dart_license_checker 1.1.0
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Shows you which licenses your dependencies have.

Dart License Checker #

Shows you which licenses your dependencies have.

│ Package Name  License     │
│     barbecue  Apache 2.0  │
│         pana  BSD         │
│         path  BSD         │
│pubspec_parse  BSD         │
│         tint  MIT         │

Install #

flutter pub global activate dart_license_checker

Use #

  • Make sure you are in the main directory of your Flutter app or Dart program
  • Execute dart_license_checker

If this doesn't work, you may need to set up your PATH (see https://dart.dev/tools/pub/cmd/pub-global#running-a-script-from-your-path)

Showing transitive dependencies #

By default, dart_license_checker only shows immediate dependencies (the packages you list in your pubspec.yaml).

If you want to analyze transitive dependencies too, you can use the --show-transitive-dependencies flag:

dart_license_checker --show-transitive-dependencies