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Flutter SDK for messaging, video calling and push notifications. WebRTC and XMPP based.

Flutter Getting Started #

ConnectyCube helps you implement real-time chat, video chat, push notifications and user authorization to any app with ease - no server side implementation required.
You can concentrate fully on your mobile app development. Our Flutter SDK provides you with many helpful methods to build the chat and video chat from the client side.

This page presents a quick overview of the SDK’s functionalities and logic, then let you go through the easy steps of implementing ConnectyCube in your own app.

ConnectyCube Flutter SDK can be used on the following OS and platforms:

  • Android
  • iOS
  • Web
  • macOS
  • Windows
  • Linux

Create ConnectyCube app #

Register a FREE ConnectyCube account at, then create your 1st app and obtain an app credentials.
These credentials will be used to identify your app.

All users within the same ConnectyCube app can communicate by chat or video chat with each other, across all platforms - iOS, Android, Web, etc.

When building a new app #

If you are just starting your app and developing it from scratch, we recommend to use our Code Samples projects.

Download Code Samples

These code samples are ready-to-go apps with an appropriate functionality and simple enough that even novice developers will be able to understand them.

When integrating SDK into existing app #

If you already have an app, do the following for integration.

Connect SDK #

Navigate to Installing tab to find out detailed guide.

Initialize #

Initialize framework with your ConnectyCube application credentials. You can access your application credentials in ConnectyCube Dashboard:

String appId = "";
String authKey = "";
String authSecret = "";

init(appId, authKey, authSecret);

Configuration #

An additional configs can be passed via CubeSettings:

CubeSettings.instance.isDebugEnabled = true; // to enable ConnectyCube SDK logs; 
CubeSettings.instance.setEndpoints(customApiEndpoint, customChatEndpoint); // to set custom endpoints

Now integrate messaging & calling capabilities #

Follow the API guides on how to integrate chat and calling features into your app:

SDK Changelog #

The complete SDK changelog is available on ConnectyCube page