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Collection of simple string and other types utilities.

A collection of string utilities.

These utilities simplifies some formatting needs. The main methods are:

  • cut() -> Cuts a String at the required length if bigger or returns the origin otherwise.

  • cutAndAlign() -> Cuts a String or pads it right or left with a certain character to the required length if needed

  • preserveOnlyChars() -> returns a String containing only the required characters. Optionally the removed characters can be substituted by a placeholder.

  • splitInLines() -> split a sentence in lines of the required length based on a given separator.

  • capitalize() -> Capitalize the first character of the string and lowercase the others.

  • onlyContainsDigits() -> returns true if the string contains only digits.

  • onlyContainsAlpha() -> returns true if the string only contains alpha characters (RegExp [a-zA-Z])

  • isDartIdentifier() -> returns true if the characters starting at the given position are a valid Dart identifier.

  • getDartIdentifier() -> return the valid Dart identifier (if any) at certain position in a source string.

    All these methods are presented also as extensions.


Usage #

A simple usage example:

import 'package:vy_string_utils/vy_string_utils.dart';

main() {
  print('please cut'.cutAndAlign(15, paddingChar: '*')); // 'please cut*****'

  print('main'.capitalize()); // 'Main'

  print('1953'.onlyContainsDigits()); // true

Features and bugs #

Please file feature requests and bugs at the issue tracker.

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Collection of simple string and other types utilities.

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