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Pure Dart library allowing you to easily integrate with the blockchain

Commercio SDK - Dart #

Release Compatible

This repository contains the code of the official Dart SDK, entirely based on Sacco.dart.

The main features are:

  • Entirely made in Dart
  • Completely stateless

Thanks to these characteristics, you can use this SDK inside any pure Dart project or even any Flutter application.

You can find the official documentation here.

Helper methods #

Inside the SDK you will find the following helper methods that will help you with almost any operation that you might want to perform on the blockchain.

Please note that you can find usage examples of the following methods inside the sdk documentation. We highly suggest you checking it out to have a complete reference of the SDK.

Crypto #

  • Create HD wallet
  • Generate AES key
  • Generate RSA key

Docs #

  • Share document
  • Send receipt
  • List documents
  • List receipts

Id #

  • Create Did Document
  • Associate Did Document
  • Request power up

CommercioMint #

  • Mint CCC
  • Burn CCC

CommercioKYC #

  • Invite user
  • Buy membership
  • Deposit into reward pool
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Pure Dart library allowing you to easily integrate with the blockchain

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asn1lib, convert, cryptography, equatable, http, json_annotation, pointycastle, sacco, uuid


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