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The only dependency injection container for Dart you'll ever need

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Catalyst #

Catalyst is a dependency injection container for the dart language. It's fast, reliable and easy to understand.

📦 Installation #

Add the following to your pubspec.yaml:

  catalyst: ^2.0.2

Then run pub get

❤ Sponsors #

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💡 Usage #

Importing #

import 'package:catalyst/catalyst.dart';

Register Services #

To register a service you have to call the register-method.

Container.register(String id, dynamic service, [List<dynamic> arguments])
idThe unique id of the serviceapp.my_service
serviceThe service target(int a) => a * 2
argumentsThe arguments for the service. Entries with @-prefix are service references[1, 'foo', bar]

Register a service with static arguments

Since not all services need an service injection, the arguments array also supports static entries.

Container container = new Container();

container.register('app.my_service', (String name) {
  return 'Hello $name';
}, ['Your Name']);

var knownServices = container.registeredServices; // Contains the registered Service 

Register a service with a service dependency

In most cases you need another registered service in your service. In that case you can pass the service name with a @-prefix to reference to it. The (sub-) dependencies are solved recursively.

Container container = new Container();

container.register('app.another_service', () {
  return {'name': 'Jane', 'age': '24'};

container.register('app.my_service', (dynamic anotherService) {
return "Name: ${anotherService['name']}, Age: ${anotherService['age']}";
}, ['@app.another_service']);

print(container.get('app.my_service')); // Outputs "Name: Jane, Age: 24"

Register a class as a service

You can also register a class as a service. If the service is loaded, the constructor gets called with the dependencies.

main() {
  Container container = new Container();

  // Register the first service
  container.register('namer', () => 'John Doe');

  // Register the second service. The constructor will be called with the passed arguments
  container.register('greeter', Greeter, ['@namer']);

  // Retrieve the greeter
  var greeter = container.get('greeter');

  // Greet
  print(greeter.greet()); // Outputs "Hello, my Name is John Doe!"

class Greeter {
  String name;

  Greeter( {}

  String greet() {
    return "Hello, my Name is $name!";

Load a service #

To load a service you have to call the get-method.
Once a service is loaded, it remains in memory at runtime. When the same service is loaded again, the first instance is returned.

Container.get(String id)
idThe unique id of the
Container container = new Container();

// Register the first service
container.register('namer', () => 'Catalyst');

container.get('namer'); // returns "Catalyst"

Add Parameters #

The service container also supports static parameters.
You can add a parameter using the addParameter-method

Container.addParameter(String name, dynamic value)
nameThe unique name of the
valueThe parameter valuelocalhost

To pass a parameter to a service, add before and after the name a '%': %name.of.the.parameter%

Container container = new Container();
container.addParameter('', 'localhost');

container.register('db.context', (String hostname) {
return 'Connecting to $hostname';
}, ['']);

print(container.get('db.context')); // Outputs "Connecting to localhost"

🔌 Service auto wiring #

Catalyst supports auto wiring of services. That means, that you only need to register the service without passing depending service names as arguments. (Strong typing is required).

For example:

main() {
  Container container = new Container();
  container.register('greeter', SimpleGreeter);
  container.register('greeting_printer', (SimpleGreeter greeter) {

  container.get('greeting_printer'); // Outputs "Hello from Catalyst!"

class SimpleGreeter {

  String greet(String name) {
    return "Hello from $name!";

You can disable this behaviour with setting Container.autoWire = false;

🔬 Testing #

$ pub run test

🤝 Contribute #

Feel free to fork and add pull-requests 🤓

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The only dependency injection container for Dart you'll ever need

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