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WelltestedAI is a Testing AI Pilot helping developers add and maintain tests as they code and deliver stable welltested apps to users.

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Welltested AI is a testing autopilot that automatically creates and maintains unit test coverage in your codebase, helping you deliver welltested apps to users.


Setup #

⚙️ Configure API Key #

Please setup an account, and get your API Key. Welltested AI is completely free for individual developers.

Create a .env file at the root of your project, and add your API key received in the email.


✅ Activate Dependency #

Add welltested_annotation in your pubspec.yaml along with mockito and build_runner as optional dev_dependencies.

  welltested_annotation: ^1.0.1

  //[optional] to generate mocks

Then activate the welltested CLI globally:

dart pub global activate welltested

Note: You may also use welltested init to automatically install the required dependencies and setup the API Key configuration.

Quick Start #

1. Annotate for Testing #

Add the @Welltested() annotation to the classes and extensions whose methods you want to test or directly to the top level functions.

class Auth {
    Future<void> logInUser() {...}
    Future<void> logOutUser() {...}

In the above case, welltested will generate unit tests for logInUser and logOutUser methods of Auth class.

2. Generate Unit Tests #

To generate unit tests for annotated classes, please run:

welltested generate unit

This takes a few minutes to complete and the generated tests can be found in the /test folder.

3. Save Unit Tests #

If you make adjustments to the generated tests, please save them by running the command:

welltested save unit

Note: Saving tests regularly helps welltested learn from your changes and improve the quality of future test generations.

Exclude Methods

By default, all methods in an annotated class are included for testing. To exclude any methods, add their names to the excludedMethods list in the Welltested annotation.

@Welltested(excludedMethods: ['logOutUser'])
class Auth {
    Future<void> logInUser() {...}
    Future<void> logOutUser() {...}

For example, here welltested will not generate unit tests for logOutUser method.

Custom Testcases

To specify custom testcases for any method, use @Testcases() annotation.

class Auth {
    @Testcases(['Throws exception when email is empty'])
    Future<User> logInUser() {...}

Developer Docs #

For detailed documentation, please read our Developer Docs.


The minimum supported Flutter SDK version is 2.5.0 with Dart SDK v2.14.0. Make sure to upgrade your project to the minimum supported Flutter and Dart SDK versions before using Welltested AI.

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WelltestedAI is a Testing AI Pilot helping developers add and maintain tests as they code and deliver stable welltested apps to users.

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