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Contains the core models and docs for the packages async_button_hook and async_button_builder

110/ 160
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We analyzed this package 4 days ago, and awarded it 110 pub points (of a possible 160):

Follow Dart file conventions
10 / 30trigger folding of the section

0/10 points: Provide a valid pubspec.yaml

Homepage URL doesn't exist.

At the time of the analysis was unreachable. Make sure that the website is reachable via HEAD requests.

Failed to verify repository URL.

Please provide a valid repository URL in pubspec.yaml, such that:

  • repository can be cloned,
  • a clone of the repository contains a pubspec.yaml, which:,
    • contains name: async_button_core,
    • contains a version property, and,
    • does not contain a publish_to property.

Repository has no matching pubspec.yaml with name: async_button_core.

5/5 points: Provide a valid

5/5 points: Provide a valid

0/10 points: Use an OSI-approved license

No license was recognized.

Consider using an OSI-approved license in the LICENSE file to make it more accessible to the community.

Provide documentation
20 / 20trigger folding of the section

10/10 points: 20% or more of the public API has dartdoc comments

34 out of 54 API elements (63.0 %) have documentation comments.

Some symbols that are missing documentation: async_button_core, async_button_core.AsyncButtonBuilderCallback, async_button_core.ButtonState.ButtonState.error, async_button_core.ButtonState.ButtonState.idle, async_button_core.ButtonState.ButtonState.loading.

10/10 points: Package has an example

Platform support
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20/20 points: Supports 6 of 6 possible platforms (iOS, Android, Web, Windows, macOS, Linux)

  • ✓ Android
  • ✓ iOS
  • ✓ Windows
  • ✓ Linux
  • ✓ macOS
  • ✓ Web
Pass static analysis
30 / 50trigger folding of the section

30/50 points: code has no errors, warnings, lints, or formatting issues

Found 5 issues. Showing the first 2:

WARNING: Doc directive is missing an opening tag.


32 │ /// {@end-tool}
   │     ^^^^^^^^^^^

To reproduce make sure you are using the lints_core and run flutter analyze lib/src/button_state/button_state.dart

WARNING: The parameter type of '==' operators should be non-nullable.


137 │   bool operator ==(dynamic other) {
    │                 ^^

To reproduce make sure you are using the lints_core and run flutter analyze lib/src/button_state/button_state.freezed.dart

Support up-to-date dependencies
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0/10 points: All of the package dependencies are supported in the latest version

Package Constraint Compatible Latest
flutter flutter 0.0.0 0.0.0
freezed_annotation >=0.14.0 <=0.16.0 0.15.0 2.4.1
Transitive dependencies
Package Constraint Compatible Latest
characters - 1.3.0 1.3.0
collection - 1.18.0 1.19.0
json_annotation - 4.9.0 4.9.0
material_color_utilities - 0.8.0 0.12.0
meta - 1.12.0 1.15.0
sky_engine - 0.0.99 0.0.99
vector_math - 2.1.4 2.1.4

To reproduce run dart pub outdated --no-dev-dependencies --up-to-date --no-dependency-overrides.

The constraint `>=0.14.0 <=0.16.0` on freezed_annotation does not support the stable version `1.0.0`.

Try running dart pub upgrade --major-versions freezed_annotation to update the constraint.

10/10 points: Package supports latest stable Dart and Flutter SDKs

20/20 points: Compatible with dependency constraint lower bounds

pub downgrade does not expose any static analysis error.

Analyzed with Pana 0.22.7, Flutter 3.22.2, Dart 3.4.3.

Check the analysis log for details.

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Contains the core models and docs for the packages async_button_hook and async_button_builder

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