dslink 1.0.6
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DSA IoT Platform - DSLink SDK for Dart

DSLink SDK for Dart <!--Build Status Coverage Status--> Slack #

DSLink SDK for Dart

Getting Started #

Prerequisites #

Install #

pub global activate -sgit https://github.com/IOT-DSA/broker-dart.git # Globally install the DSA Broker

Start a Broker #

dsbroker # If you have the pub global executable path setup.
pub global run dsbroker:broker # If you do not have the pub global executable path setup.

You can edit the server configuration using broker.json. For more information about broker configuration, see this page.

For documentation, see this page. For more examples, see this page.

import "package:dslink/dslink.dart";

LinkProvider link;

main(List<String> args) async {
  // Process the arguments and initializes the default nodes.
  link = new LinkProvider(args, "Simple-", defaultNodes: {
    "Message": {
      r"$type": "string", // The type of the node is a string.
      r"$writable": "write", // This node's value can be set by a responder link.
      "?value": "Hello World" // The default message value.

  // Connect to the broker.

  // Save the message when it changes.
  link.onValueChange("/Message").listen((_) => link.save());
dart path/to/link.dart # Start a link that connects to a broker at
dart path/to/link.dart --broker http://my.broker:8080/conn # Start a link that connects to the specified broker.