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To develop apps using a framework following the MVC design pattern separating the app's 'interface' from its 'business logic' and from its 'data source' if any.

A Library Package that utilizes the plugin, shared_preferences, to store and read an app’s preferences in both the Android and the iOS platform.

Flutter Framework for Applications using the MVC Design Pattern

Authorization Library Package to log into Google, Facebook, or by Username and Password.

Easily add Ads to your App with one static function call with an array of options.

Database utilities class library for SQLite and any number of other DBMS implemented in the future.

Allows you to easily provide translations of your local text to other supported languages.

Works with Flutter Remote Config plugin to retrieve an array of values from a typical Firebase project's Remote Config settings.

A subclass of the State object placed in a static collection.

Application Framework in the MVC Design Pattern using plugins and packages prior to the AndroidX migration.