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A Dart library for interacting with Z-Wave devices on RPi

zwave.dart #

zwave is a Dart package for interacting with Z-Wave devices.

Overview #

This Dart package uses the Open Z-Wave library to communicate with a compatible Z-Wave Controller and interact with Z-Wave devices.

Usage #

See the zwave library for more about how to interact with Z-Wave devices.

Requirements #

Setup #

Pair your Z-Wave controller with your Z-Wave devices, then install the Open Z-Wave library. Use the MinOZW example that is included in the Open Z-Wave library to ensure that the Open Z-Wave library is installed correctly and can communicate with your devices using your Z-Wave Controller.

Activate this zwave package using the pub global command.

    pub global activate zwave

From your application directory (the application that references the zwave package) run the following command to build the native library

    pub global run zwave:build_lib

pub global activate makes the Dart scripts in the zwave/bin directory runnable from the command line. pub global run zwave:build_lib runs the zwave/bin/build_lib.dart program which in turn calls the build_lib script to compile the native library for the zwave package.

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A Dart library for interacting with Z-Wave devices on RPi

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