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at_persistence_spec is the Specification for the persistence layer implementation of @protocol development.

at_commons library will be used for commonly used components in implementation of the @protocol.

A flutter package to provide common widgets used by other atsign flutter packages.

Library for executing at commands on a secondary server. Example - scan. update, lookup, llookup, plookup etc.

at_client is the Client SDK which provides the essential methods for building an app using the @protocol.

A flutter plugin project for saving backup key of any @sign that is being onboarded with @protocol apps. Backup key can used to authenticate in any @protocol apps.

A flutter plugin project to provide chat feature using atsigns and atprotocol.

A library of data that contains demo enviroment variables and @sign credentials that can used for demo apps and testing

at_persistence_secondary_server is the Persistence layer implementation for @protocol secondary server.

The at_server_status library provides an easy means to check on the status of the @root server as well as the @server for a particular @sign.