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WebSocket support for Dart Frog. Built by Very Good Ventures.

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WebSocket support for Dart Frog.

Developed with 💙 by Very Good Ventures 🦄

Quick Start 🚀 #

Use webSocketHandler to manage WebSocket connections in a Dart Frog route handler.

// routes/ws.dart
import 'package:dart_frog/dart_frog.dart';
import 'package:dart_frog_web_socket/dart_frog_web_socket.dart';

Handler get onRequest {
  return webSocketHandler(
    (channel, protocol) {
      // A new connection was established.
      // Subscribe to the stream of messages from the client.
        (message) {
          // Handle incoming messages.
          print('received: $message');
          // Send outgoing messages to the connected client.
        // The connection was terminated.
        onDone: () => print('disconnected'),

Connect a client to the remote WebSocket endpoint.

// main.dart
import 'package:web_socket_channel/web_socket_channel.dart';

void main() {
  // Connect to the remote WebSocket endpoint.
  final uri = Uri.parse('ws://localhost:8080/ws');
  final channel = WebSocketChannel.connect(uri);

  // Listen to incoming messages from the server.

  // Send messages to the server.