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SqfEntity ORM for Flutter/Dart lets you build and execute SQL commands easily and quickly with the help of fluent methods similar to .Net Entity Framework.

IndexedDB API on top of sqflite for Flutter (Desktop and Mobile) and DartVM io applications

The typesafe, reactive, and lightweight SQLite abstraction for your Flutter applications. This library is the runtime dependency.

sembast NoSQL database support on top of sqflite, cross process safe database.

A Brick domain that routes data fetching through local providers before remote providers.

A Flutter plugin for fetching Firebase database data with read from cache first then server.

A Flutter cache manager plugin for storing and managing Dart data types.

Flexible migrations for sqflite with a clear concise syntax.

SQLite connector for Brick, a data persistence library for Flutter

Supporting package for SQL or Moor that allows the easy export of SQL based Moor databases to CSV form, for external storage or sharing. Works on all platforms other than Web.

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