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The `VrPlayer` lets you play 360° and VR videos smoothly on Android and iOS platforms

VrPlayer #

VR Player Plugin for Flutter

Getting Started #

Based on Kaltura Playkit SDK.

The VrPlayer plugin lets you play 360° and VR videos smoothly on Android and iOS platforms, delivering an immersive viewing experience with touch and device motion controls. These types of videos, commonly referred to as immersive, 360, or spherical videos, are captured by utilizing an omnidirectional camera or multiple cameras to record the entire panoramic view simultaneously.

Usage #

  x: 0,
  y: 0,
  onCreated: onViewPlayerCreated,
  width: playerWidth,
  height: playerHeight,

You must implement onViewPlayerCreated to receive player events.

void onViewPlayerCreated(
  VrPlayerController controller
  VrPlayerObserver observer
) {
  this.viewPlayerController = controller;
  /// Receive player state [loading, ready, buffering]
  /// Receive duration in millis
  /// Receive current position in millis
  /// Receive when video is finished
    videoUrl: "https://cdn.bitmovin.com/content/assets/playhouse-vr/m3u8s/105560.m3u8"

VrPlayerController #

The VrPlayerController can be used to change the state of a VrPlayer Note that the methods can only be used after the VrPlayer has been created.

loadVideo({String? videoUrl, String? videoPath})Initializes video based on configuration. Invoke actions which need to be run on player start. Pass videoPath to load local files, or videoUrl to play files from network. Local files supports only Android.
isPlaying()Check current player state.
play()Play video.
pause()Pause video.
seekTo()Seek to position.
fullScreen()(Android only) Enable/disable fullscreen mode. On IOS you need to pass new width and height to VrPlayer widget
toggleVRMode()Switch between 360° mode and VR mode.
onSizeChanged()(Android only) Reload player when you need to change size of nativeView.
onPause()(Android only) Dispose player on pause.
onResume()(Android only) Reload player.
onOrientationChanged()(Android only) Notily player when orientation changed.

License Information #

All code in this project is released under the AGPLv3 license unless a different license for a particular library is specified in the applicable library path.

Contribution #

This repository welcomes contributions from the community! Whether you're looking to fix bugs, improve existing features, or add new ones, we would be happy to review and merge your contributions.

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The `VrPlayer` lets you play 360° and VR videos smoothly on Android and iOS platforms

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