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Optimus is a design system for mobile platforms (and web in future) used internally in Mews.

A configurable file explorer widget for Flutter. Trailing and leading widgets are configurable.

A flutter plugin project to provide ease of managing contacts for an atsign using atprotocol.

Stream Chat official Flutter SDK. Build your own chat experience using Dart and Flutter.

A new flutter plugin project.

A Flutter plugin with Cupertino Controller Examples. This includes a Table View Controller, Master Detail Controller, Cupertino Cell with Xcode Storyboard templates (basic detail, subtitle...), and de

A flutter plugin project to provide the group functionality with contacts using atprotocol.

A set of Flutter widgets and reusable UI components from DNB's design system

Explore the application's documents directory. A quick way to look at an application's data directory content for debug purposes. Can also upload files and directories to a server.

Flutter inbox package from Neuron with love.

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