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Preview Release #

These are the AngularDart components that Google uses to build the sophisticated, mission-critical apps that bring in much of Google’s revenue.

This productive and stable set of widgets, contributed to by hundreds of Googlers, make debugging and deploying your app easier. Strict latency and testing policies make these widgets an excellent fit for AngularDart projects.

Only a small fragment of all the components is available right now. We want developers to be able to use the package as soon as possible.

  • <material-icon>
  • <material-button>
  • <material-fab>
  • <material-checkbox>
  • <material-chip>
  • <material-expansionpanel>
  • <material-progress>
  • <material-radio>
  • <material-ripple>
  • <material-spinner>
  • <material-tab>
  • <material-toggle>
  • <material-yes-no-buttons>
  • <reorder-list>
  • <acx-scorecard>
  • <material-input>
  • <material-dialog>
  • <material-popup>
  • <material-tooltip>
  • <material-list>
  • <material-select>
  • <material-tree>
  • <material-auto-suggest-input>
  • <material-date-range-picker>
  • <material-menu>
  • many more, including a fast table

At this time we are not taking pull requests, but please file an issue and we will work with you.

Officially supported browsers: The last two versions of Chrome, Edge, Firefox, and Safari.

Required Icon Font #

For icons to appear, add the following icon font download to your page. Example


Custom component styles #

The styles of these components can be customized via sass mixins.

  1. Add a dependency on the sass_builder package and add the transformer.

In your pubspec.yaml:

    sass_builder ^1.0.0 # update for the latest version
  - sass_builder
  - angular

NOTE: Be sure you add the sass_builder transformer before the angular transformer.

  1. Now you can import styles and mixins from this package via dart style package imports in your sass files.

In your .scss files:

  @import 'package:angular_components/css/material/material';

  .blue {
    color: $mat-blue;

Project Roadmap #

Our current work is summarized in issue 142.

0.8.0 #

  • Move entry points to all components out of the lib/src/ directory.
  • Remove all precompiled .css files.
  • Update all import statements in .scss files to use dart style package imports.
  • Add dependency on sass_builder package to compile .css files.

0.7.1 #

  • Add Material Auto Suggest Input component.
  • Material Checkbox: Fix disabled state to match material-spec which is a light grey not a certain opacity of the checkbox.
  • Material Chips: Add high density mixin.
  • Material Input:
    • Add selectAll function for calling the underlying input element's select method that focuses the input and selects all its content.
    • Add ability to update the data on a change instead of keypress or blur for the standard Material Input.
    • Remove error color from floating label to conform to material spec.
  • Material Popup:
    • Fix mismatch between the variable used as a reference point for repositioning the popup and the variable used to initially set the popup's position. This caused issues when the tab was in the background because these variables could have changed significantly before the next animation frame fired (since requestAnimationFrame is throttled when the tab isn't visible).
    • Use _sourceDimensions instead of layoutRects[1] to take overlay container offset into account. Using popupSourceLayoutStream directly caused issues when the .acx-overlay-container offset was not (0, 0).
  • Material Select: Fix orientation when groups are used.
  • Scorecard:
    • Fix styling for extra-big cards.
    • Fix to allow selectable scorecards in a "custom" scoreboard.
    • Add a tooltip field enabling scenarios where more information about the value can be displayed.
  • Theme: Prepare dark theme for upcoming Visibility.None change.
  • Cleanup unused fields.
  • Update default material scrollbar width to 8px. This is easier to use with a mouse or touch input compared to the previous default of 4px.
  • Cleanup unused styles and reorganize .scss files.
  • Remove link hover style.
  • Migrate uses of ElementRef to Element.
  • Remove visibility: Visibility.none from all components since compatibility is not yet fully supported. Will be added in an upcoming release.
  • Update documentation.

0.7.0 #

  • Material Button: Add raised mixin so that buttons can be made to be raised without using the attribute.
  • Material Expansionpanel: Add header minimum height mixin.
  • Material Input: Add support for custom number formatters.
  • Material Popup:
    • Remove PopupEvent and reduce asynchrony.
    • Update PopupSizeProvider max-width/height once the popup has been positioned.
    • Remove unused contenWidth and contentHeight.
  • Material Radio: Avoid selecting null when the new selected value is not found in the options.
  • Material Tab:
    • Fix logic for the active tab when tabs themselves are changed. Before logic was activating/deactivating based on index, but when tabs change the index has probably changed.
    • Make mixin to allow text wrapping.
  • Material Tree:
    • Fix bug where state of material tree option cannot be changed by selection model.
    • Fix bug where tree_dropdown_select did not auto open correctly using focus.
  • Scorecard: Update colors to match material spec.
  • Deprecate obsolete box-sizing style mixin.
  • Add link color styles and mixin.
  • Add typography style mixins.
  • Set preserveWhitespace: true in preparation for angular flipping the default to false.
  • Make functional directive name lowercase to conform with Dart style guide.
  • Replaces deprecated inputs and outputs with inline annotations.
  • Update visibility for provider resolution fix.
  • Update documentation.

Known Issues #

  • Warnings are present when building with dart2js. Specifically: Method type variables are treated as dynamic in as expressions.

0.6.0 #

  • Update dependency to angular: ^4.0.0.
  • Update SDK dependencies.
  • Add Material Select Searchbox component.
  • Add Application Layout styles and directives.
  • Add Material Icon.
    • Deprecate GlyphComponent in favor of MaterialIconComponent.
  • App Layout: Fix margins for header icons/links.
  • Dynamic Component: Add ability to use ComponentFactory instead of a Type.
  • Material Button: Refactor raised styling so it can be used in a mixin.
  • Material Checkbox:
    • Add ability to make readonly.
    • Add mixin for checkbox with no left margin.
  • Material Chips: Add ability to specify background color for left icon.
  • Material Dialog:
    • Support a minimum height.
    • Fix header mixin.
  • Material Expansionpanel:
    • Add high density mixin.
    • Add mixin to allow changes to panels without affecting nested panels.
  • Material Icon: Add back and forward arrows to the list of flipped icons.
  • Material Input:
    • Add support for material dark theme.
    • Fix disabled color.
    • Add leading text color mixin.
    • Make local required errors to make controls invalid even when the control has not been interacted with.
    • Add upper and lower bounds validators.
    • Re-calculate text length when custom character counter is set.
    • Prevent mirror-text overflow in multiline material input.
    • Remove unnecessary selector argument from mixins.
  • Material Popup:
    • Constrain popups to the viewport if both enforceSpaceConstraints and overlayRepositionLoop are enabled.
    • Create the material-popup view synchronously.
    • Remove animationComplete event.
    • Integrate with Angular CSS shimming and remove shadowCssClass.
    • Material design scrollbars by default (instead of the native scrollbars).
    • Add ARIA attributes.
    • Add an option to reposition visible popups every frame with trackLayoutChanges.
    • Merge laminate/components/popup into Material Popup.
    • Only set content removed if the popup is still not visible when the timer is finished.
  • Material Radio:
    • Add mixin for radio button with no left margin.
    • Fix mixin to respect disabled status when a theme is applied.
  • Material Select:
    • Fix selectable menu item property functionality.
    • Allow dropdown to display an error while it's closed.
    • Fix MaterialSelectItemComponent to not cache the label.
    • Add input to material-dropdown-select to define custom a renderer for group labels.
    • Fix checkbox display handling and label padding in dropdown.
  • Material Toggle: Set the attribute instead of the property to fix a bug with incorrect type, and not setting the right property.
  • Material Tooltips: Add ARIA attributes.
  • Material Tree:
    • Update positioning options and borders.
    • Add optional row separator borders.
    • Fix dropdown closing on toggle issue.
    • Added shift selection/deselection.
    • Fix glyphs always shown expanded when expandAll = true.
    • Add ability to preserve expansion state.
    • Fix indentation of first child group.
    • Add input showDisabledCheckboxes.
    • Add a max-height mixin.
  • Material Yes/No Buttons: Add dense style.
  • Reorder List:
    • Update to recommended syntax for ngFor.
    • Migrate from ManagedZone to NgZone.
  • Scorecard:
    • Update tab index to prevent scroll errors when going through buttons with tabs.
    • Replace deprecated Glyph with Material Icon.
    • Invoke inherited click handler from derived click handler.
  • Selection Models:
    • Add deselect all option.
    • Add a limited filtering model.
    • Fix selectAll to only trigger a selection change event for the values that were added.
    • Add comparator as optional param to tree selection options for custom sorting.
  • Avoid adding placeholder for deferred content if the element is detached.
  • Add new color utils.
  • Update animations to new Material specs.
  • Migrate uses of GlyphComponent to MaterialIconComponent.
  • Migrate uses of ElementRef to Element.
  • Remove duplicate PopupSourceDirective.
  • Remove deprecated popup matchSourceWidth options.
  • Add missing MaterialIconComponent, MaterialPersistentDrawerDirective, MaterialTemporaryDrawerDirective, and MaterialSelectSearchboxComponent to materialDirectives.
  • Improve performance of TreeSelectionOptions constructor from O(n^2) to O(n) in the size of listOfOptions.
  • Change DisplayNameRenderDirective to a functional directive.
  • Deprecate LazyEventEmitter and migrate uses to the StreamController model.
  • Additional styling cleanup to support ng-deep.
  • Reduce visibility of common directives/components for smaller code size and better performance.
  • Remove use of Compass in SASS files.
  • Remove uses of getBool in boolean typed inputs.
  • Remove unused alignment parameters.
  • Updates to use metadata inheritance.
  • Migrate away from comment-style generic syntax.
  • Migrate stylesheet combinators /deep/ and >>> to ::ng-deep.
  • Migrate away from use of angular's @View.
  • Remove unused library statements.
  • Refactor Angular annotations to inline versions.
  • Update documentation.

Known Issues #

  • Warnings are present when building with dart2js. Specifically: Method type variables are treated as dynamic in as expressions.

0.5.3+1 #

NOTE: SASS files are not used during the build step of this package and are provided as reference only. These .scss files were used to generate the corresponding .css files in a separate process. We are working on a solution to include CSS generation from SASS files during the build process.

  • Add SASS files.
  • Rename .analysis_options -> analysis_options.yaml

0.5.3 #

  • Add Material Tree component.
  • Material Dialog: Add shouldShowScrollStrokes option for displaying stroke lines when the content is scrollable.
  • Material Dropdown Select: Avoid checking isSelected with deselectLabel.
  • Material Input: UpperBoundsValidator, and LowerBoundsValidator now use Comparable instead of num.
  • Material Popup: Use the real viewport (aka window) size.
  • Scorecard: Add ng-content area for a description.
  • Adjust positioning algorithm to account for scrolling within elements.
  • Migrate use of LazyEventController to StreamController.

0.5.2 #

  • Material Progress: Cleanup animations on destroy to prevent memory leaks.
  • Material Select:
    • Support deselect item in Material dropdown select with single selection model.
    • Unified template files (deleted material_select_dropdown_item.html).
    • Add support for Selectable SelectionOptions.
    • Create a ControlValueAccessor.
  • Add backspace and delete keys to KeyboardHandlerMixin.
  • Add selectedValue getter to RadioGroupSingleSelectionModel.
  • Add null check to ObservableComposite's register method.
  • Add totalEntitiesCountChange getter to table selection models.
  • Add isStandardMouseEvent utility to test for clicks without modifier keys.
  • Add string selection sanitizing options.
  • Remove NoopStream in favor of Stream.empty() as provided by the SDK.
  • Migrate use of LazyEventController to StreamController.
  • Fix bug in lazy group creation that would cause multiple groups to be created.
  • Strong mode fixes.

0.5.1 #

  • Glyph: Add baseline attribute.
  • Material Expansionpanel:
    • Allow programmatic expand and collapse requests even if the panel is disabled.
    • Change preserveWhitespace default to false.
    • Add enterAccepts flag.
  • Material Input:
    • Show counter regardless of focus.
    • Add error message to MaterialPercentInputDirective.
  • Material List: Allow pointer events when disabled.
  • Material Popup: Fix positioning when matchMinSourceWidth is true.
  • Material Ripple: Show a centered ripple on keypress.
  • Material Select:
    • Only display underline when border is also set.
    • Add useCheckMarks to use check marks instead of checkboxes.
  • Material Tooltips: Resize to fit contents.
  • Material Yes/No Buttons: Add enterAccepts flag.
  • Deprecate LazyStreamController and migrate to StreamController.
  • Migrate use of LazyEventController to StreamController.
  • Documentation fixes.
  • Strong mode fixes.

0.5.0 #

  • Rename library to angular_components.

All previous versions were published as the Pub Package named angular2_components.

0.4.1-beta #

  • Updated dependencies on pkg/quiver and pkg/intl.

0.4.1-alpha #

This code is considered production quality, but depends on angular2: 3.0.0-alpha+1. The alpha tag represents the evolving nature of the AngularDart api, not code quality (3.0.0-alpha+1 is used in production Google apps).

  • Add Dynamic Component.
  • Add Material Select.
  • Add core Material Design .scss files as a reference. Currently not used during build.
  • Material Chip: Add option for icon on the left.
  • Material Expansionpanel: Add option to always display expansion icon.
  • Material Input:
    • Add an optional errorRenderer that will allow clients to override/specify their own error messages.
    • Add percent input directive.
  • Material Multiline Input: Fix 'hint' typo in inputs list.
  • Material Radio Group: Support deselecting all radio buttons for unmatched value.
  • Material Tooltip: Reduce delay.
  • i18l improvements.

0.4.0-alpha #

This code is considered production quality, but depends on angular2: 3.0.0-alpha+1. The alpha tag represents the evolving nature of the AngularDart api, not code quality (3.0.0-alpha+1 is used in production Google apps).

Breaking Changes #

  • Update for generic syntax and FutureOr type introduced in Dart SDK 1.22.0.
  • Material Toggle: Remove the deprecated color theme input.
  • Material Button, Fab, Yes/No:
    • Remove is-disabled and is-raised HTML classes used for styling. Custom styles should now use [disabled] and [raised] instead of .is-disabled and .is-raised when targeting buttons.
    • Remove z-index of 0.

Other Changes #

  • Focus: Fix AX_ARIA_08 a11y issue.
  • Glyph: Option to horizontally flip glyphs when the direction is RTL.
  • Material Chips: Use :host to remove need for wrapper div.
  • Material Expansionpanel: Fix panel overflow issues.
  • Material Input:
    • Add new number accessors and validators.
    • Add ability to override/specify error messages.
    • Fix AX_TEXT_01 a11y issue.
  • Material List:
    • Block pointer events for disabled list items.
    • Remove duplicate mixin.
  • Material Popup: Disable animation delay when there is nothing to animate.
  • Material Radio: Fix styling issue, flex for IE11.
  • Material Tab Panel: Fix issue that prevents displaying tabs on initialization.
  • Material Yes/No Buttons: Add submit/cancel buttons.
  • Scorecard:
    • Add support for RTL languages in scrollable scoreboards.
    • Add support for themes.
    • Prevent exceptions during width calculations when scorecard width is auto.
  • Compute the ARIA roles only once per instance.
  • Fix dom update issues.
  • Add proper types to injected providers.
  • Add missing imports and remove unsupported Angular imports.
  • Strong mode fixes.

0.3.1-alpha #

This code is considered production quality, but depends on angular2: 3.0.0-alpha. The alpha tag represents the evolving nature of the AngularDart api, not code quality (3.0.0-alpha is used in production Google apps).

  • Add Material List.
  • Material Expansionpanel: Add autoDismissable directive.
  • Material Progress: Handle changes to "indeterminate" state.
  • Scorecard: Add input to display vertically.
  • Update styles to meet Material UI spec.

0.3.0-alpha #

This code is considered production quality, but depends on angular2: 3.0.0-alpha. The alpha tag represents the evolving nature of the AngularDart api.

  • Add Material Tooltip.
  • Material Ripple:
    • Add GPU acceleration.
    • rippleBindings have been removed as they are no longer used.
  • Internal updates for compatibility with Angular 3.0.0-alpha.
  • Material Expansion Panel:
    • Fix CSS rule that causes header text to turn gray on hover/focus.
    • Support auto-focus on a content element when the material expansion panel expands.
    • Fix Yes/No button ordering.
  • Material Input:
    • Add a blur update value accessor.
    • Add multiple attribute.
    • Remove unused properties: rows and maxRows.
  • Material Input Multiline: Add auto grow in size.
  • Material Popup: Update change detection for OnPush.
  • Material Progress: Update to animate when main thread is blocked.
  • Material Radio: Adjust size to 24px.
  • Material Yes/No: Add toggle for yes button visibility.
  • Scorecard: Update change detection.
  • Fix flipped alignment positions when isRtl is used.
  • Fix popup event handling.
  • Remove 'uninitialized' as a default value.
  • Remove unused CSS rules.
  • Update styles to meet Material UI spec.
  • Bug fixes.
  • Strong Mode fixes.

0.2.2 #

  • Add Material Popup, a basic popup component.
  • Update Material Checkbox icon size.
  • Cleanup framework stabilizers since issue #24843 in the Dart SDK has been resolved.
  • Remove unused files.

0.2.1 #

  • Rollup of recent changes.
  • Includes fix for breaking change in Angular 2.2.0.

0.2.0 #

  • Add a modal dialog window called material_dialog.
  • Rename MultilineMaterialInputComponent to MaterialMultilineInputComponent.
  • Make the deferredContent placeholder element optional, off by default.
  • Remove InputTextModel.
  • Cleanup linter warnings.
  • Refactor color support.
  • Many components now support removing whitespace in the templates.
  • Refactor tab key index to a mixin.
  • Various updates and cleanup.

0.1.1 #

  • Small change to

0.1.0 #

  • Initial Open Source release.

Use this package as a library

1. Depend on it

Add this to your package's pubspec.yaml file:

  angular_components: ^0.8.0

2. Install it

You can install packages from the command line:

with pub:

$ pub get

Alternatively, your editor might support pub get. Check the docs for your editor to learn more.

3. Import it

Now in your Dart code, you can use:

import 'package:angular_components/angular_components.dart';
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