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A Dart library for accessing common Win32 APIs using FFI. No C required!


The package includes a number of examples in the example subdirectory. These examples use the Win32 API for all UI display and (unless mentioned) do not require Flutter.

Example Description
hello.dart Basic Petzoldian "hello world" Win32 app
bluetooth.dart Demonstrate enumerating Bluetooth devices
bluetoothle.dart Enumerate Bluetooth LE (Low Energy) devices
calendar.dart Gets information about the calendar from a WinRT API
commdlg.dart Demonstrates using the color chooser common dialog box
credentials.dart Adds a credential to the store and retrieves it
customtitlebar.dart Demonstrates creation of owner-draw title bar region
customwin.dart Displays a non-rectangular window
devices.dart Uses volume management APIs to list all disk devices
dialog.dart Create a custom dialog box in code
dialogshow.dart Creates a common item dialog (file picker) using COM
diskinfo.dart Use DeviceIoControl() for direct device operations
dump.dart Use debugger libraries to print DLL exported functions
dynamic_load.dart Demonstrate loading a DLL and calling it at runtime
explorer\ Example Flutter app that uses Win32 file picker APIs
filever.dart Getting file version information from the file resource
gamepad.dart Show which gamepads are connected
guid.dart Creates a globally unique identifier (GUID)
idispatch.dart Demonstrates calling a method using IDispatch
knownfolder.dart Retrieves known folders from the current user profile
magnifier.dart Provides a magnifier window using the Magnification API
manifest\ Demonstrates the use of app manifests for compiled apps
midi.dart Demonstrates MIDI playback using MCI commands
modules.dart Enumerates all loaded modules on the current system
monitor.dart Uses DDC and monitor-config API to get monitor caps
msgbox.dart Demonstrates a MessageBox from the console
notepad\ Lightweight replica of the Windows notepad applet
paint.dart Demonstrates simple GDI drawing and min/max window sizing
pipe.dart Shows use of named pipes for interprocess communication
play_sound.dart Plays a WAV file through the Windows PlaySound API
printer_list.dart Enumerate available printers on the Windows system
printer_raw.dart Sends RAW data directly to a Windows Printer
registry.dart Demonstrates querying the registry for values
screenshot.dart Takes a screenshot of the current desktop
scroll.dart Example of horizontal and vertical scrolling text window
sendinput.dart Sends keyboard and mouse input to another window
serial.dart Demonstrates serial port management
setupapi.dart Show using setup APIs to retrieve device interfaces
shortcut.dart Demonstrates creating a Windows shell link
snake.dart Snake game using various GDI features
speech.dart Use Windows speech engine for text-to-speech
sysinfo.dart Examples of getting device information from native C APIs
taskdialog.dart Demonstrates using modern task dialog boxes
tetris\main.dart Port of an open-source Tetris game to Dart
vt.dart Shows virtual terminal sequences
wallpaper.dart Shows what wallpaper and background color are set
wasapi.dart Demonstrates sound generation with WASAPI library
window.dart Enumerates open windows and basic window manipulation
winmd.dart Interrogate Windows Runtime types
wmi_perf.dart Uses WMI to retrieve performance counters
wmi_wql.dart Uses WMI to retrieve information using WQL
wsl.dart Retrieve information from a WSL instance through APIs
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A Dart library for accessing common Win32 APIs using FFI. No C required!

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