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A dependency injection provider builder for dart. Easy to use and lightweight af.

Catalyst Builder #

A dependency injection provider builder for dart.

Background #

Since Catalyst is only for Dart and Flutter Catalyst supports Flutter, but a mess to configure I decided to do something cooler.

Catalyst Builder is a dependency injection provider builder for both, Dart and Flutter. It's easy to use and dependency injection is almost done automatically. You only have to decorate your services with @Service and the build_runner will create a service provider for you.

Installation #

Warning, I am offering this package at an early stage. It may not perform as expected.

Add this to your pubspec.yaml and run pub get or flutter pub get:

  catalyst_builder: ^0.0.4

  build_runner: ^2.0.1

Usage #

Decorate your services with @Service:

class MyService {}

Then run pub run build_runner build or flutter pub run build_runner build.
You can also run pub run build_runner watch or flutter pub run build_runner watch to update the provider automatically as you perform changes.

After the build is completed, you should see a new file service_provider.dart. Import it to use the service provider.

import 'default_service_provider.dart';

void main()
  var provider = DefaultServiceProvider();
  var myService1 = provider.resolve<MyService>();
  // Inferred types are also supported
  MyService myService2 = provider.resolve();

Advanced usage #

Service lifetime #

You can specify the lifetime of the service in the annotation.

  lifetime: ServiceLifetime.singleton, // default
class SingletonService {}

  lifetime: ServiceLifetime.transient,
class TransientService {}
SingletonThe instance is stored in the provider. You'll always receive the same instance.
TransientEverytime you call resolve or tryResolve you'll receive a fresh instance.

Exposing #

You can expose the service with another type in the service provider. This is useful if you want to depend on an interface instead of an implementation.

abstract class Transport {
  void transferData(String data);

@Service(exposeAs: Transport)
class ConsoleTransport implements Transport {
  void transferData(String data) {}

abstract class ChatProvider {
  Transport transport;
  Future<void> sendChatMessage(String message);

@Service(exposeAs: ChatProvider)
class CoolChatProvider implements ChatProvider {
  Transport transport;


  Future<void> sendChatMessage(String message) {}

void main() {
  var provider = DefaultServiceProvider();

  var chatService = provider.resolve<ChatProvider>();

  print(chatService is CoolChatProvider); // true
  print(chatService.transport is ConsoleTransport); // true

Inject parameters by name #

The service provider will try to lookup values for non-existent services in the parameters map. By default, the lookup is done based on the name of the parameter. For example:

class MyService {
  String username;

void main() {
  ServiceProvider provider;
  provider['username'] = 'Test';
  var myService = provider.resolve<MyService>();
  print(myService.username); // Test 

In many cases you've generic terms like 'key' or 'name'. If you've many services with the same name, you'll get in trouble.

You can use the @Parameter('param name') annotation to solve this problem:

class MyService {
  String username;
  MyService(@Parameter('senderUserName') this.username);

void main() {
  ServiceProvider provider;
  provider['senderUserName'] = 'Test 2';
  var myService = provider.resolve<MyService>();
  print(myService.username); // Test 2 

Configuration #

To customize the builder, create a build.yaml beside your pubsepc.yaml with this content:

    auto_apply_builders: true
            providerClassName: 'DefaultServiceProvider' # class name of the provider
            outputName: 'default_service_provider.dart' # file name of the provider. (Can also contain /)

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A dependency injection provider builder for dart. Easy to use and lightweight af.



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