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The generated API used by vrchat_dart. Generated from https://github.com/vrchatapi/specification.

vrchat_dart_generated (EXPERIMENTAL) #

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Welcome to the VRChat API #

Before we begin, we would like to state this is a COMMUNITY DRIVEN PROJECT. This means that everything you read on here was written by the community itself and is not officially supported by VRChat. The documentation is provided "AS IS", and any action you take towards VRChat is completely your own responsibility.

The documentation and additional libraries SHALL ONLY be used for applications interacting with VRChat's API in accordance with their Terms of Service and Community Guidelines, and MUST NOT be used for modifying the client, "avatar ripping", or other illegal activities. Malicious usage or spamming the API may result in account termination. Certain parts of the API are also more sensitive than others, for example moderation, so please tread extra carefully and read the warnings when present.

Tupper Policy on API

Finally, use of the API using applications other than the approved methods (website, VRChat application, Unity SDK) is not officially supported. VRChat provides no guarantee or support for external applications using the API. Access to API endpoints may break at any time, without notice. Therefore, please do not ping VRChat Staff in the VRChat Discord if you are having API problems, as they do not provide API support. We will make a best effort in keeping this documentation and associated language libraries up to date, but things might be outdated or missing. If you find that something is no longer valid, please contact us on Discord or create an issue and tell us so we can fix it.

Getting Started #

The VRChat API can be used to programmatically retrieve or update information regarding your profile, friends, avatars, worlds and more. The API consists of two parts, "Photon" which is only used in-game, and the "Web API" which is used by both the game and the website. This documentation focuses only on the Web API.

The API is designed around the REST ideology, providing semi-simple and usually predictable URIs to access and modify objects. Requests support standard HTTP methods like GET, PUT, POST, and DELETE and standard status codes. Response bodies are always UTF-8 encoded JSON objects, unless explicitly documented otherwise.

🛑 Warning! Do not touch Photon!
Photon is only used by the in-game client and should not be touched. Doing so may result in permanent account termination.
ℹī¸ API Key and Authentication
The API Key has always been the same and is currently JlE5Jldo5Jibnk5O5hTx6XVqsJu4WJ26. Read Authentication for how to log in.

Using the API #

For simply exploring what the API can do it is strongly recommended to download Insomnia, a free and open-source API client that's great for sending requests to the API in an orderly fashion. Insomnia allows you to send data in the format that's required for VRChat's API. It is also possible to try out the API in your browser, by first logging in at vrchat.com/home and then going to vrchat.com/api/1/auth/user, but the information will be much harder to work with.

For more permanent operation such as software development it is instead recommended to use one of the existing language SDKs. This community project maintains API libraries in several languages, which allows you to interact with the API with simple function calls rather than having to implement the HTTP protocol yourself. Most of these libraries are automatically generated from the API specification, sometimes with additional helpful wrapper code to make usage easier. This allows them to be almost automatically updated and expanded upon as soon as a new feature is introduced in the specification itself. The libraries can be found on GitHub or following:

Pagination #

Most endpoints enforce pagination, meaning they will only return 10 entries by default, and never more than 100.
Using both the limit and offset parameters allows you to easily paginate through a large number of objects.

Query Parameter Type Description
n integer The number of objects to return. This value often defaults to 10. Highest limit is always 100.
offset integer A zero-based offset from the default object sorting.

If a request returns fewer objects than the limit parameter, there are no more items available to return.

Contribution #

Do you want to get involved in the documentation effort? Do you want to help improve one of the language API libraries? This project is an OPEN Open Source Project! This means that individuals making significant and valuable contributions are given commit-access to the project. It also means we are very open and welcoming of new people making contributions, unlike some more guarded open-source projects.


This Dart package is automatically generated by the OpenAPI Generator project:

  • API version: 1.14.0
  • Build package: org.openapitools.codegen.languages.DartDioClientCodegen For more information, please visit https://github.com/VRChatAPI

Requirements #

Installation & Usage #

pub.dev #

To use the package from pub.dev, please include the following in pubspec.yaml

  vrchat_dart_generated: 1.12.0

Github #

If this Dart package is published to Github, please include the following in pubspec.yaml

      url: https://github.com/GIT_USER_ID/GIT_REPO_ID.git
      #ref: main

Local development #

To use the package from your local drive, please include the following in pubspec.yaml

    path: /path/to/vrchat_dart_generated

Getting Started #

Please follow the installation procedure and then run the following:

import 'package:vrchat_dart_generated/vrchat_dart_generated.dart';

final api = VrchatDartGenerated().getAuthenticationApi();
final String email = email_example; // String | Filter by email.
final String displayName = displayName_example; // String | Filter by displayName.
final String userId = userId_example; // String | Filter by UserID.
final String excludeUserId = excludeUserId_example; // String | Exclude by UserID.

try {
    final response = await api.checkUserExists(email, displayName, userId, excludeUserId);
} catch on DioException (e) {
    print("Exception when calling AuthenticationApi->checkUserExists: $e\n");

Documentation for API Endpoints #

All URIs are relative to https://api.vrchat.cloud/api/1

Class Method HTTP request Description
AuthenticationApi checkUserExists GET /auth/exists Check User Exists
AuthenticationApi deleteUser PUT /users/{userId}/delete Delete User
AuthenticationApi getCurrentUser GET /auth/user Login and/or Get Current User Info
AuthenticationApi logout PUT /logout Logout
AuthenticationApi verify2FA POST /auth/twofactorauth/totp/verify Verify 2FA code
AuthenticationApi verify2FAEmailCode POST /auth/twofactorauth/emailotp/verify Verify 2FA email code
AuthenticationApi verifyAuthToken GET /auth Verify Auth Token
AuthenticationApi verifyRecoveryCode POST /auth/twofactorauth/otp/verify Verify 2FA code with Recovery code
AvatarsApi createAvatar POST /avatars Create Avatar
AvatarsApi deleteAvatar DELETE /avatars/{avatarId} Delete Avatar
AvatarsApi getAvatar GET /avatars/{avatarId} Get Avatar
AvatarsApi getFavoritedAvatars GET /avatars/favorites List Favorited Avatars
AvatarsApi getOwnAvatar GET /users/{userId}/avatar Get Own Avatar
AvatarsApi searchAvatars GET /avatars Search Avatars
AvatarsApi selectAvatar PUT /avatars/{avatarId}/select Select Avatar
AvatarsApi selectFallbackAvatar PUT /avatars/{avatarId}/selectFallback Select Fallback Avatar
AvatarsApi updateAvatar PUT /avatars/{avatarId} Update Avatar
EconomyApi getCurrentSubscriptions GET /auth/user/subscription Get Current Subscriptions
EconomyApi getLicenseGroup GET /licenseGroups/{licenseGroupId} Get License Group
EconomyApi getSteamTransaction GET /Steam/transactions/{transactionId} Get Steam Transaction
EconomyApi getSteamTransactions GET /Steam/transactions List Steam Transactions
EconomyApi getSubscriptions GET /subscriptions List Subscriptions
FavoritesApi addFavorite POST /favorites Add Favorite
FavoritesApi clearFavoriteGroup DELETE /favorite/group/{favoriteGroupType}/{favoriteGroupName}/{userId} Clear Favorite Group
FavoritesApi getFavorite GET /favorites/{favoriteId} Show Favorite
FavoritesApi getFavoriteGroup GET /favorite/group/{favoriteGroupType}/{favoriteGroupName}/{userId} Show Favorite Group
FavoritesApi getFavoriteGroups GET /favorite/groups List Favorite Groups
FavoritesApi getFavorites GET /favorites List Favorites
FavoritesApi removeFavorite DELETE /favorites/{favoriteId} Remove Favorite
FavoritesApi updateFavoriteGroup PUT /favorite/group/{favoriteGroupType}/{favoriteGroupName}/{userId} Update Favorite Group
FilesApi createFile POST /file Create File
FilesApi createFileVersion POST /file/{fileId} Create File Version
FilesApi deleteFile DELETE /file/{fileId} Delete File
FilesApi deleteFileVersion DELETE /file/{fileId}/{versionId} Delete File Version
FilesApi downloadFileVersion GET /file/{fileId}/{versionId} Download File Version
FilesApi finishFileDataUpload PUT /file/{fileId}/{versionId}/{fileType}/finish Finish FileData Upload
FilesApi getFile GET /file/{fileId} Show File
FilesApi getFileDataUploadStatus GET /file/{fileId}/{versionId}/{fileType}/status Check FileData Upload Status
FilesApi getFiles GET /files List Files
FilesApi startFileDataUpload PUT /file/{fileId}/{versionId}/{fileType}/start Start FileData Upload
FriendsApi deleteFriendRequest DELETE /user/{userId}/friendRequest Delete Friend Request
FriendsApi friend POST /user/{userId}/friendRequest Send Friend Request
FriendsApi getFriendStatus GET /user/{userId}/friendStatus Check Friend Status
FriendsApi getFriends GET /auth/user/friends List Friends
FriendsApi unfriend DELETE /auth/user/friends/{userId} Unfriend
GroupsApi addGroupGalleryImage POST /groups/{groupId}/galleries/{groupGalleryId}/images Add Group Gallery Image
GroupsApi addGroupMemberRole PUT /groups/{groupId}/members/{userId}/roles/{groupRoleId} Add Role to GroupMember
GroupsApi banGroupMember POST /groups/{groupId}/bans Ban Group Member
GroupsApi cancelGroupRequest DELETE /groups/{groupId}/requests Cancel Group Join Request
GroupsApi createGroup POST /groups Create Group
GroupsApi createGroupAnnouncement POST /groups/{groupId}/announcement Create Group Announcement
GroupsApi createGroupGallery POST /groups/{groupId}/galleries Create Group Gallery
GroupsApi createGroupInvite POST /groups/{groupId}/invites Invite User to Group
GroupsApi createGroupRole POST /groups/{groupId}/roles Create GroupRole
GroupsApi deleteGroup DELETE /groups/{groupId} Delete Group
GroupsApi deleteGroupAnnouncement DELETE /groups/{groupId}/announcement Delete Group Announcement
GroupsApi deleteGroupGallery DELETE /groups/{groupId}/galleries/{groupGalleryId} Delete Group Gallery
GroupsApi deleteGroupGalleryImage DELETE /groups/{groupId}/galleries/{groupGalleryId}/images/{groupGalleryImageId} Delete Group Gallery Image
GroupsApi deleteGroupInvite DELETE /groups/{groupId}/invites/{userId} Delete User Invite
GroupsApi deleteGroupRole DELETE /groups/{groupId}/roles/{groupRoleId} Delete Group Role
GroupsApi getGroup GET /groups/{groupId} Get Group by ID
GroupsApi getGroupAnnouncements GET /groups/{groupId}/announcement Get Group Announcement
GroupsApi getGroupAuditLogs GET /groups/{groupId}/auditLogs Get Group Audit Logs
GroupsApi getGroupBans GET /groups/{groupId}/bans Get Group Bans
GroupsApi getGroupGalleryImages GET /groups/{groupId}/galleries/{groupGalleryId} Get Group Gallery Images
GroupsApi getGroupInvites GET /groups/{groupId}/invites Get Group Invites Sent
GroupsApi getGroupMember GET /groups/{groupId}/members/{userId} Get Group Member
GroupsApi getGroupMembers GET /groups/{groupId}/members List Group Members
GroupsApi getGroupPermissions GET /groups/{groupId}/permissions List Group Permissions
GroupsApi getGroupRequests GET /groups/{groupId}/requests Get Group Join Requests
GroupsApi getGroupRoles GET /groups/{groupId}/roles Get Group Roles
GroupsApi joinGroup POST /groups/{groupId}/join Join Group
GroupsApi kickGroupMember DELETE /groups/{groupId}/members/{userId} Kick Group Member
GroupsApi leaveGroup POST /groups/{groupId}/leave Leave Group
GroupsApi removeGroupMemberRole DELETE /groups/{groupId}/members/{userId}/roles/{groupRoleId} Remove Role from GroupMember
GroupsApi respondGroupJoinRequest PUT /groups/{groupId}/requests/{userId} Respond Group Join request
GroupsApi unbanGroupMember DELETE /groups/{groupId}/bans/{userId} Unban Group Member
GroupsApi updateGroup PUT /groups/{groupId} Update Group
GroupsApi updateGroupGallery PUT /groups/{groupId}/galleries/{groupGalleryId} Update Group Gallery
GroupsApi updateGroupMember PUT /groups/{groupId}/members/{userId} Update Group Member
GroupsApi updateGroupRole PUT /groups/{groupId}/roles/{groupRoleId} Update Group Role
InstancesApi getInstance GET /instances/{worldId}:{instanceId} Get Instance
InstancesApi getInstanceByShortName GET /instances/s/{shortName} Get Instance By Short Name
InstancesApi getShortName GET /instances/{worldId}:{instanceId}/shortName Get Instance Short Name
InstancesApi sendSelfInvite POST /instances/{worldId}:{instanceId}/invite Send Self Invite
InviteApi getInviteMessage GET /message/{userId}/{messageType}/{slot} Get Invite Message
InviteApi getInviteMessages GET /message/{userId}/{messageType} List Invite Messages
InviteApi inviteMyselfTo POST /invite/myself/to/{worldId}:{instanceId} Invite Myself To Instance
InviteApi inviteUser POST /invite/{userId} Invite User
InviteApi requestInvite POST /requestInvite/{userId} Request Invite
InviteApi resetInviteMessage DELETE /message/{userId}/{messageType}/{slot} Reset Invite Message
InviteApi respondInvite POST /invite/{notificationId}/response Respond Invite
InviteApi updateInviteMessage PUT /message/{userId}/{messageType}/{slot} Update Invite Message
NotificationsApi acceptFriendRequest PUT /auth/user/notifications/{notificationId}/accept Accept Friend Request
NotificationsApi clearNotifications PUT /auth/user/notifications/clear Clear All Notifications
NotificationsApi deleteNotification PUT /auth/user/notifications/{notificationId}/hide Delete Notification
NotificationsApi getNotifications GET /auth/user/notifications List Notifications
NotificationsApi markNotificationAsRead PUT /auth/user/notifications/{notificationId}/see Mark Notification As Read
PermissionsApi getAssignedPermissions GET /auth/permissions Get Assigned Permissions
PermissionsApi getPermission GET /permissions/{permissionId} Get Permission
PlayermoderationApi clearAllPlayerModerations DELETE /auth/user/playermoderations Clear All Player Moderations
PlayermoderationApi deletePlayerModeration DELETE /auth/user/playermoderations/{playerModerationId} Delete Player Moderation
PlayermoderationApi getPlayerModeration GET /auth/user/playermoderations/{playerModerationId} Get Player Moderation
PlayermoderationApi getPlayerModerations GET /auth/user/playermoderations Search Player Moderations
PlayermoderationApi moderateUser POST /auth/user/playermoderations Moderate User
PlayermoderationApi unmoderateUser PUT /auth/user/unplayermoderate Unmoderate User
SystemApi getCSS GET /css/app.css Download CSS
SystemApi getConfig GET /config Fetch API Config
SystemApi getCurrentOnlineUsers GET /visits Current Online Users
SystemApi getHealth GET /health Check API Health
SystemApi getInfoPush GET /infoPush Show Information Notices
SystemApi getJavaScript GET /js/app.js Download JavaScript
SystemApi getSystemTime GET /time Current System Time
UsersApi getUser GET /users/{userId} Get User by ID
UsersApi getUserByName GET /users/{username}/name Get User by Username
UsersApi getUserGroupRequests GET /users/{userId}/groups/requested Get User Group Requests
UsersApi getUserGroups GET /users/{userId}/groups Get User Groups
UsersApi searchUsers GET /users Search All Users
UsersApi updateUser PUT /users/{userId} Update User Info
WorldsApi createWorld POST /worlds Create World
WorldsApi deleteWorld DELETE /worlds/{worldId} Delete World
WorldsApi getActiveWorlds GET /worlds/active List Active Worlds
WorldsApi getFavoritedWorlds GET /worlds/favorites List Favorited Worlds
WorldsApi getRecentWorlds GET /worlds/recent List Recent Worlds
WorldsApi getWorld GET /worlds/{worldId} Get World by ID
WorldsApi getWorldInstance GET /worlds/{worldId}/{instanceId} Get World Instance
WorldsApi getWorldMetadata GET /worlds/{worldId}/metadata Get World Metadata
WorldsApi getWorldPublishStatus GET /worlds/{worldId}/publish Get World Publish Status
WorldsApi publishWorld PUT /worlds/{worldId}/publish Publish World
WorldsApi searchWorlds GET /worlds Search All Worlds
WorldsApi unpublishWorld DELETE /worlds/{worldId}/publish Unpublish World
WorldsApi updateWorld PUT /worlds/{worldId} Update World

Documentation For Models #

Documentation For Authorization #

Authentication schemes defined for the API:

authHeader #

  • Type: HTTP basic authentication

authCookie #

  • Type: API key
  • API key parameter name: auth
  • Location:

twoFactorAuthCookie #

  • Type: API key
  • API key parameter name: twoFactorAuth
  • Location:

Author #


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The generated API used by vrchat_dart. Generated from https://github.com/vrchatapi/specification.

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