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Pure dart package to cast videos to your ChromeCast device and control their playback

Fast and productive web framework by Google. Separate, but similar to the JavaScript framework with a similar name.

A Discord library for Dart. Simple, robust framework for creating discord bots for Dart language.

A high-powered HTTP server extensible framework with dependency injection, routing and much more.

A fully-featured Reddit API wrapper for Dart, inspired by PRAW.

A Flutter plugin to retrieve, create and save contacts and contact-related events on Android and iOS devices.

Provides client and server functionality for setting up bi-directional communication through Server Sent Events (SSE) and corresponding POST requests.

A neat cache abstraction for wrapping in-memory or redis caches.

LDAP v3 client library for Dart. Supports basic LDAP operations, add, delete, search, modify against any LDAP v3 compliant server.

A Flutter plugin for audio playback.

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