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This package is dedicated to calendar day view. This is a complement to calendar to make your app better

3.3.1 #

  • add time12 property to all dayviews. This allow to display hour in 12 hour format

3.3.0 #

  • Category Overflow DayView:
    • [Breaking] CategoryDayViewEventBuilder now only provide not null event.
    • Added CategoryBackgroundTimeTileBuilder - Allow user to customize the UI of each time slot in the background. (see example)

3.2.0 #

  • add option to crop bottom events in overflow day view
  • hide current timeline if not in day view time range

3.1.1 #

  • fix Overflow Day View padding
  • fix Overflow Day View item position
  • fix Category Day View layout
  • fix Category Day View item size
  • re-organize code base
  • update example

3.1.0 #

  • Provide factory constructors to create different Day Views. Reduce confusion.
  • Added CategoryOverflowCalendarDayView where day view is divided into multiple category with fixed time slot. Events can be display overflowed into different time slot but within the same category column

3.0.1 #

dar- fix padding issue in overflow day view

3.0.0 #

  • [breaking] currentDate is required in order to support on time click
  • Change to CategoryCalendarDayView:
    • add custom header builder for category day view
    • add allowHorizontalScroll to allow vertical scroll to show more category, unless all categories columns will be divided to fit the screen
    • add eventColumnWith to customize the width of each category column, only has effect when [allowHorizontalScroll] = true
    • add logo The widget that will be place at top left corner tile of this day view
  • empty tile builder for category day view
  • fix tile height in Overflow day view.
  • Support tab view for Category Day View.

2.0.0 #

  • Add CategoryCalendarDayView to show event in day by categories
  • fix Typedef
  • provide index of the event in the event builder of Day View (this will be useful for decoration base on index).
  • pump sdk version to 2.17.1

1.5.1 #

  • fix example issue

1.5.0 #

  • allow user to add ScrollController, physic and primary.
  • calendar Day View now work better with Sliver (thanks @Paul-Todd).
  • update example

1.4.1 #

  • fix doc typo

1.4.0 #

  • add onTimeTap in OverflowDayView. Allow user to tap on day view (ex: tap to create event at that time)
  • fix typo in readme
  • refactor code and algorithm

1.3.0 #

  • refactor code of day views to use ListView.
  • add indicator for more item in overflow List view row.
  • update example and readme

1.2.0 #

  • allow to render events rows as ListView in [OverFlowCalendarDayView]. this can be achieve by set renderRowAsListView = true. This brings more flexibility to you to customize your Overflow event presentation.
  • fix event height issue in [OverFlowCalendarDayView]
  • refactor code base

1.1.4 #

  • fix didUpdateWidget

1.1.3 #

  • fix scale issue

1.1.2 #

  • fix time line gap calculation

1.1.1 #

  • fix time line issue,
  • fix row height consistency

1.1.0 #

  • alow to set height per minute in [InRowCalendarDayView] and [OverflowItemBuilder]
  • option to show a line that indicates current hour and minute in day view
  • refactor code to reflect height per minute correctly

1.0.2 #

  • fix type of [OverflowItemBuilder]

1.0.1 #

  • Support older sdk version

1.0.0 #

  • All features are ready to use
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This package is dedicated to calendar day view. This is a complement to calendar to make your app better

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