analyzer 0.25.3-alpha.0
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outdated Dart 2 incompatible

Static analyzer for Dart.

0.25.3-alpha.0 #

  • Add hook for listening to implicitly analyzed files
  • Add a PathFilter and AnalysisOptionsProvider utility classes to aid clients in excluding files from analysis when directed to do so by an options file.

0.25.2 #

  • Enable null-aware operators (DEP 9) by default.
  • Generic method support in the element model.

0.25.2-alpha.1 #

  • dart:sdk extension .sdkext changed to _sdkext (to play nicer with pub).

0.25.2-alpha.0 #

  • Initial support for analyzing dart:sdk extensions from .sdkext.

0.25.1 #

  • (Internal) code reorganization to address analysis warnings due to SDK reorg.
  • First steps towards .packages support.

0.25.0 #

  • Commandline interface moved to dedicated analyzer_cli package. Files moved:
    • bin/analyzer.dart
    • lib/options.dart
    • lib/src/analyzer_impl.dart
    • lib/src/error_formatter.dart
  • Removed dependency on the args package.

0.22.1 #

  • Changes in the async/await support.

0.22.0 #

New API:

  • Source.uri added.

    Breaking changes:

  • DartSdk.fromEncoding replaced with fromFileUri.

  • Source.resolveRelative replaced with resolveRelativeUri.