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a dart package which implements the MPD protocol. https://www.musicpd.org/

dart_mpd #


dart_mpd is a dart package which implements the Music Player Daemon protocol.

Supports Linux, macOS, Windows and web.

Example #

final client = MpdClient(
  // resolves connection details from environment variables and defaults
  connectionDetails: MpdConnectionDetails.resolve(),

// a request will automatically connect to the socket if not already connected
final song = await client.currentsong();

// responses are parsed into models
print(song?.file); // -> String
print(song?.duration); // -> Duration
print(song?.artist); // -> List<String>
print(song?.title); // -> List<String>

// you can hook into the connection lifecycle through callbacks on the client
final client = MpdClient(
  connectionDetails: MpdConnectionDetails.resolve(),
  onConnect: () => print('connected'),
  onSend: (event) => print('sent: $event'),
  onData: (data) => print('received: $data'),
  onResponse: (response) => print('response: $response'),
  onDone: () => print('closed'),
  onError: (e, st) => print('error: $e'),

Requests #

To handle concurrent request, each request gets queued, so you can use use one client to make simultanious requests.

Keep in mind that using idle will block the socket until an idle response has been received.

Connection details #

MpdConnectionDetails.resolve will resolve the connection details from environment variables and fallback to the default values as described in https://mpd.readthedocs.io/en/stable/client.html#connecting-to-mpd.

You can also manually set the host and port using the default constructor.

Error handling #

A request can throw the following errors:

  • MpdResponseError if the server returns with an error
  • SocketException if the host-lookup or connection fails
  • MpdUnexpectedResponse if an unexpected response is received
  • MpdClientException and any other error that may be thrown when trying to parse the response (this indicates a bug in the library and should be reported)
try {
  await client.setval(200);
} catch (e) {

Commands #

This package provides interfaces for all commands in MPD's stable release and parses their response into data models.

Each method on the MpdClient resembles the name of the command. A reference can be found here: https://mpd.readthedocs.io/en/stable/protocol.html#command-reference.

If a command has not yet been added to the MpdClient, a request can be made manually using MpdClient.connection.send. Example:

final response = await client.connection.send('currentsong');
final values = switch (response) {
  MpdResponseOk(:final values) => values,
  _ => null,
// values is a list of the received key-value pairs (or null on error)

If a command is in the stable release and has not been added to dart_mpd, please file an issue.

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a dart package which implements the MPD protocol. https://www.musicpd.org/

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