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A Dart library that contains the core commands that can be used with a secondary server (scan, update, lookup, llookup, plookup, etc.)

A Dart library that contains various utility classes such as atSign, atmetadata, configuration, and logger.

A Flutter package to provide common widgets used by other @‎platform Flutter packages.

A library of Dart and Flutter utility classes that are used across other components of the @‎platform.

A Flutter extension to the at_client library which adds support for mobile, desktop and IoT devices.

A Dart library that provides a means to check on the status of the @‎root server as well as the secondary server for any particular @‎sign.

A Flutter plugin project for saving the backup key of any @‎sign that is being onboarded with @‎platform apps. The backup key can be used to authenticate in other @‎platform apps.

The at_client library is the non-platform specific Client SDK which provides the essential methods for building an app using the @protocol.

A Dart library containing abstract classes that defines what an implementation of the persistence layer is responsible for. This can be used to guide implementation of other persistence solutions for [...]

A Dart library for managing contact data that developers can use for their applications.