cool_linter 1.0.1
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linter for analyzing dart code by RegExp pattern

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Cool linter #

This is a custom linter package for dart/flutter code. It can set linter for exclude some of words. This words you can set in analysis_options.yaml by example below

Usage #

1. Add dependency to pubspec.yaml #

  cool_linter: ^1.0.1 # last version of plugin

2. Add configuration to analysis_options.yaml #

    - cool_linter

      pattern: Colors
      hint: Use colors from design system instead!
      severity: WARNING
      pattern: Test123{1}
      severity: ERROR
    - test/**
    - lib/ku/**
  • pattern - RegExp-pattern, for example: Test123{1}, ^Test123$ and others
  • severity - [optional parameter]. It is console information level. May be WARNING, INFO, ERROR. Default is WARNING
  • hint - [optional parameter]. It is console information sentence
  • exclude_folders - this folders linter will ignore. By default excluded folders are:

Attention!!! #

You must restart your IDE for starting plugin #

3. Result #

Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot

4. Process #

PlatformVSCodeAndroid Studio

Works correctly with VSCode. Android Studio has some problems. I don't know what is ¯_(ツ)_/¯ and currently it is under progress