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Slim HTML editor for Flutter with full API control and optional Flutter-based widget controls.

enough_html_editor #

Slim HTML editor for Flutter with full API control and optional Flutter-based widget controls. screenshot

API Documentation #

Check out the full API documentation at https://pub.dev/documentation/enough_html_editor/latest/

Usage #

The current enough_html_editor package the following widgets:

  • HtmlEditor the HTML editor.
  • HtmlEditorControls optional editor controls.
  • SliverHeaderHtmlEditorControls wrapper to use the editor controls within a CustomScrollView as a sticky header.
  • HtmlEditorApi - not a widget - the API to control the editor, use the API to access the edited HTML text or to set the current text bold, add an unordered list, etc.
  • PackagedHtmlEditor a simple to use Widget that contains both the HtmlEditor and the HtmlEditorControls

Access API #

You choose between two options to access the API:

  1. Use the onCreated(HtmlEditorApi) callback:

        onCreated: (api) {
            setState(() {
            _editorApi = api;

    You can then access the API afterwards directly, e.g.

    final text = await _editorApi.getText();
  2. Define and assign a GlobalKey<HtmlEditorState>:

    final _keyEditor = GlobalKey<HtmlEditorState>();
    Widget build(BuildContext context) {
        return HtmlEditor(
              key: _keyEditor,

    You can then access the HtmlEditorState via this GlobalKey:

    final text = await _keyEditor.currentState.api.getText();

Either the API or the global key is required for creating the HtmlEditorControls.

Quick Start #

Use the PackagedHtmlEditor for a quick start. This contains both the default controls and the editor.

import 'package:enough_html_editor/enough_html_editor.dart';
HtmlEditorApi _editorApi;

Widget build(BuildContext context) {
    return PackagedHtmlEditor(
          onCreated: (api) {
            _editorApi = api;
          initialContent: '''<p>Here is some text</p>
          <p>Here is <b>bold</b> text</p>
          <p>Here is <i>some italic sic</i> text</p>
          <p>Here is <i><b>bold and italic</b></i> text</p>
          <p style="text-align: center;">Here is <u><i><b>bold and italic and underline</b></i></u> text</p>
          <ul><li>one list element</li><li>another point</li></ul>
          <blockquote>Here is a quote<br/>
            that spans several lines<br/>
                Another second level blockqote 

Use the HtmlEditorApi that you receive in the onCreated callback to query the final text:

// retrieve only the edited text as HTML code: 
final text = await _editorApi.getText();
// retrieve the full document as HTML code:
final fullHtml = await _editorApi.getFullHtml();

Installation #

Add this dependency your pubspec.yaml file:

  enough_html_editor: ^0.0.4

The latest version or enough_html_editor is enough_html_editor version.

Features and bugs #

Please file feature requests and bugs at the issue tracker.

License #

Licensed under the commercial friendly Mozilla Public License 2.0.

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Slim HTML editor for Flutter with full API control and optional Flutter-based widget controls.

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