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A fast, minimalistic backend framework for Dart built by Very Good Ventures.

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A fast, minimalistic backend framework for Dart 🎯

Developed with 💙 by Very Good Ventures 🦄

Quick Start 🚀 #

Prerequisites 📝 #

In order to use Dart Frog you must have the Dart SDK installed on your machine.

Installing 🧑‍💻 #

# 📦 Install the dart_frog cli from source
dart pub global activate dart_frog_cli

Creating a Project ✨ #

Use the dart_frog create command to create a new project.

# 🚀 Create a new project called "my_project"
dart_frog create my_project

Start the Dev Server 🏁 #

Next, open the newly created project and start the dev server via:

# 🏁 Start the dev server
dart_frog dev

Create a Production Build 📦 #

Create a production build which includes a DockerFile so that you can deploy anywhere:

# 📦 Create a production build
dart_frog build

Documentation 📝 #

View the full documentation here.