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Dart OpenAPI API blockfrost client based on Dio 4.x

BlockFrost Service API #


This library is for accessing the Cardano blockchain via BlockFrost service nodes. BlockFrost allows access to the blockchain for light clients that do not wish to run a dedicated, resource intensive, Cardano node locally.

This package is simply a Dio 4.x Dart wrapper around the BlockFrost REST API with a few tests to demonstrate usage. As such, this package is largely a code generation artifact of the swagger.json specification file. The OpenAPI generator used was dart-dio-next.

This code is available as a package on

Tests #

To run the tests, you must download a free apiKey from, then place the key in the parent directory of your project in a file with the name:



echo "your-project-id" > ../blockfrost_project_id.txt

MyApiKeyAuthInterceptor will read the key on startup and insert it into the REST header requests.

  final instance = Blockfrost(
    basePathOverride: testnet,
    interceptors: [MyApiKeyAuthInterceptor()],

Production #

To use this code in production, simply replace MyApiKeyAuthInterceptor with BlockfrostApiKeyAuthInterceptor, passing your project_id key into the constructor:


Here is an implemenation - blockfrost_api_key_auth.dart:

import 'package:dio/dio.dart';
import 'package:blockfrost/src/auth/auth.dart';

class BlockfrostApiKeyAuthInterceptor extends AuthInterceptor {
  final String projectId;
  BlockfrostApiKeyAuthInterceptor({required this.projectId});
  void onRequest(RequestOptions options, RequestInterceptorHandler handler) {
    options.headers['project_id'] = projectId;
    super.onRequest(options, handler);

Usage #

Refer to the generated documentation below and tests for example usage. Be aware, this is very low-level, blockchain-specific code. If you wish to send transactions or work with smart contracts, you'll need a higher level API. The cardano_wallet_sdk (by the same author) is a good resource for code and tests that demonstrate how to use this API to build higher level services.

Status #

Blockfrost has indicated they intend to publish an official BlockFrost API in Dart, at which time I'll hand-over ownership or discontinue this project as appropriate.

The OpenAPI generator used, dart-dio-next, is still labeled experimental, however the generated code is high quality and in my experience has proven reliable. There are several other OpenAPI dart generators available, but dart-dio-next was chosen because it supports null safety and the highly popular Dio 4.x web client library.

Support #

This is not an official blockfrost package so please do not contract BlockFrost with issues specific to this code.


Blockfrost is an API as a service that allows users to interact with the Cardano blockchain and parts of its ecosystem.

Tokens #

After signing up on, a project_id token is automatically generated for each project. HTTP header of your request MUST include this project_id in order to authenticate against Blockfrost servers.

Available networks #

At the moment, you can use the following networks. Please, note that each network has its own project_id.

Cardano mainnet
Cardano testnet
InterPlanetary File System

Concepts #

  • All endpoints return either a JSON object or an array.
  • Data is returned in ascending (oldest first, newest last) order.
    • You might use the ?order=desc query parameter to reverse this order.
  • By default, we return 100 results at a time. You have to use ?page=2 to list through the results.
  • All time and timestamp related fields are in milliseconds of UNIX time.
  • All amounts are returned in Lovelaces, where 1 ADA = 1 000 000 Lovelaces.
  • Addresses, accounts and pool IDs are in Bech32 format.
  • All values are case sensitive.
  • All hex encoded values are lower case.
  • Examples are not based on real data. Any resemblance to actual events is purely coincidental.
  • We allow to upload files up to 100MB of size to IPFS. This might increase in the future.

Errors #

HTTP Status codes #

The following are HTTP status code your application might receive when reaching Blockfrost endpoints and it should handle all of these cases.

  • HTTP 400 return code is used when the request is not valid.
  • HTTP 402 return code is used when the projects exceed their daily request limit.
  • HTTP 403 return code is used when the request is not authenticated.
  • HTTP 404 return code is used when the resource doesn't exist.
  • HTTP 418 return code is used when the user has been auto-banned for flooding too much after previously receiving error code 402 or 429.
  • HTTP 429 return code is used when the user has sent too many requests in a given amount of time and therefore has been rate-limited.
  • HTTP 500 return code is used when our endpoints are having a problem.

Error codes #

An internal error code number is used for better indication of the error in question. It is passed using the following payload.

  \"status_code\": 403,
  \"error\": \"Forbidden\",
  \"message\": \"Invalid project token.\"

Limits #

There are two types of limits we are enforcing:

The first depends on your plan and is the number of request we allow per day. We defined the day from midnight to midnight of UTC time.

The second is rate limiting. We limit an end user, distinguished by IP address, to 10 requests per second. On top of that, we allow each user to send burst of 500 requests, which cools off at rate of 10 requests per second. In essence, a user is allowed to make another whole burst after (currently) 500/10 = 50 seconds. E.g. if a user attemtps to make a call 3 seconds after whole burst, 30 requests will be processed. We believe this should be sufficient for most of the use cases. If it is not and you have a specific use case, please get in touch with us, and we will make sure to take it into account as much as we can.

Authentication #

This Dart package is automatically generated by the OpenAPI Generator project:

  • API version: 0.1.23
  • Build package: org.openapitools.codegen.languages.DartDioNextClientCodegen For more information, please visit

Requirements #

  • Dart 2.12.0 or later OR Flutter 1.26.0 or later
  • Dio 4.0.0+

Installation & Usage # #

To use the package from, please include the following in pubspec.yaml

  blockfrost: 1.0.0

Github #

If this Dart package is published to Github, please include the following in pubspec.yaml

      #ref: main

Local development #

To use the package from your local drive, please include the following in pubspec.yaml

    path: /path/to/blockfrost

Getting Started #

Please follow the installation procedure and then run the following:

import 'package:blockfrost/blockfrost.dart';

final api = CardanoAccountsApi();
final stakeAddress = stake1u9ylzsgxaa6xctf4juup682ar3juj85n8tx3hthnljg47zctvm3rc; // String | Bech32 stake address.
final count = 56; // int | The number of results displayed on one page.
final page = 56; // int | The page number for listing the results.
final order = order_example; // String | The ordering of items from the point of view of the blockchain, not the page listing itself. By default, we return oldest first, newest last. 

try {
    final response = await api.accountsStakeAddressAddressesAssetsGet(stakeAddress, count, page, order);
} catch on DioError (e) {
    print("Exception when calling CardanoAccountsApi->accountsStakeAddressAddressesAssetsGet: $e\n");

Documentation for API Endpoints #

All URIs are relative to

ClassMethodHTTP requestDescription
CardanoAccountsApiaccountsStakeAddressAddressesAssetsGetget /accounts/{stake_address}/addresses/assetsAssets associated with the account addresses
CardanoAccountsApiaccountsStakeAddressAddressesGetget /accounts/{stake_address}/addressesAccount associated addresses
CardanoAccountsApiaccountsStakeAddressDelegationsGetget /accounts/{stake_address}/delegationsAccount delegation history
CardanoAccountsApiaccountsStakeAddressGetget /accounts/{stake_address}Specific account address
CardanoAccountsApiaccountsStakeAddressHistoryGetget /accounts/{stake_address}/historyAccount history
CardanoAccountsApiaccountsStakeAddressMirsGetget /accounts/{stake_address}/mirsAccount MIR history
CardanoAccountsApiaccountsStakeAddressRegistrationsGetget /accounts/{stake_address}/registrationsAccount registration history
CardanoAccountsApiaccountsStakeAddressRewardsGetget /accounts/{stake_address}/rewardsAccount reward history
CardanoAccountsApiaccountsStakeAddressWithdrawalsGetget /accounts/{stake_address}/withdrawalsAccount withdrawal history
CardanoAddressesApiaddressesAddressGetget /addresses/{address}Specific address
CardanoAddressesApiaddressesAddressTotalGetget /addresses/{address}/totalAddress details
CardanoAddressesApiaddressesAddressTransactionsGetget /addresses/{address}/transactionsAddress transactions
CardanoAddressesApiaddressesAddressTxsGetget /addresses/{address}/txsAddress transactions
CardanoAddressesApiaddressesAddressUtxosGetget /addresses/{address}/utxosAddress UTXOs
CardanoAssetsApiassetsAssetAddressesGetget /assets/{asset}/addressesAsset addresses
CardanoAssetsApiassetsAssetGetget /assets/{asset}Specific asset
CardanoAssetsApiassetsAssetHistoryGetget /assets/{asset}/historyAsset history
CardanoAssetsApiassetsAssetTransactionsGetget /assets/{asset}/transactionsAsset transactions
CardanoAssetsApiassetsAssetTxsGetget /assets/{asset}/txsAsset transactions
CardanoAssetsApiassetsGetget /assetsAssets
CardanoAssetsApiassetsPolicyPolicyIdGetget /assets/policy/{policy_id}Assets of a specific policy
CardanoBlocksApiblocksEpochEpochNumberSlotSlotNumberGetget /blocks/epoch/{epoch_number}/slot/{slot_number}Specific block in a slot in an epoch
CardanoBlocksApiblocksHashOrNumberGetget /blocks/{hash_or_number}Specific block
CardanoBlocksApiblocksHashOrNumberNextGetget /blocks/{hash_or_number}/nextListing of next blocks
CardanoBlocksApiblocksHashOrNumberPreviousGetget /blocks/{hash_or_number}/previousListing of previous blocks
CardanoBlocksApiblocksHashOrNumberTxsGetget /blocks/{hash_or_number}/txsBlock transactions
CardanoBlocksApiblocksLatestGetget /blocks/latestLatest block
CardanoBlocksApiblocksLatestTxsGetget /blocks/latest/txsLatest block transactions
CardanoBlocksApiblocksSlotSlotNumberGetget /blocks/slot/{slot_number}Specific block in a slot
CardanoEpochsApiepochsLatestGetget /epochs/latestLatest epoch
CardanoEpochsApiepochsLatestParametersGetget /epochs/latest/parametersLatest epoch protocol parameters
CardanoEpochsApiepochsNumberBlocksGetget /epochs/{number}/blocksBlock distribution
CardanoEpochsApiepochsNumberBlocksPoolIdGetget /epochs/{number}/blocks/{pool_id}Block distribution
CardanoEpochsApiepochsNumberGetget /epochs/{number}Specific epoch
CardanoEpochsApiepochsNumberNextGetget /epochs/{number}/nextListing of next epochs
CardanoEpochsApiepochsNumberParametersGetget /epochs/{number}/parametersProtocol parameters
CardanoEpochsApiepochsNumberPreviousGetget /epochs/{number}/previousListing of previous epochs
CardanoEpochsApiepochsNumberStakesGetget /epochs/{number}/stakesStake distribution
CardanoEpochsApiepochsNumberStakesPoolIdGetget /epochs/{number}/stakes/{pool_id}Stake distribution by pool
CardanoLedgerApigenesisGetget /genesisBlockchain genesis
CardanoMetadataApimetadataTxsLabelsGetget /metadata/txs/labelsTransaction metadata labels
CardanoMetadataApimetadataTxsLabelsLabelCborGetget /metadata/txs/labels/{label}/cborTransaction metadata content in CBOR
CardanoMetadataApimetadataTxsLabelsLabelGetget /metadata/txs/labels/{label}Transaction metadata content in JSON
CardanoPoolsApipoolsGetget /poolsList of stake pools
CardanoPoolsApipoolsPoolIdBlocksGetget /pools/{pool_id}/blocksStake pool blocks
CardanoPoolsApipoolsPoolIdDelegatorsGetget /pools/{pool_id}/delegatorsStake pool delegators
CardanoPoolsApipoolsPoolIdGetget /pools/{pool_id}Specific stake pool
CardanoPoolsApipoolsPoolIdHistoryGetget /pools/{pool_id}/historyStake pool history
CardanoPoolsApipoolsPoolIdMetadataGetget /pools/{pool_id}/metadataStake pool metadata
CardanoPoolsApipoolsPoolIdRelaysGetget /pools/{pool_id}/relaysStake pool relays
CardanoPoolsApipoolsPoolIdUpdatesGetget /pools/{pool_id}/updatesStake pool updates
CardanoPoolsApipoolsRetiredGetget /pools/retiredList of retired stake pools
CardanoPoolsApipoolsRetiringGetget /pools/retiringList of retiring stake pools
CardanoTransactionsApitxSubmitPostpost /tx/submitSubmit a transaction
CardanoTransactionsApitxsHashDelegationsGetget /txs/{hash}/delegationsTransaction delegation certificates
CardanoTransactionsApitxsHashGetget /txs/{hash}Specific transaction
CardanoTransactionsApitxsHashMetadataCborGetget /txs/{hash}/metadata/cborTransaction metadata in CBOR
CardanoTransactionsApitxsHashMetadataGetget /txs/{hash}/metadataTransaction metadata
CardanoTransactionsApitxsHashMirsGetget /txs/{hash}/mirsTransaction MIRs
CardanoTransactionsApitxsHashPoolRetiresGetget /txs/{hash}/pool_retiresTransaction stake pool retirement certificates
CardanoTransactionsApitxsHashPoolUpdatesGetget /txs/{hash}/pool_updatesTransaction stake pool registration and update certificates
CardanoTransactionsApitxsHashStakesGetget /txs/{hash}/stakesTransaction stake addresses certificates
CardanoTransactionsApitxsHashUtxosGetget /txs/{hash}/utxosTransaction UTXOs
CardanoTransactionsApitxsHashWithdrawalsGetget /txs/{hash}/withdrawalsTransaction withdrawal
HealthApihealthClockGetget /health/clockCurrent backend time
HealthApihealthGetget /healthBackend health status
HealthApirootGetget /Root endpoint
IPFSAddApiipfsAddPostpost /ipfs/addAdd a file or directory to IPFS
IPFSGatewayApiipfsGatewayIPFSPathGetget /ipfs/gateway/{IPFS_path}Relay to an IPFS gateway
IPFSPinsApiipfsPinAddIPFSPathPostpost /ipfs/pin/add/{IPFS_path}Pin an object
IPFSPinsApiipfsPinListGetget /ipfs/pin/list/
IPFSPinsApiipfsPinListIPFSPathGetget /ipfs/pin/list/{IPFS_path}
IPFSPinsApiipfsPinRemoveIPFSPathPostpost /ipfs/pin/remove/{IPFS_path}
MetricsApimetricsEndpointsGetget /metrics/endpointsBlockfrost endpoint usage metrics
MetricsApimetricsGetget /metrics/Blockfrost usage metrics
NutLinkApinutlinkAddressGetget /nutlink/{address}
NutLinkApinutlinkAddressTickersGetget /nutlink/{address}/tickers
NutLinkApinutlinkAddressTickersTickerGetget /nutlink/{address}/tickers/{ticker}
NutLinkApinutlinkTickersTickerGetget /nutlink/tickers/{ticker}

Documentation For Models #

Documentation For Authorization #

ApiKeyAuth #

  • Type: API key
  • API key parameter name: project_id
  • Location: HTTP header
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Dart OpenAPI API blockfrost client based on Dio 4.x



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