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Simple and light units conversion package for all your needs.

units_converter #

units_converter is a package written in dart for dart & flutter developers. You should not take care of unit conversion and internationalize your app, everything is already done with this package! Do you need to convert just few units and you don't want to import the whole package, no problem! units_converter is modular, you can import just what you need! You can also add your own custom conversion!

Usage #

Import it #

You can use this package in two ways:

  1. Import everything (e.g. you have to develop a unit converter):

    import 'package:units_converter/units_converter.dart'; //this will import the whole package
  2. Import just what you need (e.g. you need to internationalize your city distance calculator and you are just interested in length conversion):

    import 'package:units_converter/Unit.dart';
    import 'package:units_converter/Length.dart';
    // import 'package:units_converter/Area.dart'; ...and every other conversion you need

Use it #

Example 1: convert 1 meter in inches

var length = Length(removeTrailingZeros: false); //initialize Length object, let's specify that we want to keep the trailing zeros (e.g. 1.00) for stringValue
length.convert(LENGTH.meters, 1); //We give 1 meter as input
var unit = length.inches; //We get all ther others units
print('name:${unit.name}, value:${unit.value}, stringValue:${unit.stringValue}, symbol:${unit.symbol}');


name:LENGTH.inches, value:39.370078740157474, stringValue:39.37007874, symbol:in

Example 2: convert 1 degree in all the other angles units

var angle = Angle(significantFigures: 7, removeTrailingZeros: false); //this time let's also keep 7 significant figures
angle.convert(ANGLE.degree, 1); //We give 1 meter as input
var units = angle.getAll(); //We get all ther others units
for (var unit in units) {
  //Let's print them
  print('name:${unit.name}, value:${unit.value}, stringValue:${unit.stringValue}, symbol:${unit.symbol}');


name:ANGLE.degree, value:1.0, stringValue:1.000000, symbol:°
name:ANGLE.minutes, value:60.0, stringValue:60.00000, symbol:'
name:ANGLE.seconds, value:3600.0, stringValue:3600.000, symbol:''

As you can see in this example if you specify removeTrailingZeros: false, the stringValue keeps all the trailing zeros (the default is true). You can also ask for an exact number of significant figures in the stringValue.

Example 3: convert 100 (decimal) in binary and hexadecimal

var numeralSystems = NumeralSystems(); //initialize NumeralSystems object
numeralSystems.convert(NUMERAL_SYSTEMS.decimal, '100'); //We give 100 decimal as input
print('Binary: ${numeralSystems.binary.stringValue}'); //We get the binary value
print('Hexadecimal: ${numeralSystems.hexadecimal.stringValue}'); //We get the hexadecimal value
//Warning! Numeral systems conversion is the only conversion that need the input as a string,
//and not as a double/int for obvious reasons


Binary: 1100100
Hexadecimal: 64

Example 4: custom conversion, given a list of coefficient converts units

//Define the relation between a units and the others. One of the units MUST have a value of 1
//(it will be considered the base unit from where to start the conversion)
final Map<String, double> conversionMap = {
  'EUR': 1,
  'USD': 1.2271,
  'GBP': 0.9033,
  'JPY': 126.25,
  'CNY': 7.9315,
final Map<String, String> mapSymbols = {
  'EUR': '€',
  'USD': '\$',
  'GBP': '₤',
  'JPY': '¥',
  'CNY': '¥',

var customConversion = SimpleCustomConversion(conversionMap, mapSymbols: mapSymbols);
customConversion.convert('EUR', 1);
Unit usd = customConversion.getUnit('USD');
print('1€ = ${usd.stringValue}${usd.symbol}');


1€ = 1.2271$

Which conversion? #

  • Angles (degree, radians, etc.)

  • Area (hectares, acres, etc.)

  • Digital data (byte, gigabit, etc.)

  • Energy (Joule, kilowatt-hour, etc.)

  • Force (Newton, kilogram-force, etc.)

  • Fuel consumption (miles per hour, kilometers per hour, etc.)

  • Length (meter, miles, etc)

  • Mass (kilograms, ounces)

  • Power (kilowatt, horse power, etc.)

  • Pressure (bar, psi, etc.)

  • Shoe size (eu size, us size, etc.)

  • SI prefixes (giga, tera, etc.)

  • Speed (miles per hour, kilometers per hour, etc.)

  • Temperature (celsius, fahreneit, etc.)

  • Time (seconds, years, etc.)

  • Torque (newtons per meter, dyne meter)

  • Volume (liter, cubic meters, etc.)

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Simple and light units conversion package for all your needs.

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