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Highly customisable text widget and controller to enable styling and gesture actions.#text
A glittering widget for Flutter, handy for making part of your app a little shiny.
A Flutter package with extension methods on Listenable / ValueListenable as an alternative to AnimatedBuilder, ListenableBuilder and ValueListenableBuilder.
A Dart package for flexibly parsing text into easy-to-handle format according to multiple regular expression patterns.#text#parser
An easy and safe DI (Dependency Injection) solution for Dart with support for scoping.#dependency-injection
A sealed class and its subclasses representing phases of an asynchronous operation.
Utility for using Pot in Flutter to limit the lifespan of particular Pots according to the widget lifecycle.#dependency-injection
A variant of ValueNotifier that helps you better manage phases of asynchronous operations.
A Dart package for easier and more comprehensible flow of error handling and logging.
Lint rules to warn you about common misuse of Grab and fix it quickly.