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This package is dedicated to calendar day view. This is a complement to calendar to make your app better

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BREAKING CHANGES in version 3. please prefer to Changelogs #

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Calendar Day View - A fully customizable Calendar day view library #

This package is dedicated to calendar day view. While there are many calendar package out there. It seems that not many of them support Day view well. This package clearly is not a calendar replacement but rather a complement to make calendar in app better. This package aims to give user most customization they want.

Features #

  • Category Overflow Day View: where day view is divided into multiple category with fixed time slot. Events can be display overflowed into different time slot but within the same category column
  • Category Day View: showing event on a day with multiple categories
  • Over flow Day View: like normal calendar where event is displayed expanded on multiple time row to indicate its duration
  • In Row Day View: show all events that start in the same time gap in a row
  • Event Day View: show all events in day
  • Option to change start of day and end of day in day view
  • Option to change time gap(duration that a single row represent) in day view.
  • Option to show current time on day view as a line
  • Allow user to tap on day view (ex: to create event at that specific time)

Installing and import the library: #

Like any other package, add the library to your pubspec.yaml dependencies:

    calendar_day_view: <latest_version>

Then import it wherever you want to use it:

import 'package:calendar_day_view/calendar_day_view.dart';

Usage #

look at example folder for all use cases

Category Day View #

  • For showing event on a day with multiple categories (ex: multiple meeting rooms, playground,...).

  • Category can be add on the fly.

    Category Day View
              categories: categories,
              events: events,
              onTileTap: addEventOnClick,
              timeGap: 60,
              columnsPerPage: 3,
              heightPerMin: 1,
              evenRowColor: Colors.white,
              oddRowColor: Colors.grey,
              headerDecoration: BoxDecoration(
                color: Colors.lightBlueAccent.withOpacity(.5),
              eventBuilder: (constraints, category, event) => GestureDetector(
                onTap: () => print(event),
                child: Container(
                  constraints: constraints,
                  decoration: BoxDecoration(
                    color: Theme.of(context).colorScheme.primary,
                    border: Border.all(width: .5, color: Colors.black26),

Overflow Day View #

  • For viewing event and duration as event will be shown on multiple time point rows depends on its own duration. For this to work all [DayEvent] must have non-null end time.
Overflow Day View
Overflow normal Overflow with ListView
Overflow Day View Overflow Day View
renderRowAsListView: false renderRowAsListView: true
            events: events,
            timeGap: 60,
            renderRowAsListView: true,
            showCurrentTimeLine: true,
            showMoreOnRowButton: true,
            overflowItemBuilder: (context, constraints, event) {
              return <<ItemWidget>>

Event Only Day View #

  • For Viewing events only and their start times
event only day view
      events: events,
      eventDayViewItemBuilder: (context, event) {
        return Container(
          color: getRandomColor(),
          height: 50,
          child: Text(event.value),

In Row Day View #

  • For viewing events that start in a same time window (15min, 30mins,...)
In Row Day View
            events: events,
            heightPerMin: 1,
            showCurrentTimeLine: true,
            timeGap: 15,
            showWithEventOnly: withEventOnly.value,
            startOfDay: const TimeOfDay(hour: 00, minute: 0),
            endOfDay: const TimeOfDay(hour: 22, minute: 0),
            itemBuilder: (context, constraints, event) => Flexible(
              child:<<ITEM WIDGET>>

Appreciate Your Feedbacks and Contributes #

If you find anything need to be improve or want to request a feature. Please go ahead and create an issue in the Github repo

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This package is dedicated to calendar day view. This is a complement to calendar to make your app better

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