over_react.react_dom library

Exposes a typed version of react_dom.render and react_dom.unmountComponentAtNode from the react package so that over_react consumers do not have to declare a direct dependency on the react package in their pubspec.yaml.

This allows us to insulate our consumers from "breaking" internal changes in the react package.

It is strongly suggested that consumers namespace when importing this library to avoid collisions when creating custom UiComponents.

import 'package:over_react/react_dom.dart' as react_dom;
import 'package:over_react/over_react.dart';


render(ReactElement element, Element mountNode) → dynamic
Renders the provided element into the DOM mounted in the provided mountNode and returns a reference to it based on its type: [...]
unmountComponentAtNode(Element mountNode) bool
Removes a React Component from the DOM that was mounted via render and cleans up its event handlers and state. [...]