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Implement change notifier for collection object e.g. List, Set and Map

Binding Dart collection model to ChangeNotifier in Flutter Flutter package test #

Pub Version (including pre-releases)

This package implemented Dart's collection object with ChangeNotifier that it updated when collection item changed.

Also, online demo available

Purpose #

Flutter provides ChangeNotifier for handling update when mutable object's property changed and make widget rebuild (provider package). However, when it handle multiple items under a single object, it required specific implementation by yourself which limited features from collections when required. As a reault, this package provides List, Map and Set with ChangeNotifier integration.

It similar how BindingList worked in .NET.

Install #

Edit pubspec.yaml:

  • From
    collection_change_notifier: ^1.0.0+1 # Or ''>=1.0.0 <1.1.0' if required same minor version
  • From Git (For unstable release)
        ref: (Commit hash, branches or tags name)

Usage #

Mostly it integrated with notifyListener already when editing items in the collections unless changing state of element directly which required to uses modify to notify update:

class IntState {
    int state;


final ListChangeNotifier<IntState> lcnis = ListChangeNotifier()..add(IntState(1));

// Attach lcnis to ChangeNotifierProvider.value

// Do not change element state directly, this action will not trigger Flutter to rebuild context.
lcnis[0].state = 2;

// Call modify if want to trigger Flutter rebuild when element state changed via `modify`:
lcnis.modify(0, (item) {
    item.state = 2;

// For map:
final MapChangeNotifier<String, IntState> mscnis = MapChangeNotifier()..["one"] = IntState(1);

mscnis.modify("one", (item) {
    // Null check required to ensure it is assigned (when value type is non-nullable)
    if (item != null) {
        item.state = 2;
    // item!.state = 2; // (Not recommeded which make more complicated for error hadling)

Limitations #

It only implemented based on the class method which there is no ovridden method for extensions. Extensions method tend to be invoked multiple time of notifyListeners that causing build error throw.

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Implement change notifier for collection object e.g. List, Set and Map

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