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Smart project structure with dependency injection and route management

Show Snackbars, dialogs, ModalSheets in a single provider. Simple and Clean.

Extension to ValueNotifier by transparently applying functional reactive programming (TFRP)

Implementation of the Segmented State Pattern (SSP) nicknamed Triple.

Just a package with bases to deploy the BloC your code. Modules, Consumers And BLoC!

Connect your Flutter/Dart apps to Hasura simply. All the power of GraphQL and Postgres in Flutter.

The purpose of Radial Button is facilitating the creation for FloatingActionButton and for the purpose that you need, using complete circle, semi-circle.

Use Consumer, Select and BlocConsumer in any System Injector.

CLI package manager and template for Flutter. Generate Modules, Pages, Widgets, BLoCs, MobX, Triple and more.

Abstraction for the Segmented State Pattern