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Material design components for AngularDart. Powering some of Google's most sophisticated and mission-critical applications.

The AngularDart Components Gallery contains live examples and documentation.

This productive and stable set of widgets, contributed to by hundreds of Googlers, make debugging and deploying your app easier. Strict latency and testing policies make these widgets an excellent fit for projects using the Angular package.

This is a continually growing set of widgets. Recent additions include:

  • Simple HTML Component
  • Material Card styling
  • Material Stacking Drawer

At this time we are not taking pull requests, but please file an issue and we will work with you.

Officially supported browsers: The last two versions of Chrome, Edge, Firefox, and Safari.

Package build_runner support

The pub transformer has been removed in favor of code generation through package build. Please see the Dart 2 migration guide.

Required Fonts #

Add the folowing font downloads to the head element of your page:

  • Roboto Font (example)

  • Material Icon Font (example)


Custom component styles #

The styles of these components can be customized in your project with a component's provided Sass mixins.

  1. Add a dev dependency on the sass_builder package to your pubspec.yaml:
    sass_builder: ^2.0.0 # update for the latest version
  1. Now you can import styles and mixins from this package via dart style package imports in your Sass files.

In your .scss files:

  @import 'package:angular_components/css/material/material';

  .blue {
    color: $mat-blue;

0.12.0 #

Component Updates #

Material Auto-Suggest Input #

  • Disable clear icon when the input is disabled.
  • Hide an empty suggestion group.

Material Button #

  • Add Sass mixin to change the color of a disabled button.

Material Card #

  • Update elevation appearance to match spec.

Material Chips #

  • Allow setting a custom aria label for the delete button.
  • Fix issue that prevented removing chips while using JAWS screen reader.
  • Add Sass mixins for font-weight and padding.

Material Datepicker #

  • Remove globalDateRangeBindings.
  • Allow setting a custom aria label to the dropdown button.
  • Allow passing custom DateFormat from the material-date-range-picker to the date-range-input.

Material Dialog #

  • Allow setting a custom aria label and describe by.

Material Expansion Panel #

  • Ensure height calculations are completed after the main content is destroyed.
  • Fix keyboard controls to prevent focusing a hidden header button.
  • Allow setting a custom aria label to the panel.
  • Make the entire content of the panel deferred rather than just the buttons.
  • Make the expansion button not be tabbable since the heading is tabbable.
  • Prevent hidden buttons from being focused in the header.
  • Improve panel resizing.
  • Implement focusableItem so that it can work with a focusList.
  • Move name ng-content above the input name and description.

Material Icon #

  • Correctly stretch SVG icon.
  • Remove aria label from the icon.

Material Input #

  • Add Sass mixin for label text vertical-align.
  • 'percent' is an invalid type attribute, 'text' instead.
  • If the multi-line input is not currently in the DOM listen to DOM updates until the line height can be read.
  • Ensure only whitespace is considered an invalid number input.
  • Allow specifying an aria described by id on the input.
  • Add Sass mixin to center align text.
  • Hide place holder on input field from screen reader.
  • Fix focus behavior in disabled state.

Material List #

  • Change the default roles to list and listitem.

Material Menu #

  • Create standalone menu item affix components.
  • Load standalone menu item affix components via DynamicComponent instead of using NgIfs.
  • Allow described by id to be specified for a dropdown button.
  • Create MenuItemMixin.

Material Month Picker #

  • Re-render highlights when view is reset.

Material Popup #

  • Move the overlay focus placeholder elements inside of Material Popup.
  • Enable OnPush change detection.

Material Ripple #

  • Remove ripple elements when component is destroyed.

Material Select #

  • Support custom aria handling for each list item in dropdown.
  • Support OnPush change detection.
  • Revert change that attempted to fix strange behavior when mixing keyboard and mouse input because it broke some keyboard navigation.
  • Allow setting a custom aria label and describe by.
  • Add Sass mixin to customize dropdown item selected background color.

Material Tab #

  • Add Sass mixin to make the tab contents display: block.

Material Time Picker #

  • Fix regression where time cannot be set by user a programmatic change.

Material Tooltip #

  • initPopupAriaAttributes is now passed through to all the tooltip variations.
  • Restore any previously defined aria-describedby value, after popup closes.
  • Add Sass mixin to set word-break.
  • Fix nested tooltip targets preventing tooltips from staying open when hovered.

Material Tree #

  • Add ability to specify a label renderer for dropdown button text.
  • Add ability to style items in the tree dropdown.

Material Yes/No Buttons #

  • Add optional ARIA label inputs.
  • Add Sass mixin to remove the margin-left.
  • Add autofocus functionality for use in confirmation dialogs.

Scorecard #

  • Vertically align the change glyph to the middle.

Simple HTML Component #

  • Allow 'class' attribute for all elements.

Miscellaneous #

  • Add home/end key modifiers to focus_list to focus the first or last value.
  • Remove $mat-gray as an alias for $mat-grey in Sass mixins.
  • Add shouldFilterEmpty parameter to StringSelectionOptions to return empty filtered values when query is empty.
  • Make the role of a button mutable, after initialization.
  • Update MDC Web styles to v0.44.0.
  • Add HtmlDocument in addition to Document as a provided windowBinding.
  • Modularize clock bindings.
  • Remove default values for optional parameters on notifySelectionChange().
  • Use WheelEvent instead of MouseEvent in scroll host.
  • Fix previously uncaught violations of invalid override method parameter default values.

Documentation #

  • Minor docs fixes.

0.11.0 #

New Component #

  • Simple HTML Component.

Component Updates #

Material Chips #

  • Add a focused style to delete icon.
  • Remove default value from $max-chip-width in the material-chip-max-width Sass mixin.
  • Remove material-chips-margin Sass mixin.

Material Date Range Picker #

  • Make dropdown not tabbable so it can be opened using the top level button decorator.
  • Add NextNDaysFromToday class.
  • Auto scroll to the bottom when comparison is turned on by the user.
  • Fix constrained sizing on Firefox browser.
  • Make intl messages final.

Material Dialog #

  • Fix size of full screen dialog.
  • Close parent modal on escape key by default.

Material Icon #

  • Add MaterialIconToggleDirective to allow for an icon with two states.

Material Input #

  • Update the integer error message per Editorial feedback.
  • Add Sass mixin for changing the color of the counter.
  • Fix a11y when there is a labeledby id and a aria label specified.

Material Menu #

  • Add a drop-in replacement for secondaryIcon - itemSuffix that removes the boilerplate of creating an observable list for a single element.
  • Automatically expand a collapsed category when keyboard navigating to a child item.
  • Remove usages of secondary icon and related fields/methods from menu item model.
  • Prevent refocus on a menu item when the menu is closing.
  • Add isTabbable to MenuItemComponent.
  • Improve a11y in Material Fab Menu.
  • Fix focus target when pressing Up Arrow key.

Material Popup #

  • Correctly restore focus in nested popups.

Material Select #

  • Add type parameters on BaseDropdownSelectValueAccessor and subclasses.
  • Set max-width to 100% on dynamic-item.
  • Removing Sass mixin for setting the width of the container element in dropdowns with factoryRenderers to 100%, as this was adopted as the standard.
  • Use the generic type parameter from MaterialDropdownSelectComponent on the ActivateItemOnKeyPressMixin.
  • Fix focus bugs when mixing keyboard and mouse navigation.
  • Add temporary fix for scrolling bug in Chrome browser.
  • Fix MaterialDropdownSelect type error when clicking a deselect item.
  • Fix the type of itemRenderer in MaterialDropdownSelectComponent.

Material Tabs #

  • Make default width of tab-content to 100%.

Material Tooltip #

  • Improve a11y and keyboard navigation.
  • Fix removing describe-by.

Modal/Overlay #

  • Add ability to create an accessible overlay container for clients that currently provide custom overlay container.
  • Fix selector of PopupSizeProviderDirective.
  • Restore focus to popup source element if the popup is closed via keyboard from inside itself.
  • Close popup on escape if the focus is inside the popup or on the popup source element.

Miscellaneous #

  • Improve error message when selection type is wrong in SelectionInputAdapter.
  • Add primaryStyle to StyleFormatter.
  • Refactor the keyboard only focus indicator so that when an element is focused programmatically it will obey the focus state of the last known interaction.
  • Only consider mouseup events as part of triggersOutside() if the corresponding mousedown event came from the same element.
  • Set attached portals on portals attached to DomPortalHosts
  • Fix focus issues with modal dialogs.
  • Add FocusIndicatorController for use in debug environments.

Documentation #

  • Minor docs fixes.

0.10.1 #

Component Updates #

Material Chips #

  • Improve support for generics.
  • Stop setting popup attributes as those attributes are set on the input directly.
  • Only set the aria-owns property and inputAriaActivedescendent when the popup is open.
  • Add Sass mixin to allow text wrapping.

Material Date Picker #

  • Use PopupSizeProvider to control the height of the picker.
  • Add rangeFormatter input to the range picker.

Material Expansion Panel #

  • Improve accessibility.
  • Smooth expansion/collapse animations when headers are hidden.

Material Icon #

  • Add Sass mixin to use an SVG for an icon instead of the standard font icons.

Material Input #

  • Add Sass mixins to disable wrapping for hint text and hide leading and trailing text.
  • Fix MaterialPercentInputDirective for LTR languages with leading % symbol.
  • Fix inconsistent margins in Safari browser.

Material Menu #

  • Add ability to provide extra label annotations for menu items.

Material Select #

  • Add Sass mixins to restrict item width, font size, line height, and padding.
  • Added generics support.
  • Add activateFirstOption input.

Material Slider #

  • No longer focusable when disabled.

Material Stepper #

  • Ensure items that can't be selected also can't be tabbed to.

Material Tab #

  • Add Sass mixin for a shadow below the tab strip.

Material Tree #

  • Add a dynamic content to accommodate custom elements.

Material Toggle #

  • Update the theme Sass mixin to include a grey color when the toggle is disabled.

Material Tooltip #

  • Add Sass mixins to control padding, and max height.

Material Yes/No Buttons #

  • Allow No button to be disabled.

Modal/Overlay #

  • Add null guard check to event.
  • A11y improvements.
  • Attempt to restore focus when modal closes.

Miscellaneous #

  • Update MDC Web styles to v0.40.0.
  • Improved support for generics in HighlightAssistant.
  • Handle unsupported WheelEvent.deltaX in scroll host.
  • Update scroll host support on iOS.
  • Allow dropdown components to contain an auto_focus directive.

Documentation #

  • Minor docs fixes.

0.10.0 #

Component Updates #

Material Auto Suggest Input #

  • Rename shouldClearOnSelection to shouldClearInputOnSelection.
  • Improve keyboard navigation after mouse interactions in the popup.
  • Only allow deselection via in multi-selection mode in material auto suggest input.
  • Disallow selecting disabled options via keyboard.
  • Remove deprecated suggestions and sorted inputs.
  • Update to support generics.

Material Button #

  • Mark certain fields as visibleForTemplate and drop the copied value where not needed.

Material Chips #

  • Add Sass mixins to adjust border and font size of a single chip and border padding, and background color, border, and padding of a set of chips.

Material Expansion Panel #

  • Wrap the buttons in a defferredContent directive. This is to help accessibility and have those buttons not be available for screen readers.

Material Input #

  • Fix bug in MaterialNumberValueAccessor where null value won't clear previous input.

Material Dropdown Select #

  • Provide the simplified selection and options inputs. Pull the common logic into SelectionInputAdapter mixin class.
  • Migrate ComponentRenderer to FactoryRenderer.
  • Disallow selecting disabled options via keyboard.
  • Highlight disabled items when activated via keyboard.

Material Menu #

  • Add a secondary-label field. The appearance of this label is subject to minor changes in the near future as the UX is still experimental.
  • Properly use the sub-menu's width, not the parent menu's width, to determine the width of the menu.

Material Radio #

  • Tighten down the public API surface of the radio component by marking many of them as visibleForTemplate.
  • Add in null pointer protection when input is set without a filterable.

Modal/Overlay #

  • Enable useMultiModalDismissal by default.

Miscellaneous #

  • Use typed provider for location providers.
  • Also corrected the type signature of runOutsideAngular, which in turn may enable hint-level warnings by the analyzer. Users may be impacted if they fail the build on hints.
  • Add StickyController.onUpdate, a stream which fires events immediately after StickyController writes to the DOM, and expose it as an output on ElementScrollHost.
  • Trigger the sticky controller sync on scrollToPosition calls.

Documentation #

  • Add new readme for Material Dropdown Select.
  • Minor docs fixes.

0.9.2 #

Component Updates #

Material Auto Suggest Input #

  • Implement HasDisabled.
  • Allow selection input to take selected value for single selection in addition to SelectionModel.
  • Expose selection output to emit selected value(s) on selection changes.
  • Add shouldClearSelectionOnInput input.

Material Button #

  • Remove unused hover-color argument from button color Sass mixins.

Material Datepicker #

  • Add Sass mixins for rendering the range title to the left of the dropdown component and for removing some padding to save vertical space.
  • Harden DatepickerComparison.comparesTo() against nulls.

Material Expansion Panel #

  • Add transition to save/cancel collapse.
  • Add Sass mixin for custom box-shadow.

Material Input #

  • Add Sass mixin to set the bottom section margins.
  • Allow MaterialPercentInputDirective to follow NumberFormat specification for percent.
  • Allow selectionOptions input to accept a List in addition to SelectionOptions.

Material Menu #

  • Remove Sass mixin material-fab-menu-icon-size.

Material Tooltip #

  • Change the ink tooltip stay open if the mouse is currently in it's bounds.

Material Tree #

  • Allows dropdown component to accept custom popup positions.
  • Fix off-center alignment issue between radio button and text in MaterialTreeGroupFlatRadioComponent.

Scorecard #

  • Expose ScorecardBarDirective so it can be resued by other card bar implementations.

Miscellaneous #

  • Improvements to StickyController for the single-stickyKey case: Add enableSmoothPushing setting, and partially support stickyKey'd elements of differing heights.
  • Replace all deprecated Material typography variables/mixins with their canonical versions, and inline mixins with no replacement.
  • Fix unawaited_futures lint warnings by adding missing awaits.

Documentation #

  • Add new readme for Material Auto-suggest Input.
  • Minor docs fixes.

0.9.1 #

Component Updates #

Material Date Range Picker #

  • Add an option to disable maintaining the length of the date range when clicking on the calendar to move the start date.

Material Expansion Panel #

  • Add Sass mixin for border radius.
  • Only register immediate child panels in a panel set.
  • Add listener for expand change to fix bug where an expansion panel set would not recognize a programmatically pre-expanded panel.

Material Select #

  • Add Sass mixin for the selected item color.

Material Stepper #

  • Add Sass mixins for the step name color.

Material Toolip #

  • Add Sass mixin to set the card tooltip max width.
  • Add an icon attribute to specify any icon by name.
  • Add positioning options on icon tooltip.

Selection Options #

  • Add interface to segment options into option groups.

Miscellaneous #

  • Fix ActiveItemDirective's scroll into view functionality in popups and modals.
  • Add ObservableView.firstNonNull and ObservableView.nonNullValues.
  • Update MDC Web styles to v0.38.0.
  • Fix missing return errors.
  • Fix default line-height values to match MDC versions.

Documentation #

  • Minor doc fixes.
  • Cleanup some docs for with optional new/const.

0.9.0 #

Pub transformers are no longer used. Instead, use the new webdev CLI, or, for advanced users, the build_runner CLI.

Please see the Dart 2 migration guide for more details.

Breaking Changes #

  • Remove is SelectableWithComposition.
  • Remove SelectableChangeNotifier and deprecate SelectableWithComposition with the intention to remove. They are widely unused, complicated the implementations, and unsound in Dart 2.
  • ActiveItemMixin has been removed in favor of the new ActiveItemDirective.

New Components #

  • Material Card styling
    • Provided by the Google material team also known as mdc-web. The styles included in this package are provided as a convenience to users in the Dart package ecosystem.
  • Material Stacking Drawer
  • Material Stepper
  • Material Slider
  • Material Date/Time Picker components
  • Material Menu components

Component Updates #

App Layout #

  • Update Material Header z-index to 1.
  • Add support for 0 or 2 drawers.
  • Add mixin for permanent/persistent drawers and fix mixin for temporary drawers.
  • Add mixin for drawer width.
  • Provide list-item changes as a mixin to be used in components that wrap drawer contents.

Button Decorator #

  • Allow role to be customized.

Material Auto-Suggest Input #

  • Improve keyboard navigation behavior.
  • Prevent marking itself as dirty when it receives initial form value.
  • Add aria label to close button.
  • Wait for the popup to be visible before activating dropdown items.
  • Stop escape keyboard events from propagating after they are handled.
  • Disallow deselection when clicked on a selected item with single selection models.
  • Ensure input text is initialized correctly regardless of input order.
  • Fix auto-scrolling issue on Firefox.
  • Add ability to give a tooltip for the clear icon.
  • Replace ngOnChanges() with ngAfterChanges().
  • Protect against method being called after it is destroyed.

Material Button #

  • Update elevation on buttons that have focus.
  • Remove styles for vertically aligned icon with text buttons.
  • Update size and position of text labels for icon buttons.
  • Allow icon button items to be created vertically.
  • Remove override of min-width for yes-no-buttons as it is now the right value in material-button.
  • Update highlight styling.
  • Add compact mode.
  • Update min-width to new spec.
  • Update dense mixin to only apply to non-icon buttons.
  • Add mixins for no hover highlight.
  • Add mixins to set icon button padding.
  • Update hover, focus, and disabled styles to be inline with Material Spec.
  • Update mixin names and fix to prevent styles leaking outside of the component.

Material Checkbox #

  • Remove deprecated material-checkbox-theme mixin.
  • Add material-checkbox-color mixin and deprecate material-checkbox-theme.
  • Change include-in-checkbox default to false in checkbox-color mixin to prepare for it's removal.
  • Migrate from the deprecated Glyph component to Material Icon.
  • Support onDisabledChanged callback from angular_forms.
  • Add mixin to hide text label.
  • Prevent marking itself as dirty when it receives initial form value.
  • Add mixin to remove right margin.
  • Remove negative top margin.
  • Implement Focusable.
  • Implement onTouched logic.
  • Fix disabled state to match Material Spec which is a light grey not a certain opacity of the checkbox.

Material Chips #

  • Allow overriding left-icon-color.
  • Update margin on dense theme.

Material Dialog #

  • Fix bug with full screen dialogs.
  • Fix bug where a disposable could be added to its disposer after it had already been destroyed.
  • Set default max-height and max-width.
  • Add full screen mode.
  • Add support for <h1> element in title.
  • Add mixin for bottom border on header.
  • Remove preserveWhitespace: false.

Material Dropdown Select #

  • Add back keyboardOnlyFocusIndicator to dropdown items.

Material FAB #

  • Update shadow styles.

Material Icon #

  • Add aria label and use them for trailing/leading icons of Material Input.
  • Add mixin for font weight.
  • Update mixins to allow overriding elements which have the size attribute set.
  • Add flag to mirror icon.
  • Roll back change that flipped help icon in RTL.
  • Add help icon to the list of icons flipped when direction is RTL.
  • Flip half_star icon when in RTL.

Material Input #

  • Remove element used for resizing if the textarea does not need to be resized.
  • Added an aria-labelledby attribute.
  • Add mixin to adjust padding for multi-line inputs.
  • Return null when input is "NaN" or null.
  • Don't override unfocused underline color when the input is invalid.
  • Add field to mixin to specify the label color when there is an error and the label is focused.
  • Support onDisabledChanged callback from angular_forms.
  • Push change detection when marked as disabled.
  • Add disabled class to "top-section" when the input is disabled.
  • Add mixin to allow hiding only the placeholder in the bottom section.
  • Support to fill in error text trailing.
  • Fix error color for floating label when an error is shown in the input.
  • Add mixin to change the font size.
  • Add aria-label and aria-invalid attributes back to the input field.
  • Allow values to be selectable when disabled on all browsers. This is potentially BREAKING.
  • Pass aria attributes through to the inner input element. Includes material auto suggest component.
  • Add an aria-label that can override the label.
  • Add mixin for hiding underline.
  • Add mixins for trailing text color and padding.
  • Show character count when maxCount is null.
  • Add attribute to set aria-label when a visible label is not desired.
  • Extend the style rules applied on input[type=text] to cover the hover and focus states.
  • Add mixin padding.
  • Don't override underline color when the input is invalid.
  • Protected against input being destroyed and blur event still happening.
  • Add mixin for fixed width error text.
  • Use markForChanges on inputs since they are being set by a directive and not the template and so change detection doesn't happen automatically.
  • Allow numerical values to be internationalized in number validators.
  • Add option to have a material number input component format its contents on blur.
  • Fix unexpected ) in selector for MaterialInputDefaultValueAccessor.

Material Expansionpanel #

  • Do not change background color on focus or hover when disabled.
  • Fix issue where header could extend beyond the max-width of its container.
  • Add a mixin for no borders.
  • Add a mixin to show header actions on the bottom instead of on the left.
  • Add mixin to set alignment in the header.
  • Remove transform: scaley from expand animation.
  • Add mixin for top-aligning expand button.
  • Add option to move the expand button to the left side.
  • Improve animations.
  • Add mixin for additional padding.
  • Allow icon to be hidden and allow additional buttons in the header.
  • Increase mixin specificity.
  • Add option show/hide the cancel button.
  • Add mixin for flat on collapse.
  • Smooth appearance/disappearance of expansion panel contents.
  • Add mixin to allow change the panel name min width.
  • Remove preserveWhitespace: false.

Material Popup #

  • Change <main> html tag to a <div>. HTML5 states there should only be one main tag per application.
  • Automatically restore focus on the popup source element when user tabs out.
  • Fix border radius mixin.
  • Enforce space constraints on content.
  • Simplify positioning algorithm.
  • Disable constrain-to-viewport in dropdowns via a new, separate @Input.
  • Guard against container = null in PopupHierarchy.onTriggersOutside().
  • Increase the animation speed according to material specs.
  • Listen to DomService.trackLayoutChange streams for overlayRepositionLoop popups.

Material Progress #

  • Add mixin for taller bars with rounded ends.
  • Fall back to the non-optimized animation if the width is 0 after view init.

Material Radio #

  • Remove material-radio-theme mixin.
  • Add role attribute.
  • Add material-radio-color mixin and deprecate material-radio-theme.
  • Support onDisabledChanged callback from angular_forms.
  • Internal cleanup.
  • Protect against the group being destroyed before the tabIndex gets reset.
  • Migrate away from QueryList.
  • Update disabled color to match spec.

Material Ripple #

  • Allow the ripple to be created programmatically.
  • Update animation to match new spec.

Material Select #

  • Update ARIA labelledby for improved a11y.
  • Update to activedescendant ARIA pattern for a11y.
  • Ensure button text displays correctly when an error message shows below it.
  • Support focus on dropdown button when dismissed via keyboard.
  • Fix focus bug when clicking on a different focusable element.
  • Pipe through customized aria role, labelby, and haspopup to the dropdown button.
  • Fix selected color mixin on vertical selection indicator.
  • Add aria states/properties to indicate selected/checked in item.
  • Add proper aria attributes to make material-dropdown-select screen reader accessible.
  • Add mixin to set disabled color.
  • Add mixin to allow for error text margin.
  • Refactor constructEncapsulatedCss to utils.
  • Add option to dropdown to disable deselecting on trigger.
  • Allow content to be projected as list header and list footer in dropdown.
  • Implement Focusable in DropdownButtonComponent.
  • Fixed an alignment issue with the icon on dropdowns.
  • Add a FactoryRenderer input.
  • Wait for the popup to be visible before activating dropdown items.
  • Stop escape keyboard events from propagating after they are handled.
  • Fix MaterialSelectItem displaying two times the label when factoryRenderer is used.
  • Fix auto-scrolling issue on Firefox.
  • Add mixin to change material-select-dropdown-item padding.
  • Add mixin to set select item padding.
  • Add mixin to set selected item color.
  • Allow customization of Material Dropdown Select's role.
  • Add mixin for pointer events on Material Dropdown Select Items.
  • Fix baseline alignment of dropdown-button in Firefox.
  • Add showButtonBorder input to Material Dropdown Select component.
  • Cleanup unused styles.

Material Spinner #

  • Add mixin to adjust the stroke width.

Material Tabs #

  • General cleanup: remove unneeded directive, use absolute imports, and fix spelling error.
  • Add support for disabled attribute.
  • Make text-wrap mixin more generic.
  • Add two-way binding on fixed strip activeTabIndex.
  • Increase space between labels.

Material Toggle #

  • Implement ControlValueAccessor.
  • Fix aria-pressed state.
  • Add mixin to display label on the right.

Material Tooltip #

  • Fix comment which was using deprecated ElementRef.
  • Allow paper tooltip CSS to be customizable.
  • Allow 'error_outline' as a valid icon.
  • Prevent paper tooltips from overflowing on small screens.
  • Change tooltipSource directive to use style.cursor.
  • Update line height to 20px per internal spec.
  • Fix material-paper-tooltip content that are change detected and using deferred content by having the visible property be set in an async manner so that the value isn't added in the middle of a change detection loop.

Material Tree #

  • Add visibleChange output stream to MaterialTreeDropdownComponent.
  • Use item identity to remember expanded state.
  • Add a shouldExpandAllWhenFiltered input.
  • Adds an option to select parent nodes in a single selection model tree.
  • Bugfix for auto selection all siblings due to an error being thrown which stops event.stopPropagation from firing.
  • Add an option to material tree group to render a "View more" link for hidden options.
  • Migrate away from QueryList.
  • Autofocus the filter when MaterialTreeDropdown is opened, but not when it closes.
  • Improve latency of MaterialTreeFilter.
  • Clear filter inside the popup when MaterialTreeDropdown closes.

Material Yes/No Buttons #

  • Fix bug where text color was not applying to highlighted/raised yes button.
  • Fix no button to not override disabled text label color.
  • Remove Visibility.all.
  • Update mixins to use CSS shimming.

Reorder List #

  • Add ability to specify a handle element in a complex component.
  • Calculate the full height/width of the elements.
  • Restrict when a dragged item's target index is incremented or decremented.

Scorecard #

  • Add mixin for changing the display to flex.
  • Remove the :host from the padding mixin so it is not required to be used at the top level.
  • Add stacking context.
  • Only update selected state if the scorecard is selectable.
  • Fix misalignment on OS X with hl=ja.
  • Selected color input overrides default color value in a selectable scoreboard.
  • Add a tooltip field.

Other Updates #

Selection Model #

  • Add is{Selectable|Disabled|Hidden}In(), getOptionIn() and, filterWhere() as static helpers to Selectable.
  • Add empty, single, and multi constructors.
  • Add ignoreDeselect option to SelectionModel.single and deprecate RadioGroupSingleSelectionModel.
  • Update to SelectionModel.single(), SelectionModel.multi() etc. instead of deprecated SelectionModel.withList().
  • Add support for SingleSelectionModel to SelectionModel.empty.
  • Add SingleSelectionModel interface with selectedValue() method.
  • Better support for the zippy expansion case.
  • Add option to disable select all in the table selection model.
  • Use generic type for table selection model SelectableGetter.

Modal/Overlay #

  • Add attribute on PopupSourceDirective to decide whether to set the popup related aria attributes.
  • Ensure parent modal is shown when the current modal is destroyed.
  • Add DI modules to Laminate Overlay & Popup components.
  • Update PopupHierarchy to better handle cases with multiple modals.
  • Handle null pointer in popup_source_directive.
  • Protect against a null pointer exception in laminate popup.
  • Propagate CSS classes to the overlay element.
  • Turn overlayRepositionLoop on by default.
  • Use a reified Provider for defaultPopupPositions.
  • Add support for minimum width and height to PopupSizeProvider.

Miscellaneous #

  • Make DomService run callbacks in the correct zone.
  • Fix bug in DomTreeIterator.moveNext() where it was using equality instead of assignment.
  • EntityFormatters now implement the regular Formatters.
  • Add a lookup method for finding the closest Material Color name based on any input color.
  • Scope the Focusable item for AutoFocusDirective so that any node in the hierarchy isn't mistakenly focused.
  • Modify TextHighlighter to return separate results for adjacent matches, rather than concatenating them into a single result.
  • Migrate to using event tearoffs.
  • Deprecate convenience list for materialDirectives. It has been demonstrated that it's use increases code size when only some of the components are being used. It is preferable to use only the directives needed for your application for improved dart2js tree shaking.
  • Add @mustCallSuper to the Disposer interface.
  • Add Add ObservableView.values -- like .stream, except also with the current value.
  • Add new CSS class names used by ShowHideDirective to avoid conflicts with Angular JS apps and remove the legacy versions.
  • Only focus when autoFocus is true when using AutoFocusDirective.
  • Update various components to use finals for Intl.messages to improve performance.
  • Add HasDisabled interface.
  • Annotate Domservice.leap() visible for testing.
  • Add mat-link-deep mixin to push the Material link styles everywhere.
  • Make mouse events with the shift modifier key a non-standard mouse event in isStandardMouseEvent().
  • Remove IntersectionObserver bindings now that they exist in dart:html.
  • Add onDisabledChanged() to all ControlValueAccessor implementations.
  • Add ShowHideDirective and GlobalEscapeDirective.
  • Make ShowHideDirective constants private. This is potentially BREAKING.
  • Add a parameter to fail loudly when TimeZoneAwareClock is used before it's initialized, to prevent incorrect return values from being ignored.
  • Delete deprecated LazyEventEmitter since it was no longer lazy and a StreamController can be a simple drop in replacement.
  • Allow '[' for start of word of highlight match.
  • Use @visibleForTesting annotations.
  • Remove position: -webkit-sticky support.
  • Update type of materialProviders so it can be used when bootstrapping.
  • Create a new API for caching item renderers.
  • Only add touch listeners if the primary input is touch.
  • Add IntersectionObserver bindings & onIntersection stream to ScrollHost.
  • Deprecate getBool(), Angular supports it now natively.
  • Fix RTE when using item renderers as highlight renderers when there is a custom factory renderer.
  • Fix componentRenderer logic.
  • Add a feature detector for position: sticky.
  • Migrate from Glyph to Material Icon.
  • Remove unused table model.
  • Remove the getDynamic() method from properties helpers.
  • Remove uses of .runtimeType.
  • Cleanup unused variables.
  • Allow material-scrollbar mixin to be used in global css (without angular).
  • Provide a path to use Component Factories when using code that was previously using the ComponentRenderer pattern.
  • Continue migration from SlowComponentLoader to ComponentLoader.
  • Continue migration from LazyStreamController to StreamController.
  • Cleanup Angular static analysis warnings.
  • Add optional punctuation around trackBy functions.
  • Avoid reliance on dynamic typing to access properties.
  • Add @Input to number validators.
  • Add Observable utilities.
  • Add color contrast ratio utility.
  • Remove deprecated box-sizing styles.
  • Deprecate ManagedZone and replace with NgZone.
  • Remove unnecessary uses of ::ng-deep.
  • Support RTL selectors on any element.
  • Remove usage of package UUID.
  • Update sass_builder dependency to latest and use the post-process builder to remove .scss files from the output.

Angular API Updates #

  • Migrate from host to new @HostListener and @HostBinding syntax.
  • Migrate from ElementRef to Element or HtmlElement.
  • Set visibility to Visibility.all on Directives that are expected to be provided. Others will default to Visibility.local. This is potentially BREAKING.
  • Cleanup unneeded preserveWhitespace: false and preserveWhitespace: true when components manage spacing around themselves and have been validated.

Dart 2 Updates #

  • Fixes for Dart 2 compile-time and runtime errors.
  • Application of dartfmt --fix.
  • Migrate from Stream<Null> to Stream<void>.
  • Updates to conform to new Effective Dart guidelines.
  • Prepare for change of async behavior in Dart 2.
  • Updates to stronger types for Dart 2.
  • Fix uses_bottom_as_dynamic ("fuzzy arrow") errors.
  • Fix Dart2 runtime cast failures and other Dart 2 fixes.

Documentation #

  • General documentation cleanup for @Inputs and @Outputs. Improves documentation generated by the component gallery.

0.8.0 #

  • Move entry points to all components out of the lib/src/ directory.
  • Remove all precompiled .css files.
  • Update all import statements in .scss files to use dart style package imports.
  • Add dependency on sass_builder package to compile .css files.

0.7.1 #

  • Add Material Auto Suggest Input component.
  • Material Checkbox: Fix disabled state to match material-spec which is a light grey not a certain opacity of the checkbox.
  • Material Chips: Add high density mixin.
  • Material Input:
    • Add selectAll function for calling the underlying input element's select method that focuses the input and selects all its content.
    • Add ability to update the data on a change instead of keypress or blur for the standard Material Input.
    • Remove error color from floating label to conform to material spec.
  • Material Popup:
    • Fix mismatch between the variable used as a reference point for repositioning the popup and the variable used to initially set the popup's position. This caused issues when the tab was in the background because these variables could have changed significantly before the next animation frame fired (since requestAnimationFrame is throttled when the tab isn't visible).
    • Use _sourceDimensions instead of layoutRects[1] to take overlay container offset into account. Using popupSourceLayoutStream directly caused issues when the .acx-overlay-container offset was not (0, 0).
  • Material Select: Fix orientation when groups are used.
  • Scorecard:
    • Fix styling for extra-big cards.
    • Fix to allow selectable scorecards in a "custom" scoreboard.
    • Add a tooltip field enabling scenarios where more information about the value can be displayed.
  • Theme: Prepare dark theme for upcoming Visibility.None change.
  • Cleanup unused fields.
  • Update default material scrollbar width to 8px. This is easier to use with a mouse or touch input compared to the previous default of 4px.
  • Cleanup unused styles and reorganize .scss files.
  • Remove link hover style.
  • Migrate uses of ElementRef to Element.
  • Remove visibility: Visibility.none from all components since compatibility is not yet fully supported. Will be added in an upcoming release.
  • Update documentation.

0.7.0 #

  • Material Button: Add raised mixin so that buttons can be made to be raised without using the attribute.
  • Material Expansionpanel: Add header minimum height mixin.
  • Material Input: Add support for custom number formatters.
  • Material Popup:
    • Remove PopupEvent and reduce asynchrony.
    • Update PopupSizeProvider max-width/height once the popup has been positioned.
    • Remove unused contenWidth and contentHeight.
  • Material Radio: Avoid selecting null when the new selected value is not found in the options.
  • Material Tab:
    • Fix logic for the active tab when tabs themselves are changed. Before logic was activating/deactivating based on index, but when tabs change the index has probably changed.
    • Make mixin to allow text wrapping.
  • Material Tree:
    • Fix bug where state of material tree option cannot be changed by selection model.
    • Fix bug where tree_dropdown_select did not auto open correctly using focus.
  • Scorecard: Update colors to match material spec.
  • Deprecate obsolete box-sizing style mixin.
  • Add link color styles and mixin.
  • Add typography style mixins.
  • Set preserveWhitespace: true in preparation for angular flipping the default to false.
  • Make functional directive name lowercase to conform with Dart style guide.
  • Replaces deprecated inputs and outputs with inline annotations.
  • Update visibility for provider resolution fix.
  • Update documentation.

Known Issues #

  • Warnings are present when building with dart2js. Specifically: Method type variables are treated as dynamic in as expressions.

0.6.0 #

  • Update dependency to angular: ^4.0.0.
  • Update SDK dependencies.
  • Add Material Select Searchbox component.
  • Add Application Layout styles and directives.
  • Add Material Icon.
    • Deprecate GlyphComponent in favor of MaterialIconComponent.
  • App Layout: Fix margins for header icons/links.
  • Dynamic Component: Add ability to use ComponentFactory instead of a Type.
  • Material Button: Refactor raised styling so it can be used in a mixin.
  • Material Checkbox:
    • Add ability to make readonly.
    • Add mixin for checkbox with no left margin.
  • Material Chips: Add ability to specify background color for left icon.
  • Material Dialog:
    • Support a minimum height.
    • Fix header mixin.
  • Material Expansionpanel:
    • Add high density mixin.
    • Add mixin to allow changes to panels without affecting nested panels.
  • Material Icon: Add back and forward arrows to the list of flipped icons.
  • Material Input:
    • Add support for material dark theme.
    • Fix disabled color.
    • Add leading text color mixin.
    • Make local required errors to make controls invalid even when the control has not been interacted with.
    • Add upper and lower bounds validators.
    • Re-calculate text length when custom character counter is set.
    • Prevent mirror-text overflow in multiline material input.
    • Remove unnecessary selector argument from mixins.
  • Material Popup:
    • Constrain popups to the viewport if both enforceSpaceConstraints and overlayRepositionLoop are enabled.
    • Create the material-popup view synchronously.
    • Remove animationComplete event.
    • Integrate with Angular CSS shimming and remove shadowCssClass.
    • Material design scrollbars by default (instead of the native scrollbars).
    • Add ARIA attributes.
    • Add an option to reposition visible popups every frame with trackLayoutChanges.
    • Merge laminate/components/popup into Material Popup.
    • Only set content removed if the popup is still not visible when the timer is finished.
  • Material Radio:
    • Add mixin for radio button with no left margin.
    • Fix mixin to respect disabled status when a theme is applied.
  • Material Select:
    • Fix selectable menu item property functionality.
    • Allow dropdown to display an error while it's closed.
    • Fix MaterialSelectItemComponent to not cache the label.
    • Add input to material-dropdown-select to define custom a renderer for group labels.
    • Fix checkbox display handling and label padding in dropdown.
  • Material Toggle: Set the attribute instead of the property to fix a bug with incorrect type, and not setting the right property.
  • Material Tooltips: Add ARIA attributes.
  • Material Tree:
    • Update positioning options and borders.
    • Add optional row separator borders.
    • Fix dropdown closing on toggle issue.
    • Added shift selection/deselection.
    • Fix glyphs always shown expanded when expandAll = true.
    • Add ability to preserve expansion state.
    • Fix indentation of first child group.
    • Add input showDisabledCheckboxes.
    • Add a max-height mixin.
  • Material Yes/No Buttons: Add dense style.
  • Reorder List:
    • Update to recommended syntax for ngFor.
    • Migrate from ManagedZone to NgZone.
  • Scorecard:
    • Update tab index to prevent scroll errors when going through buttons with tabs.
    • Replace deprecated Glyph with Material Icon.
    • Invoke inherited click handler from derived click handler.
  • Selection Models:
    • Add deselect all option.
    • Add a limited filtering model.
    • Fix selectAll to only trigger a selection change event for the values that were added.
    • Add comparator as optional param to tree selection options for custom sorting.
  • Avoid adding placeholder for deferred content if the element is detached.
  • Add new color utils.
  • Update animations to new Material specs.
  • Migrate uses of GlyphComponent to MaterialIconComponent.
  • Migrate uses of ElementRef to Element.
  • Remove duplicate PopupSourceDirective.
  • Remove deprecated popup matchSourceWidth options.
  • Add missing MaterialIconComponent, MaterialPersistentDrawerDirective, MaterialTemporaryDrawerDirective, and MaterialSelectSearchboxComponent to materialDirectives.
  • Improve performance of TreeSelectionOptions constructor from O(n^2) to O(n) in the size of listOfOptions.
  • Change DisplayNameRenderDirective to a functional directive.
  • Deprecate LazyEventEmitter and migrate uses to the StreamController model.
  • Additional styling cleanup to support ng-deep.
  • Reduce visibility of common directives/components for smaller code size and better performance.
  • Remove use of Compass in SASS files.
  • Remove uses of getBool in boolean typed inputs.
  • Remove unused alignment parameters.
  • Updates to use metadata inheritance.
  • Migrate away from comment-style generic syntax.
  • Migrate stylesheet combinators /deep/ and >>> to ::ng-deep.
  • Migrate away from use of angular's @View.
  • Remove unused library statements.
  • Refactor Angular annotations to inline versions.
  • Update documentation.

Known Issues #

  • Warnings are present when building with dart2js. Specifically: Method type variables are treated as dynamic in as expressions.

0.5.3+1 #

NOTE: SASS files are not used during the build step of this package and are provided as reference only. These .scss files were used to generate the corresponding .css files in a separate process. We are working on a solution to include CSS generation from SASS files during the build process.

  • Add SASS files.
  • Rename .analysis_options -> analysis_options.yaml

0.5.3 #

  • Add Material Tree component.
  • Material Dialog: Add shouldShowScrollStrokes option for displaying stroke lines when the content is scrollable.
  • Material Dropdown Select: Avoid checking isSelected with deselectLabel.
  • Material Input: UpperBoundsValidator, and LowerBoundsValidator now use Comparable instead of num.
  • Material Popup: Use the real viewport (aka window) size.
  • Scorecard: Add ng-content area for a description.
  • Adjust positioning algorithm to account for scrolling within elements.
  • Migrate use of LazyEventController to StreamController.

0.5.2 #

  • Material Progress: Cleanup animations on destroy to prevent memory leaks.
  • Material Select:
    • Support deselect item in Material dropdown select with single selection model.
    • Unified template files (deleted material_select_dropdown_item.html).
    • Add support for Selectable SelectionOptions.
    • Create a ControlValueAccessor.
  • Add backspace and delete keys to KeyboardHandlerMixin.
  • Add selectedValue getter to RadioGroupSingleSelectionModel.
  • Add null check to ObservableComposite's register method.
  • Add totalEntitiesCountChange getter to table selection models.
  • Add isStandardMouseEvent utility to test for clicks without modifier keys.
  • Add string selection sanitizing options.
  • Remove NoopStream in favor of Stream.empty() as provided by the SDK.
  • Migrate use of LazyEventController to StreamController.
  • Fix bug in lazy group creation that would cause multiple groups to be created.
  • Strong mode fixes.

0.5.1 #

  • Glyph: Add baseline attribute.
  • Material Expansionpanel:
    • Allow programmatic expand and collapse requests even if the panel is disabled.
    • Change preserveWhitespace default to false.
    • Add enterAccepts flag.
  • Material Input:
    • Show counter regardless of focus.
    • Add error message to MaterialPercentInputDirective.
  • Material List: Allow pointer events when disabled.
  • Material Popup: Fix positioning when matchMinSourceWidth is true.
  • Material Ripple: Show a centered ripple on keypress.
  • Material Select:
    • Only display underline when border is also set.
    • Add useCheckMarks to use check marks instead of checkboxes.
  • Material Tooltips: Resize to fit contents.
  • Material Yes/No Buttons: Add enterAccepts flag.
  • Deprecate LazyStreamController and migrate to StreamController.
  • Migrate use of LazyEventController to StreamController.
  • Documentation fixes.
  • Strong mode fixes.

0.5.0 #

  • Rename library to angular_components.

All previous versions were published as the Pub Package named angular2_components.

0.4.1-beta #

  • Updated dependencies on pkg/quiver and pkg/intl.

0.4.1-alpha #

This code is considered production quality, but depends on angular2: 3.0.0-alpha+1. The alpha tag represents the evolving nature of the AngularDart API, not code quality (3.0.0-alpha+1 is used in production Google apps).

  • Add Dynamic Component.
  • Add Material Select.
  • Add core Material Design .scss files as a reference. Currently not used during build.
  • Material Chip: Add option for icon on the left.
  • Material Expansionpanel: Add option to always display expansion icon.
  • Material Input:
    • Add an optional errorRenderer that will allow clients to override/specify their own error messages.
    • Add percent input directive.
  • Material Multiline Input: Fix 'hint' typo in inputs list.
  • Material Radio Group: Support deselecting all radio buttons for unmatched value.
  • Material Tooltip: Reduce delay.
  • i18l improvements.

0.4.0-alpha #

This code is considered production quality, but depends on angular2: 3.0.0-alpha+1. The alpha tag represents the evolving nature of the AngularDart API, not code quality (3.0.0-alpha+1 is used in production Google apps).

Breaking Changes #

  • Update for generic syntax and FutureOr type introduced in Dart SDK 1.22.0.
  • Material Toggle: Remove the deprecated color theme input.
  • Material Button, Fab, Yes/No:
    • Remove is-disabled and is-raised HTML classes used for styling. Custom styles should now use [disabled] and [raised] instead of .is-disabled and .is-raised when targeting buttons.
    • Remove z-index of 0.

Other Changes #

  • Focus: Fix AX_ARIA_08 a11y issue.
  • Glyph: Option to horizontally flip glyphs when the direction is RTL.
  • Material Chips: Use :host to remove need for wrapper div.
  • Material Expansionpanel: Fix panel overflow issues.
  • Material Input:
    • Add new number accessors and validators.
    • Add ability to override/specify error messages.
    • Fix AX_TEXT_01 a11y issue.
  • Material List:
    • Block pointer events for disabled list items.
    • Remove duplicate mixin.
  • Material Popup: Disable animation delay when there is nothing to animate.
  • Material Radio: Fix styling issue, flex for IE11.
  • Material Tab Panel: Fix issue that prevents displaying tabs on initialization.
  • Material Yes/No Buttons: Add submit/cancel buttons.
  • Scorecard:
    • Add support for RTL languages in scrollable scoreboards.
    • Add support for themes.
    • Prevent exceptions during width calculations when scorecard width is auto.
  • Compute the ARIA roles only once per instance.
  • Fix dom update issues.
  • Add proper types to injected providers.
  • Add missing imports and remove unsupported Angular imports.
  • Strong mode fixes.

0.3.1-alpha #

This code is considered production quality, but depends on angular2: 3.0.0-alpha. The alpha tag represents the evolving nature of the AngularDart API, not code quality (3.0.0-alpha is used in production Google apps).

  • Add Material List.
  • Material Expansionpanel: Add autoDismissable directive.
  • Material Progress: Handle changes to "indeterminate" state.
  • Scorecard: Add input to display vertically.
  • Update styles to meet Material UI spec.

0.3.0-alpha #

This code is considered production quality, but depends on angular2: 3.0.0-alpha. The alpha tag represents the evolving nature of the AngularDart API.

  • Add Material Tooltip.
  • Material Ripple:
    • Add GPU acceleration.
    • rippleBindings have been removed as they are no longer used.
  • Internal updates for compatibility with Angular 3.0.0-alpha.
  • Material Expansion Panel:
    • Fix CSS rule that causes header text to turn gray on hover/focus.
    • Support auto-focus on a content element when the material expansion panel expands.
    • Fix Yes/No button ordering.
  • Material Input:
    • Add a blur update value accessor.
    • Add multiple attribute.
    • Remove unused properties: rows and maxRows.
  • Material Input Multiline: Add auto grow in size.
  • Material Popup: Update change detection for OnPush.
  • Material Progress: Update to animate when main thread is blocked.
  • Material Radio: Adjust size to 24px.
  • Material Yes/No: Add toggle for yes button visibility.
  • Scorecard: Update change detection.
  • Fix flipped alignment positions when isRtl is used.
  • Fix popup event handling.
  • Remove 'uninitialized' as a default value.
  • Remove unused CSS rules.
  • Update styles to meet Material UI spec.
  • Bug fixes.
  • Strong Mode fixes.

0.2.2 #

  • Add Material Popup, a basic popup component.
  • Update Material Checkbox icon size.
  • Cleanup framework stabilizers since issue #24843 in the Dart SDK has been resolved.
  • Remove unused files.

0.2.1 #

  • Rollup of recent changes.
  • Includes fix for breaking change in Angular 2.2.0.

0.2.0 #

  • Add a modal dialog window called material_dialog.
  • Rename MultilineMaterialInputComponent to MaterialMultilineInputComponent.
  • Make the deferredContent placeholder element optional, off by default.
  • Remove InputTextModel.
  • Cleanup linter warnings.
  • Refactor color support.
  • Many components now support removing whitespace in the templates.
  • Refactor tab key index to a mixin.
  • Various updates and cleanup.

0.1.1 #

  • Small change to

0.1.0 #

  • Initial Open Source release.

Use this package as a library

1. Depend on it

Add this to your package's pubspec.yaml file:

  angular_components: ^0.12.0

2. Install it

You can install packages from the command line:

with pub:

$ pub get

Alternatively, your editor might support pub get. Check the docs for your editor to learn more.

3. Import it

Now in your Dart code, you can use:

import 'package:angular_components/angular_components.dart';
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Code health derived from static analysis. [more]
Reflects how tidy and up-to-date the package is. [more]
Weighted score of the above. [more]
Learn more about scoring.

We analyzed this package on Nov 5, 2019, and provided a score, details, and suggestions below. Analysis was completed with status completed using:

  • Dart: 2.6.0
  • pana: 0.12.21


Detected platforms: web

Primary library: package:angular_components/angular_components.dart with components: html, js.

Health suggestions

Fix lib/material_select/material_select_item.dart. (-5.84 points)

Analysis of lib/material_select/material_select_item.dart reported 12 hints, including:

line 37 col 5: 'GlyphComponent' is deprecated and shouldn't be used. Use MaterialIconComponent instead.

line 49 col 9: 'HasComponentRenderer' is deprecated and shouldn't be used. Use HasFactoryRenderer instead as it allows for treeshaking.

line 88 col 17: 'getBool' is deprecated and shouldn't be used. Angular now supports boolean properties natively, for @Attribute use [attributeToBool]..

line 125 col 21: 'getBool' is deprecated and shouldn't be used. Angular now supports boolean properties natively, for @Attribute use [attributeToBool]..

line 163 col 22: 'getBool' is deprecated and shouldn't be used. Angular now supports boolean properties natively, for @Attribute use [attributeToBool]..

Fix lib/src/model/selection/multi_selection_model_impl.dart. (-4.89 points)

Analysis of lib/src/model/selection/multi_selection_model_impl.dart reported 10 hints, including:

line 26 col 7: 'notifyPropertyChange' is deprecated and shouldn't be used. Use PropertyChangeNotifier.

line 27 col 7: 'notifyPropertyChange' is deprecated and shouldn't be used. Use PropertyChangeNotifier.

line 39 col 9: 'notifyPropertyChange' is deprecated and shouldn't be used. Use PropertyChangeNotifier.

line 40 col 9: 'notifyPropertyChange' is deprecated and shouldn't be used. Use PropertyChangeNotifier.

line 55 col 9: 'notifyPropertyChange' is deprecated and shouldn't be used. Use PropertyChangeNotifier.

Fix lib/material_input/material_input_multiline.dart. (-2.96 points)

Analysis of lib/material_input/material_input_multiline.dart reported 6 hints, including:

line 62 col 3: 'ElementRef' is deprecated and shouldn't be used. Inject or reference dart:html Element or HtmlElement instead.

line 71 col 3: 'ElementRef' is deprecated and shouldn't be used. Inject or reference dart:html Element or HtmlElement instead.

line 107 col 3: 'ElementRef' is deprecated and shouldn't be used. Inject or reference dart:html Element or HtmlElement instead.

line 111 col 3: 'ElementRef' is deprecated and shouldn't be used. Inject or reference dart:html Element or HtmlElement instead.

line 117 col 25: 'ElementRef' is deprecated and shouldn't be used. Inject or reference dart:html Element or HtmlElement instead.

Fix additional 46 files with analysis or formatting issues. (-39.36 points)

Additional issues in the following files:

  • lib/src/model/selection/delegating_selection_model.dart (6 hints)
  • lib/material_input/material_auto_suggest_input.dart (5 hints)
  • lib/material_stepper/material_step.dart (5 hints)
  • lib/material_input/material_input.dart (4 hints)
  • lib/src/model/selection/single_selection_model_impl.dart (4 hints)
  • lib/laminate/ruler/module.dart (3 hints)
  • lib/material_menu/menu_item_groups.dart (3 hints)
  • lib/model/date/time_zone_aware_clock.dart (3 hints)
  • lib/model/selection/selection_container.dart (3 hints)
  • lib/laminate/overlay/module.dart (2 hints)
  • lib/laminate/portal/portal.dart (2 hints)
  • lib/material_datepicker/date_range_input.dart (2 hints)
  • lib/material_datepicker/material_calendar_picker.dart (2 hints)
  • lib/src/material_tree/material_tree_node.dart (2 hints)
  • lib/src/utils/angular/managed_zone/managed_zone.dart (2 hints)
  • lib/utils/angular/reference/reference.dart (2 hints)
  • lib/dynamic_component/dynamic_component.dart (1 hint)
  • lib/material_datepicker/date_input.dart (1 hint)
  • lib/material_datepicker/date_range_editor.dart (1 hint)
  • lib/material_datepicker/material_date_range_picker.dart (1 hint)
  • lib/material_datepicker/material_month_picker.dart (1 hint)
  • lib/material_datepicker/module.dart (1 hint)
  • lib/material_dialog/material_dialog.dart (1 hint)
  • lib/material_input/base_material_input.dart (1 hint)
  • lib/material_input/material_number_validators.dart (1 hint)
  • lib/material_menu/affix/icon_affix_model.dart (1 hint)
  • lib/material_menu/menu_popup_wrapper.dart (1 hint)
  • lib/material_popup/material_popup.dart (1 hint)
  • lib/material_ripple/material_ripple.dart (1 hint)
  • lib/material_select/dropdown_button.dart (1 hint)
  • lib/material_select/material_dropdown_select.dart (1 hint)
  • lib/material_select/material_select.dart (1 hint)
  • lib/material_select/material_select_dropdown_item.dart (1 hint)
  • lib/material_spinner/material_spinner.dart (1 hint)
  • lib/material_stepper/material_stepper.dart (1 hint)
  • lib/mixins/highlight_assistant_mixin.dart (1 hint)
  • lib/model/date/date_formatter.dart (1 hint)
  • lib/model/menu/menu.dart (1 hint)
  • lib/src/laminate/popup/popup_hierarchy.dart (1 hint)
  • lib/src/material_tree/material_tree_dropdown.dart (1 hint)
  • lib/src/material_tree/material_tree_root.dart (1 hint)
  • lib/utils/angular/managed_zone/interface.dart (1 hint)
  • lib/utils/angular/scroll_host/angular_2.dart (1 hint)
  • lib/utils/browser/dom_service/dom_service.dart (1 hint)
  • lib/utils/browser/events/events.dart (1 hint)
  • lib/utils/angular/properties/properties.dart (Run dartfmt to format lib/utils/angular/properties/properties.dart.)

Maintenance issues and suggestions

Support latest dependencies. (-40 points)

The version constraint in pubspec.yaml does not support the latest published versions for 4 dependencies (angular, build_config, intl, protobuf).

Homepage URL doesn't exist. (-20 points)

At the time of the analysis the homepage field was unreachable.

Maintain an example. (-10 points)

Create a short demo in the example/ directory to show how to use this package.

Common filename patterns include main.dart, example.dart, and angular_components.dart. Packages with multiple examples should provide example/

For more information see the pub package layout conventions.


Package Constraint Resolved Available
Direct dependencies
Dart SDK >=2.1.0-dev.9.4 <3.0.0
angular ^5.2.0 5.3.1 6.0.0-alpha+1
angular_forms ^2.1.0 2.1.2 2.1.4
async ^2.0.8 2.4.0
build >=0.11.1 <2.0.0 1.2.1
build_config >=0.2.6 <0.4.0 0.3.2 0.4.1+1
built_collection ^4.0.0 4.2.2
collection ^1.14.10 1.14.12
fixnum ^0.10.7 0.10.11
intl >=0.14.0 <0.16.0 0.15.8 0.16.0
js ^0.6.1 0.6.1+1
logging ^0.11.2 0.11.3+2
meta ^1.0.4 1.1.8
observable ^0.22.1+3 0.22.2
protobuf ^0.10.4 0.10.8 1.0.0
quiver >=0.24.0 <3.0.0 2.1.1
sass_builder ^2.0.2 2.1.3
Transitive dependencies
analyzer 0.35.4 0.39.1
analyzer_plugin 0.2.1
angular_ast 0.5.9 0.5.11
angular_compiler 0.4.3 0.4.5
args 1.5.2
built_value 6.8.2 7.0.0
built_value_generator 6.8.2 7.0.0
charcode 1.1.2
checked_yaml 1.0.2
cli_repl 0.2.0+1
code_builder 3.2.0
convert 2.1.1
crypto 2.1.3
csslib 0.14.6+1 0.16.1
dart_internal 0.1.7
dart_style 1.2.4 1.3.3
front_end 0.1.14 0.1.29
glob 1.2.0
html 0.14.0+3
http 0.12.0+2
http_parser 3.1.3
json_annotation 2.4.0 3.0.0
kernel 0.3.14 0.3.29
matcher 0.12.6
node_interop 1.0.3
node_io 1.0.1+2
package_config 1.1.0
package_resolver 1.0.10
pedantic 1.8.0+1
pub_semver 1.4.2
pubspec_parse 0.1.5
sass 1.23.3
source_gen 0.9.4+4 0.9.4+6
source_maps 0.10.8
source_span 1.5.5
stack_trace 1.9.3
stream_transform 0.0.19
string_scanner 1.0.5
term_glyph 1.1.0
tuple 1.0.3
typed_data 1.1.6
watcher 0.9.7+12
yaml 2.2.0
Dev dependencies
path ^1.6.1 1.6.4
test ^1.0.0