analyzer 0.30.0-alpha.2
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Static analyzer for Dart.

0.30.0-alpha.0 #

  • Changed the API for creating BazelWorkspace. It should now be constructed using BazelWorkspace.find(). Note that this might return null in the event that the given path is not part of a BazelWorkspace.
  • Added an AST structure to support asserts in constructor initializers (AssertInitializer). AstVisitor classes must now implement visitAssertInitializer().
  • Changed the API for creating PartOfDirective. It now accepts a StringLiteral URI, to accomodate "part of" declarations with a URI string rather than a library name.
  • Removed AST constructors. AST nodes should now be created using astFactory, located in package:analyzer/dart/ast/standard_ast_factory.dart.

0.29.0-alpha.0 #

  • Removed Element.docRange.

0.28.2-alpha.0 #

  • Corresponds with the analyzer/server in the 1.20.0-dev.1.0 SDK.

0.28.0-alpha.2 #

  • Fixed PubSummaryManager linking when a listed package does not have the unlinked bundle.

0.27.4-alpha.19 #

  • Added support for running the dev compiler in the browser.

0.27.4-alpha.18 #

  • Support for references to operators in doc comments (#26929).

0.27.4-alpha.17 #

  • Support for trailing commas in parameter and argument lists (#26647).
  • Strong mode breaking change: can now infer generic type arguments from the constructor invocation arguments (#25220).

0.27.4-alpha.16 #

  • (Internal) Corresponds with the analyzer/server in the 1.18.0-dev.4.0 SDK.

0.27.4-alpha.9 #

  • Restore EmbedderUriResolver API.

0.27.4-alpha.8 #

  • Ignore processing performance improvements.
  • EmbedderUriResolver API updates.

0.27.4 #

  • Added support for 'analysis_options.yaml' files as an alternative to '.analysis_options' files.

0.27.1 #

  • Moved the public and private API's for the element model into their proper places.
  • Added back support for auto-processing of plugins.

0.27.0 #

  • Support for DEP 37 (Assert with optional message).
  • Lexical support for DEP 40 (Interface libraries). This does not include any semantic checking to ensure that the implementation libraries are compatible with the interface library.
  • Cleaned up the initialization of plugins. Clients are now required to initialize plugins, possibly using the utility method AnalysisEngine.processRequiredPlugins().
  • Removed the old task model and code that supported it. None of the removed code was intended to be public API, but might be in use anyway.
  • Removed previously deprecated API's (marked with the @deprecated annotation).

0.26.4 #

  • Options processing API updated to accept untyped options maps (#25126).

0.26.3 #

  • (Internal) Support for _embedder.yaml discovery and processing.

0.26.2 #

  • Add code generation utilities for use in both analyzer and analysis server.

0.26.1+17 #

  • (Internal) Introduced context configuration logic (configureContext() extracted from server).

0.26.1+16 #

  • (Internal) Options validation plugin API update.

0.26.1+15 #

  • (Internal) Provisional options validation plugin API.

0.26.1+13 #

  • (Internal) Plugin processing fixes.

0.26.1+11 #

  • Fixes to address lint registry memory leaking.

0.26.1+10 #

  • New AnalysisContext API for associating configuration data with contexts (setConfigurationData() and getConfigurationData()).

0.26.1+9 #

  • OptionsProcessor extension point API changed to pass associated AnalysisContext instance into the optionsProcessed call-back.

0.26.1+6 #

  • Provisional (internal) plugin manifest parsing.

0.26.1+5 #

  • Plugin configuration ErrorHandler typedef API fix.

0.26.1+4 #

  • Provisional (internal) support for plugin configuration via .analysis_options.

0.26.1+2 #

  • Extension point for WorkManagerFactory(s).
  • Resolve enum documentation comments.
  • Fix display of parameter lists in servers Element structure (issue 24194)
  • Band-aid fix for issue #24191.

0.26.1+1 #

  • Removed a warning about importing unnamed libraries
  • Fix handling of empty URIs in .packages files (issue 24126)

0.26.1 #

  • Fix line starts in multiline comments (issue 23919).
  • Various small fixes to Windows path handling.
  • Update LineInfo computation during incremental resolution.
  • Make exclude list apply to contexts (issue 23941).
  • Fix type propagation for asynchronous for-in statements.
  • Fix ToStringVisitor for external functions (issue 23968).
  • Fix sorting of compilation unit members.
  • Add forwarding for DefaultFormalParameter metadata.
  • Fix most implementations of UriResolver.restoreAbsolute.
  • Disable dart2js hints by default.
  • Support older SDKs (Dart 1.11).

0.26.0 #

  • Add hook for listening to implicitly analyzed files
  • Add a PathFilter and AnalysisOptionsProvider utility classes to aid clients in excluding files from analysis when directed to do so by an options file.
  • API change: UriResolver.resolveUri(..) now takes an optional actualUri.
  • Change ResolutionCopier.visitAwaitExpression to copy *Type fields.
  • Fix highlight range for missing enum constant in switch (issue 23904).
  • Fix analyzer's treatment of ClassName?.staticMember to match spec.
  • Implement DEP 34 (less restricted mixins).
  • Fix some implementations of UriResolver.resolveUri(..) that did not properly handle the new actualUri argument.

0.25.2 #

  • Requires Dart SDK 1.12-dev or greater
  • Enable null-aware operators (DEP 9) by default.
  • Generic method support in the element model.

0.25.2-alpha.1 #

  • dart:sdk extension .sdkext changed to _sdkext (to play nicer with pub).

0.25.2-alpha.0 #

  • Initial support for analyzing dart:sdk extensions from .sdkext.

0.25.1 #

  • (Internal) code reorganization to address analysis warnings due to SDK reorg.
  • First steps towards .packages support.

0.25.0 #

  • Commandline interface moved to dedicated analyzer_cli package. Files moved:
    • bin/analyzer.dart
    • lib/options.dart
    • lib/src/analyzer_impl.dart
    • lib/src/error_formatter.dart
  • Removed dependency on the args package.

0.22.1 #

  • Changes in the async/await support.

0.22.0 #

New API:

  • Source.uri added.

    Breaking changes:

  • DartSdk.fromEncoding replaced with fromFileUri.

  • Source.resolveRelative replaced with resolveRelativeUri.