tillhub_sdk_flutter 0.1.0
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The Tillhub SDK for Flutter

tillhub_sdk_flutter #

Flutter SDK for the Tillhub API and common local functionality.

Getting Started #

// 1. get an instance of the SDK
var sdk = await TillhubSdk.getInstance();

// 2. login as a user
await sdk.api.login('name', 'password', 'organization');

// 3. request some resources, .e.g:
var results = await sdk.api.products.getAll(query: { 'deleted': false });

Authentication information from a successful login is automatically saved to SharedPreferences, and loaded when the instance is created.

Testing #

Flutter tests are started via the flutter test command.

Coverage Reports #

You can also generate coverage reports and view them in the browser by running a command similar to this (from the root directory):

(You will need to manually install lcov, which provides the genhtml command. You can install it e.g. via brew install lcov)

flutter test --coverage && genhtml coverage/lcov.info -o coverage/html && open coverage/html/index.html

License #