient.check() method.

0.0.13 #

  • Forward complex messages with MessageBuilder.prepareForwardMessage(), too (issue #24)

0.0.12 #

  • Forward messages with MessageBuilder.prepareForwardMessage()

0.0.11 #

  • Adding simple reply generation with MessageBuilder.prepareReplyToMessage() (issue #25)
  • Improvement for adding larger files (issue #28)

0.0.10 #

  • Fix for message sending via SMTP (issue #27)

0.0.9 #

  • Introducing MessageBuilder for easy mime message creation
  • Adapted example

0.0.8 #

  • Ease access to text contents of a mime message
  • Adapted example

0.0.7 #

  • Parse MIME messages using MimeMessage.parse()
  • Handle content encodings more reliably

0.0.6 #

  • Supporting ASCII character character encodings and padding BASE64 headers if required

0.0.5 #

  • Addressed health and syntax recommendations

0.0.4 #

0.0.3 #

  • Always end lines with \r\n when communicating either with SMTP or IMAP server, parse iso-8859-1 encoded headers

0.0.2 #

  • Cleaning architecture, adding support for BODY[HEADER.FIELDS] messages

0.0.1 #

  • Initial alpha version
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IMAP, POP3 and SMTP for email developers. Choose between a low level and a high level API for mailing. Parse and generate MIME messages. Discover email settings.

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