analysis_server_lib 0.2.0
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A library to access Dart's analysis server API.

analysis_server_lib #

A library to access Dart's analysis server API.

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What is the analysis server? #

The analysis server is a long-running process that provides analysis results to other tools. It is designed to provide on-going analysis of one or more code bases as those code bases are changing.

Using the server #

Clients (typically tools, such as an editor) are expected to run the analysis server in a separate process and communicate with it over a JSON protocol. The protocol is specified here.

Here's a simple example of starting and communicating with the server:

import 'package:analysis_server_lib/analysis_server_lib.dart';

main() async {
  AnalysisServer server = await AnalysisServer.create();
  await server.server.onConnected.first;

  VersionResult version = await server.server.getVersion();