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Dart SDK for interacting with the Casper Blockchain

Casper Dart SDK #

The Dart package casper_dart_sdk is an SDK for interacting with the Casper Blockchain.

Requirements #

To use the SDK, you will need to have the following tools installed:

  • Dart SDK version 2.16.1 or higher (haven't been tested before 2.16.1)

Installation #

Available at

  casper_dart_sdk: ^0.1.3

Usage #

After importing via:

import 'package:casper_dart_sdk/casper_dart_sdk.dart';

Use the CasperClient class to interact with the Casper Blockchain.

For example:

// Pass the node's RPC endpoint
final client = CasperClient(Uri.parse(""));

client.getPeers().then((result) {
  for (final peer in result.peers) {

The document contains more information about the usage of the SDK.

Development #

Building #

Get dependencies:

dart pub get

To auto-generate serialization-deserialization classes, run build runner:

dart run build_runner build

Testing #

Run all tests:

dart test

Run specific test file:

dart test test/utils_test.dart

Test Environment

The environment variable CASPER_TEST_NODE_RPC_URL must be set to run the tests. Bare in mind that currently, some of the tests might be specific to the test node The server responses should be mocked instead of relying on a single test node.