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Lint rules are a powerful way to improve the maintainability of a project. Custom Lint allows package authors and developers to easily write custom lint rules.

0.6.4 - 2024-03-16 #

  • Improve error message to attempt debugging a certain bug

0.6.3 - 2024-03-16 #

  • Fixed Unimplemented error when running pub get.
  • Hot-reload and debug mode is now disabled by default.

0.6.2 - 2024-02-19 #

  • custom_lint --format json no-longer outputs non-JSON logs (thanks to @kzrnm)
  • Upgrade analyzer to support 6.4.0
  • Fix null exception when using TypeChecker.isSuperTypeOf (thanks to @charlescyt)

0.6.0 - 2024-02-04 #

  • Added support for --fix

0.5.11 - 2024-01-27 #

  • Added support for analysis_options.yaml that are nt at the root of the project (thanks to @mrgnhnt96)

0.5.8 - 2024-01-09 #

  • // ignore comments now correctly respect indentation when they are inserted (thanks to @PiotrRogulski)

0.5.7 - 2023-11-20 #

  • Support JSON output format via CLI parameter --format json|default (thanks to @kuhnroyal)

0.5.6 - 2023-10-30 #

Optimized logic for finding an unused VM_service port.

0.5.5 - 2023-10-26 #

  • Support hotreloader 4.0.0

0.5.4 - 2023-10-20 #

  • Sort lints by severity in the command line (thanks to @kuhnroyal)
  • Fix watch mode not quitting with q (thanks to @kuhnroyal)
  • Improve the command line's output (thanks to @kuhnroyal)
  • Update uuid to 4.0.0
  • Fixed a port leak
  • Fix connection issues on Docker/windows (thanks to @hamsbrar)

0.5.3 - 2023-08-29 #

  • The command line now supports ignoring warnings/infos with --no-fatal-warnings/--no-fatal-infos (thanks to @yamarkz)

0.5.2 - 2023-08-16 #

  • Support both analyzer 5.12.0 and 6.0.0 at the same time.
  • Attempt at fixing the windows crash

0.5.1 - 2023-08-03 #

Support analyzer v6

0.5.0 - 2023-06-21 #

  • Now resolves packages using pub get if custom_lint failed to resolve packages offline. This should reduce the likelyness of a version conflict in mono-repositories. The conflict may still happen if two projects in a mono-repo use incompatible constraints. Like:
    name: foo
      package: ^1.0.0
    name: bar
      package: ^2.0.0
  • The command line now shows the lints' severity (thanks to @praxder)
  • Now requires Dart 3.0.0

0.4.0 - 2023-05-12 #

  • Report uncaught exceptions inside context.addPostRunCallback
  • Added support for analyzer 5.12.0

0.3.4 - 2023-04-19 #

  • custom_lint now automatically generate quick-fixes for "ignore for line/file".
  • Update the socket communication logic to avoid possible problem is the message contains a \n.
  • fixes custom_lint on windows

0.3.3 - 2023-04-06 #

  • Reduce the likelyness of a dependency version conflict.
  • Fix dart analyze crashing on large projects in the CI due to custom_lint incorrectly trying to run plugins in debug mode.
  • Fix the custom_lint command line never terminating in some cases where plugins fail to start (thanks to @kuhnroyal).
  • Upgraded analyzer to >=5.7.0 <5.11.0
  • LintRuleNodeRegistry and other AstVisitor-like now are based off GeneralizingAstVisitor instead of GeneralizingAstVisitor
  • Upgraded cli_util to ^0.4.0
  • The command line no-longer throws if ran on an empty project or a project with no plugins enabled
  • Exposes the Pubspec in CustomLintContext

0.3.2 - 2023-03-09 #

  • Revert "Fixed an issue that caused a "Port already in use" error when trying to start custom_lint". This had the opposite effect of what's expected.

0.3.0 - 2023-03-09 #

  • Update analyzer to >=5.7.0 <5.8.0
  • Fixed an issue that caused a "Port already in use" error when trying to start custom_lint

0.2.12 #

Move json_serializable to dev dependencies

0.2.11 #

  • Improved the error message when there is a version conflict in mono-repos (thanks to @@adsonpleal)
  • Bump minimum Dart SDK to sdk: ">=2.19.0 <3.0.0"

0.2.5 #

Fix custom_lint not correctly killing sub-processes when the IDE stops custom_lint.

0.2.2 #

Fixes an exception thrown when a project contains images.

0.2.0 #

Large Breaking change This new version introduces large changes to how lints/fixes/assists are defined.
Long story short, besides the createPlugin method, the entire syntax changed.

See the readme, examples, and docs around how to use the new syntax.

The new syntax has multiple benefits:

  • It is now possible to enable/disable lints inside the analysis_options.yaml as followed:

    # optional
    include: path/to/another/analysis_options.yaml
        # enable a lint rule
        - my_lint_rule
        # A lint rule that is explicitly disabled
        - another_lint_rule: false

    Enabling/disabling lints is supported by default with the new syntax. Nothing to do~

  • Performance improvement when using a large number of lints. The workload of analyzing files is now shared between lints.

  • The new syntax makes the code simpler to maintain. Before, the PluginBase.getLints rapidly ended-up doing too much. Now, it is simple to split the implementation in multiple bits

0.1.2-dev #

Do some internal refactoring as an attempt to fix #60

0.1.1 #

  • Fix an issue where plugins were hot-reloaded when the file analyzed changed.
  • Optimized analysis such that PluginBase.getLints() is theorically not reinvoked unless the file analyzed changed.

0.1.0 #

  • Breaking: The plugin entrypoint has moved.
    Plugins no-longer should define a /bin/custom_lint.dart file. Instead they should define a /lib/<my_package_name>.dart

  • Breaking: The plugin entrypoint is modified. Plugins no-longer define a "main", but instead define a createPlugin function:


    // /bin/custom_lint.dart
    void main(List<String> args, SendPort sendPort) {
      startPlugin(sendPort, MyPlugin());


    // /lib/<my_package_name.dart
    MyPlugin createPlugin() => MyPlugin();
  • Add assist support. Inside your plugins, you can now override handleGetAssists:

    import 'package:analyzer_plugin/protocol/protocol_generated.dart'
      as analyzer_plugin;
    class MyPlugin extends PluginBase {
      // ...
      Future<analyzer_plugin.EditGetAssistsResult> handleGetAssists(
        ResolvedUnitResult resolvedUnitResult, {
        required int offset,
        required int length,
      }) async {
          // TODO return some assists for the given offset

0.0.16 #

Fix expect_lint not working if the file doesn't contain any lint.

0.0.15 #

  • Custom_lint now has a built-in mechanism for testing lints. Simply write a file that should contain lints for your plugin. Then, using a syntax similar to // ignore, write a // expect_lint: code in the line before your lint:

    // expect_lint: riverpod_final_provider
    var provider = Provider(...);

    When doing this, there are two possible cases:

    • The line after the expect_lint correctly contains the expected lint.
      In that case, the lint is ignored (similarly to if we used // ignore)
    • The next line does not contain the lint. In that case, the expect_lint comment will have an error.

    This allows testing your plugins by simply running custom_lint on your test/example folder. Then, if any expected lint is missing, the command will fail. But if your plugin correctly emits the lint, the command will succeed.

  • Upgrade analyzer/analzer_plugin

0.0.14 #

  • Fix custom_lint not working in the IDE

0.0.13 #

  • Add debugger and hot-reload support (Thanks to @TimWhiting)
  • Correctly respect exclude obtains from the analysis_options.yaml
  • Fix dart analyze incorrectly failing due to showing the "plugin is starting" lint.

0.0.12 #

  • Fix custom_lint plugins not working in release mode and when using git dependencies (thanks to @TimWhiting)
  • Fix command line exit code not being set properly (thansk to @andrzejchm)

0.0.11 #

Fix custom_lint not showing in the IDE

0.0.10+1 #

Update docs

0.0.10 #

  • Upgrade Riverpod to 2.0.0
  • Fix deprecation errors with analyzer

0.0.9+1 #

Update description and readme

0.0.9 #

  • Lint fixes can now be used when placing the cursor on the last character of a lint
  • improve pub score

0.0.8 #

Allow lints to emit fixes

0.0.7 #

Fix a bug where the custom_lint command line may not list all lints

0.0.6 #

feat!: getLints now is expected to return a Stream<Lint> instead of Iterable<Lint>

fix: a bug where the lints shown by the IDE could get out of sync with the actual content of the file

0.0.5 #

Fixed error reporting if a custom_lint plugin throws but the exception comes from a package instead of the plugin itself.

0.0.4 #

  • Fixed a bug where the command line could show IDE-only meant for debugging

0.0.3 #

PluginBase.getLints now receive a ResolvedUnitResult instead of a LibraryElement.

0.0.2 #

  • Compilation errors are now visible within the pubspec.yaml of applications that are using the plugin.

  • Plugins that are currently loading are now highlighted inside the pubspec.yaml of applications that are using the plugin.

  • If a plugin throws when trying to analyze a Dart file, the IDE will now show the exception at the top of the analyzed file.

  • Compilation errors, exceptions and prints are now accessible within a log file (custom_lint.log) inside applications using the plugin.

0.0.1 #

Initial release

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Lint rules are a powerful way to improve the maintainability of a project. Custom Lint allows package authors and developers to easily write custom lint rules.

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