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Flexible bottom sheet with the ability to scroll content even without a list.

Software architecture pattern for teams with different sizes. Add possibility to work separately. Separate UI, presentation logic and business logic.

Library for getting widget metrics. Uses RenderObject to get the size and position of widgets relative to the screen window, as well as the difference between widgets.

the stream representation of the relations of the entities and widget utilities

Lint rules for "Surf" company for Dart and Flutter projects. Like pedantic but stricter.

Interface for working with analytic services. The library is supposed to unify work with various analytic services.

Reflection of widget in a single entity. Includes: surf_injector, relation, mwwm, rxdart.

Library for implementing push notifications. The module contains the main work with push notifications.

Widget for simple switch content by selected item in bottom bar

Widget library with ink effect without problems with decoration for child.