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Dot test reporter for Dart & Flutter & Human. Makes test results clear from the high-level view.

Dot reporter for Dart/Flutter tests #

pub package

Provided to make short and readable test report for your Dart/Flutter projects.

Inspired by dot-reporter.

Sample output:

Best view for CI results review. :)

Installation #

If you want to use Dot reporter on the command line, install it using pub global activate:

pub global activate dart_dot_reporter
# Add $HOME/.pub-cache/bin to your PATH


flutter pub global activate dart_dot_reporter

To update it, use the same pub global activate command.

Usage #

At first you need to use machine readable reporter, here is example for Dart and Flutter.

Dart #

pub run test --reporter=json > machine.log || echo 'Tests failed'
dart_dot_reporter machine.log

Flutter #

flutter test --machine > machine.log || echo 'Tests failed'
flutter pub global run dart_dot_reporter machine.log

Arguments #

dart_dot_reporter <machine.log> [flags]

NOTE: Path to log file is required as first argument.

You can use one of next flags after path:

-hTo get help. More info can be found on GitHub.
--hide-skipTo hide output about skipped tests.
--show-successTo show output about successfull tests.
--show-idTo show id of the test from Machine log.
--show-messageTo show error message of the failed test.
--no-colorTo disable colors.
--fail-skippedReturn exit code 1 if has skipped tests.

Known issues #

  • If test starts with 'loading /' it will be skipped in report.


  • Count time of execution, and display most slow tests
  • Support tool run as a pipe like pub run test --reporter=json | dart_dot_reporter

Development #

Run the app using dart bin/dart_dot_reporter.dart.

Created from templates made available by Stagehand under a BSD-style license.

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Dot test reporter for Dart & Flutter & Human. Makes test results clear from the high-level view.

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