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Material Design components for AngularDart.

Material design components for AngularDart.

The AngularDart Components Gallery contains live examples and documentation. If you can't find somethiing in the documentation generated by Pub, it's probably in the gallery.

This productive and stable set of widgets is originally written by hundreds of Googlers, make debugging and deploying your app easier. Strict latency and testing policies make these widgets an excellent fit for projects using the Angular package.

Disclaimer: This project is now maintained by the AngularDart Community. This is not a Google product in any way, official or unofficial.

Required Fonts #

Add the following font downloads to the head element of your page:

  • Roboto Font (example)

  • Material Icon Font (example)


Custom component styles #

The styles of these components can be customized in your project with a component's provided Sass mixins.

  1. Add a dev dependency on the sass_builder package to your pubspec.yaml:
  sass_builder: ^2.0.0 # update for the latest version
  1. Now you can import styles and mixins from this package via dart style package imports in your Sass files.

In your .scss files:

@import 'package:ngcomponents/css/material/material';

.blue {
  color: $mat-blue;