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Prototyping and testing your app in production with UI instant updates.


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Theta #

Design to Flutter in 1 command.

  • 🦄 Why? Manually coding the entire UI can be time-consuming and costly. Transform your design into Flutter with just one command.
  • 👥 Who? Individual developers and teams aiming for quicker and more visual UI development.

🧙 Design to Flutter #

Tree steps:

  1. Build your UI with Theta.

Theta Studio

  1. Navigate to a Flutter project, and open the terminal:

Install Theta CLI.

$ dart pub global activate theta_cli

Link a project by its key.

$ theta link -k <anon key>

You can generate files from design by running:

$ theta gen
  1. Use the generated UI widgets:

Theta will generate the following files

  • /assets
    • /theta_assets
      • theta_preload.json
      • ... all the media
  • /lib
    • theta_ui_assets.g.dart
    • theta_ui_widgets.g.dart

You can use them as normal widgets:

    initialTheme: ThemeMode.light,

🟡 Before running your app:

  1. Initialize ThetaClient instance for your project. Write at the root of your app:
await initializeThetaClient();
  1. Add the path in the pubspec.yaml file to theta_assets folder, to access the widget data:
    - assets/theta_assets/

Congrats, you have now your UI 🥳 #

🔴 Live widgets #

There is an option for fetching widgets from the back-end in runtime.

You can easily active it by setting isLive: true.

    initialTheme: ThemeMode.light,
    isLive: true,

By making it live, you can set A/B testing from Theta's editor or update its content in real-time.

Contributing #

See for details.

License #

Theta is licensed under the Apache License 2.0. See LICENSE for details.