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HERE Maps api wrapper

dotup_dart_geolocation_here_maps #

HERE Maps api wrapper. A library for Dart developers.

Usage #

A simple usage example:

import 'package:dotup_dart_geolocation_here_maps/dotup_dart_geolocation_here_maps.dart';

main() {
  final api = HereMapsGeoLocationService(apiKey: 'YOUR_HERE_API_KEY');
  final address = Address(street: 'Industriering', houseNumber: '7', zip: '63868', city: 'Großwallstadt');
  final location = await api.getGeoCoordinatesFromAddress(address);

  final result = await api.geoCode(searchtext: address.asSingleLineString());
  final searchedLocation = result.geoCode!.getGeoCoordinates();
  final y = await api.reverseGeoCode(geoCoordinates: location);
  final sorted = await api.getAddressFromGeoCoordinates(searchedLocation!);

install #

flutter pub add dotup_dart_geolocation_here_maps

dotup_dart_geolocation_here_maps on

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