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Full flutter support for latest Google Material Symbols Icons.
Console text coloring and styling library for Dart. 'Terminal string styling done right'
Custom mouse cursors for Flutter which are devicePixelRatio aware.
Dart JS interop for Mermaid - The Javascript tool that makes use of a markdown based syntax to render customizable diagrams, charts and visualizations.
Class for accessing web service for diagram syntax to svg rendering.
Simple package to ease the creation of flexible flutter layouts using Row() widgets which can dynamically split into multiple rows based on the device's screen width.
Provides useful functions for signal processing such as Fast Fourier Transform, windowing (apodization), variance/standard deviation and others.
This package provides easy-to-use dialogs of various types and some other GUI elements (popups, tables, icon panels) for use in Web applications, based on 'dart:html'.
Fits (x, y) data given as arrays to a specified model function using the Levenberg-Marquardt algorithm.
Provides basic functionalities for 1- and 2-dimensional arrays. Minima/maxima. Split, shuffle, swap, extract, extend. Submatrices, rows, columns, projections, sums.