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A beautiful bezier line chart widget for flutter that is highly interactive and configurable.

[1.0.17 - 1.0.17+1] #

  • Format bubble value and updatePositionOnTap were added. Thanks @ltdangkhoa.

[1.0.16] #

  • dataPointFillColor and dataPointStrokeColor were added in BezierLine.
  • verticalLineFullHeight was added in BezierChartConfig.
  • onScaleChanged was added in BezierChart to notify when the scale was changed.
  • Issue related to updating the chart with new data fixed.
  • Web support was added

[1.0.15] #

  • Fixed a bug related to BezierChartScale.WEEKLY
  • new property added bezierChartAggregation for BezierChartConfig
  • if datapoints now overlap the chosen aggregation method is used -> Supported are: AVERAGE, SUM, FIRST, COUNT

[1.0.14] #

  • Fixed a bug related to stepsYAxis value
  • new property added displayDataPointWhenNoValue for BezierChartConfig
  • new property added physics for BezierChartConfig
  • Added bubbleLabelValueBuilder and bubbleLabelDateTimeBuilder callbacks

[1.0.13] #

  • selectedValue was added for BezierChartScale.CUSTOM

[1.0.12] #

  • verticalIndicatorFixedPosition from BezierChartConfig was changed false by default.
  • stepsYAxis was added to BezierChartConfig , it works only if displayYAxis is [true]. e.g: stepsYAxis : 5 , if your maxValue is 100, then the Y values should be: [0,5,10,15 .... 100] (Check sample1 or sample7)
  • bubbleIndicatorLabelStyle, bubbleIndicatorTitleStyle and bubbleIndicatorValuetyle were added inside BezierChartConfig to allow customization for the bubble indicator panel.
  • bugs fixing

[1.0.11] #

  • onIndicatorVisible callback was added to check when the indicator is visible or not
  • onValueSelected was added , it displays the current double value selected by the indicator (if the chart is CUSTOM).
  • onDateTimeSelected was added, it displays the current DateTime selected by the indicator (if the chart is Date type).
  • New date type chart added BezierChartScale.HOURLY , doesn't support zoom.

[1.0.10] #

  • Fixed pinchZoom for BezierChartConfig.
  • footerDateTimeBuilder was added as optional inside BezierChart, it allows you to display custom X footer for each DateTime value.

[1.0.9] #

  • Optimizing for loops removing unnecessary convertion from Iterable to List.
  • startYAxisFromNonZeroValue property was added, if you are displaying the Y Axis then your chart will start from your lower value, if you set it to false, it will start from zero.
  • displayLinesXAxis and xLinesColor were added to display a vertical line on each X data point, it only works when there is one BezierLine.

[1.0.8] #

  • Chart starts from the first data point, not from zero.
  • displayYAxis was added (false by default).
  • footerColor was removed from BezierChartConfig, now you can use xAxisTextStyle or yAxisTextStyle both are TextStyle.

[1.0.1 - 1.0.7] - Added example documentation #

  • Added an example for the bezier_chart package.
  • Added a repository url to the pubspec

[1.0.0] - First release #

  • First release of our beautiful bezier_chart package.
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A beautiful bezier line chart widget for flutter that is highly interactive and configurable.

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